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1734 - [Gulf Coast - Texas - Florida - Yucatan ] Pas-Kaart Van de Golff van Mexico . . . [Rare 4th state!]

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Charting the Gulf Coast in the Early 18th Century Rare fourth state of Van Keulen's map of the Gulf Coast, from Florida and Texas to the Yucatan. The map is oriented with West at the top, Gerard Van Keulen's map of the Gulf Coast is a landmark...


1734 - Philisbourg Ville Fort dAllemagne . . .

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Manuscript Plan of The Siege of Philippsburg - June 1-July 18, 1734 Finely executed battle plan, illustrating the Siege of Philippsburg in 1734. The map and description at the right provide an excellent retrospective explanation of the Siege,...


1734 - [Geographisches Kriegs Theatrum der Kayserlichen und Reichs - wie auch Frantzösischen Armee am Rhein-Strom ... alle Marchen beider Armeen, so Anno 1734 geschehen, angezeiget worden]

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Lower two sheets of Felsecker's 4 sheet map of the theater of war around the Rhine River, published in Nuremberg. The map illustrates the Theater of the War of the Polish Succession, with a large inset of Philippsburg, which was the subject of a...


1734 - Ingermanlandiae seu Ingriae novissima Tabula luci tradita MDCCXXXIV [Includes inset view of St. Petersberg]

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Highly detailed regional map of Russia, showing the area around St. Petersburg. Includes a large birdseye view of the harbor and two decorative cartouches.


1734 - Charta Ofwer Siberiseae Bruuks Grufe dehlar, Som och Toboloska Werkaturska, Lagsaga . . . Uktuska, Kamenska, Ala Paiewska och Faedkowsak Iernbruk . . .

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Rare Swedish map of part of Russia, showing Siberia, Ufymskoy Uyaesdu, Uctuskoy, Alapaiskoy Sawod, Kamensk Sawod, Toboloski, Newianskoy Sawod, etc. The map is apparently very rare. The notation at the bottom of the cartouche is Dresdae in Officina...


1734 - Partie de la Ville de Milan capital du milanois avec les Chateau quie a ete attaque la nuit du 15 au 16 xbre 1733 sous les ordres du Maal de Villars . . . (manuscript)

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Siege and Surrender of Milan October 1733 to January 1734 Detailed map of the area around Milan, showing the entrenchments of the French soldiers around the Chateau of Milan in October 1733. The map shows Milan at the time is was occupied by Charles...


1734 - A New Chart of the Coast of Orixa and Galconda.

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the coast of India, northeast from Vizagapatam (Visigapatam on the map). The map includes details along the coast that suggest the firsthand surveying that went into its production. Soundings are given from harbor to...


1734 - A New Chart of Part of the Coast of Coremandell from Armegon to Bimlepatam

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the Coromandel coast in southeast India covering the state of Andhra Pradesh from Bheemunipatnam (Bimlepatnam) near Visakhapatnam to Armegon. The map includes details along the coast that suggest the firsthand surveying...


1734 - A New Draught of the Island of Madagascar ats St. Lorenzo With Augustin Bay and the Island of Mombass at Large

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the coast of coast of Mozambique and the island of Madagascar with three insets of important ports north of Mozambique. This is an important map for Kenya as well, as it shows "Mombass Island", now Mombasa, with a...