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1732 - New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania

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Highly detailed regional map of the Northeastern United States, from Moll's Atlas Minor. A fine early regional map of the American Colonies.


1732 - Carte du Nord Est & du Nord West du Pole

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Fine Eighteenth-Century Map of the Arctic Elegant and finely-wrought map of “Northeast and Northwest of the Pole,” published by Amsterdam-based French scholar and mapmaker Jean Frédéric Bernard. The map encompasses the polar region from Tartary...


1732 - A Map of the Island Cayenne (with) The Pospect of Cape Cassepourry . . . (and) The Prospect of the Island of Cayenne . . . (and) Town and Fort St. Lewis att Cayenne (and) A Mapp of ye Harbour of the Cul de Sac Royale in ye Island Martinico

  • $9.99

Dynamic Maps of Cayenne and Martinique From a Celebrated Voyage Collection Fine set of striking copper engravings of Cayenne and Cassepouri, French Guinea, in South America, and of Martinique in the West Indies. They were included in the Churchills’...


1732 - A New and Correct Draught of the Bay of Matanzas. On ye North side of ye Island Cuba, done from a Survey by Robt. Pearson.

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Highly detailed plan of the Bay of Matanzas on the Island of Cuba, from the English Pilot, Fourth Book, published by Mount & Page. This detailed plan includes the location of Plantations Houses, Rivers, a bridge, soundings, anchorages and other...


1732 - Paraquariae Provinciae Soc. Jesu Cum Adiacentibus Novissima Descriptio Post iterata peregrinationes & plures observationes Patrum Missionariorum . . . 1732

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A fine example of the 1760 Rome edition of Juan Francisco D'Avila's rare map of the Jesuit Provinces, first issued in 1726, and then corrected and enlarged in 1732 by Antonio Marchoni and reissued in Novelle interessanti in proposite degli affari del...


1732 - Hungary and Transylvania Agreeable to Modern History

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Scarce map of Hungary and Transylvania, published in London by Herman Moll.


1732 - Onzieme Feuille particul de la Tartarie Chinoise qui contenant un Pays dependant de la Russie au Couchant de Niptchou

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Fine example of D'Anville's map of the region just north of Mongolia. Shows a number of rivers and a few settlements and the road from Niptchou or Nerzinskoi to Beijing, beginning in eastern part of the map. Decorative cartouche. In 1765, an...


1732 - Xe. feuille de la Tartarie Chinoise contenant le Pais de Ke-Tching l'embouchure du Saghalien- Oula dans la Mer Orientale, et la grande Isle qui est au dedans

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nFine example of D'Anville's map of the of the easternmost part of Chinese Tartary (now Sakhalin Island and Northeastern Russia). Shows roads, villages, mountains, rivers and other details. Decorative cartouche.


1732 - Carte Generale De La Tartarie Chinoise Dressee sur les Cartes Particulieres Faits Sur Les Lieux Par Les R.R. P.P. Jesuites . . .

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Fine example of the rare JA Dezauche edition of D'Anville's map of the region from Japan to the Gobi Desert, centered on Mongolia and Korea, from D'Anville's Atlas of China. Includes a nice treatment of Korea, Japan and China, along with a detailed...


1732 - Province De Hou-Quang

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Fine example of D'Anville's map of the Hubei Region. Shows the source of the Yang-tse -Kiang River in Lake Tong-ting-Hou, along with the regional capital city of Wuhan (called Ou-Tchang-Fou) on this map. D'Anville's map appeared in du Halde's...


1732 - The Prospect of the Negroes Town of Rufisco (with views of Cape Verde and Goeree Island)

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Views of the Senegal Coast From the Churchills’ Celebrated Voyage Collection A fine set of views showing Rufisco, today Rufisque, in Senegal, as well as Cape Verde and Gorée. They featured in the voyage account of Jean Barbot in the Churchill...


1732 - L'Afrique Dressee Sur les Relations & nouvelles decouvertes de Differns Voyageurs . . . 1732

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Fine Map of Africa with Distinctive, Decorative Border Striking example of the 1732 edition of this ornate map of Africa, published by Guillaume Danet in Paris. A defining feature of the map is the border, which is filled with dozens of maritime...


1732 - Topographica Repraesentatio Barbarici Portus et Urbis Munitae Oran una cum adjacente ora maritima, quae sita est in regno Telensin, ab Hispanis jam primum Anno . et prosteaquam Anno MDCCVIII. Mavris. reipublicae nimirum Algiericae rursus cesfit, hoc Anno

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Scarce antique engraved view and plan of Oran, in Algeria, by the German mapmakers Homann Heirs, published in Nuremberg in 1732. In the view at the bottom, there are xebecs and other sailing vessels, including some firing on one another, possibly...


1732 - Carte Du Congo Et Du Pays De Cafres . . .

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Strikingly engraved and detailed map of South Africa and Madagascar, with extensive notes regarding the local tribes, geography, mines, rivers, mountains, etc. One of the most attractive and scientifically detailed maps of the region published during...


1732 - [West Coast Africa: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea]

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Fine Map of the West African Coastline From a Celebrated Voyage Collection Detailed, striking map of the coasts of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, from the Churchills' famous voyage collection, published in London in 1732. It is based on the voyage...