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1725 - Nova Tabula America

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Scarce map of America, featuring a number of the most famous myths and inaccuracies on contemporary maps of the period. California is shown as an island on the second Sanson model, including over 30 place names. The Mississippi River is shown flowing...


1725 - (Utopia) Accurata Utopiae Tabula das ist der Neu entdeckten Schalck-Welt oder des so offt benanten, und doch nie erkanten chlarraffenlandes. . .

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Utopia -- The Slothful Variety Despite the name, the map is note a reflection of St. Thomas More's ideal society. Schlarraffenland is the German Fool's Paradise, a land of vice and debauchery. The map follows the theme of Hans Sachs Der Meistersinger...


1725 - A Map of the World Corrected from the Observations Communicated to the Royal Societys of London and Paris.

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Fine double hemisphere map of the World, published by John Senex in London. A beautiful large scale map of the world, surrounded by text from some of the leading scientists of the day. Top left: "The Theory of the Tides from Sr. Isaac Newton's...


1725 - Hemisphere Orientale du Globe Terrestre contenant L'Asie, L'Afrique, L'Europe et Parties des Terres Arctiques et Antarctiques Subdivisees en Leurs Regions.

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Rare map of the Eastern Hemisphere, from Pierre Moullart Sanson's rare Introduction a la Geographie. The map provides an interesting apocryphal treatment of the South Polar region and an incomplete Australia. The map is part of a series of maps...


1725 - Carte du Golfe de Lyon Dressee par le Sr. Filliol Professeur d'Hydrographie Par l'Ordre des Etats Generaux de la Province de Languedoc . . . 1725

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Very rare sea chart of the Gulf of Lyon, published in Paris by De L'Isle in 1725. The chart extends from Roses and the Spanish border in the southwest to Marseilles and Cassis in the northeast, centered on the area of Montpellier


1725 - Carte du Golfe de Venise ou sont les Bouches du Po et de L'Adige avec L'Istrie dont les Venetiens possedent la plus Grande Partie L'Empereur Dressee par F. de Cantelli

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Fine Old Color Example Finely executed chart of Istria and the Gulf of Venice, based upon an earlier map by Cantelli. The map includes plans of the “Laguna” of Venice, the bay and town of Pula and the town of Rijeka below the chart representing...


1725 - Tabula Italiae Medii Aevi Graeco Longobardico francici Accurante Societate Palanatina

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Rare map of Italy, pubished in Venice by Giovanni Giacomo Spinelli, engraved by Angela Varoni. A very rare and decorative map, this being the first example we have ever seen.


1725 - Plan von Picigthone und Gera mit denen Neuesten Fortificatrionen verschen Ao. 1722, 23, und 24.

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Detailed plan showing two towns in the Duchy of Milan on the River Add, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1725 - Het Koninkryk Japan, verdeelt in Acht en zestig Provintien in alle Naauwkeurigheid en Zorgvuldigheid Beschreven en uytgegeven Volgens de Oorspronkelyke Japansche Kaarten . . .

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Fine old color example of Kaempfer's scarce map of Japan, which appeared in the 1729 Dutch edition of Kaempfer's History of Japan. The map was prepared by Johann Caspar Scheuchzer from the maps brought back from Japan by Kaempfer. The decorative...


1725 - Le Pais d'Eso Avec ses Baies, Bancs de Sables, etc. Suivant les nouvelles Observations des plus Celebres Geographes. . .

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Rare map of the Land of Eso (Hokkaido), which appeared in Vander Aa's Galerie Agreable du Monde. The map illustrates the northern tip of Japan, Hokkaido and the neighboring Compagnie's Land.


1725 - Carte des Cotes de Malabar et de Coromandel . . .

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Finely Detailed Map of Southern India Emphasizing Trade Finely engraved map of the southern part of India, first issued in 1723 by acclaimed French mapmaker Guillaume De L’Isle. It focuses on trade routes within India, as well as the Coromandel and...


1725 - [Untitled Map of Southeast Asia & The Philippines]

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Extremely rare map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, based upon the 1596 map of Southeast Asia by de Bry/Commelin/Lodewijckszn. Includes a large inset of Bottoni. Narrow upper left margin, as issued. The map is very rare.


1725 - (Banten) De Stad Bantam

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Fine early view of Bantam (Banten) which illustrated the work of Francois Valentijn. Includes a key locating about 30 points of interest. François Valentijn (1666-1727), a missionary, worked at Amboina from 1684 to 1694 and 1705 to 1713. He also...


1725 - Delineatio und Beschreibung des Gelobten Landes sampt der Kinder Israel Viertzig Jaehrigen Reise in der Wuesten

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Rare map of the Holy Land, published in Berlin and engraved by Michael Kauffer. The map shows the Exodus of the Chidren of Israel from Egypt, along with images of Jonah and the Whale. The map also shows King Solomon's Naval force conducting trade...


1725 - A Map accommodated to ye Writings of Fl Josephus describing chiefly such plac as lye without ye Holy Land & for ye better Description of ym distinguished into 4 sevrl Draughts whereof...

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Engraved mapsheet, featuring four maps related to the writings of the Romano-Jewish historian Josephus. The map was issued in Oxford at the beginning of the 18th century. It includes the following sub-maps: Draught I shewing ye Garden of Eden...


1725 - De Bay Van Oran Geleegen in de Middelandsche Zee Aan De Kus Van Barbaryen . . . 1725

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Unusual plan of the Harbor at Oran, showing coastal profiles towns, castles, etc. Locates and shows profile views of 3 forts, anchorages, soundings, etc. Includes compass rose, sailing ships, and a scale of Miles. OCLC locates only 1 example (Hebrew...