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1727 - Geography Epitomiz'd. Of The Stars And Planets. Of The Sun And Moon. Of the Air and Meteors. The Terms of Geography Explain'd.

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Interesting broadside chart, consisting of a compass rose at the center and ringed with information on the earth and the solar system. As noted below, we have attributed this example to A.G. Dusauzet, who seems to have been the original creator,...


1727 - Accurater Grundris und Prospect der Weltberuhmten Hollandischen Haupt und Handels-Stadt Amsterderdam . . . 1727

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Nice example of Homann's map of Amsterdam, along with a striking birds-eye view of the city. Marvelous panoramic view, flanked by scenes of commerce. Amsterdam is shown after its period of explosive growth during the late 16th and 17th centuries, which...


1727 - Magni Turcarum Dominatoris Imperium per Europam, Asiam, et Africam se extendens Regiones tam proprias quam tributarias et clientelares ut et omnes Beglerbegatus sive Praefeturas Generals ocuis sistens accuratissima cura delineatum . . . (with Text Sheet)

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Striking hand-colored engraved regional map, centered on Turkey and Asia Minor, and showing the Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans, Greece, Persia, Saudi Arabia, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, published by Seutter. Includes decorative cartouche and...


1727 - Route des Hebreux pour Passer la Mer Rouge conforme a l'Ecriture. Extrait des Memoires Pere Claude Sicard Missionnaire Jesuite en Egypte 1727

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Antique Map Showing the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt Rare map showing the Exodus from Egypt by the Hebrews, across the Red Sea. Oriented with East at the top. What makes this map unusual is that it does not cover the Exodus beyond the Red Sea...