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1735 - [New and Exact Plan of the City’s of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark And the Additional New Buildings Churches &c to the present Year 1735.] (Western sheet]

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Detailed map of the western half of London, published by Thomas Jefferys in 1735. The map is the western half of Jefferys New and Exact Plan of the City’s of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark And the Additional New Buildings...


1735 - Potentissimo Borussorum Regi Friderico Wilhelmo Majeestate, Fortitudine Clementia Augustissimo Hancce Lithuaniam Borussicam in qua loca colonijs Salisburg ad incolendum Regio nutu concesa chorographice exhibentur . . . A. M D CC XXXV

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Fine large map of the Baltic and Poland, published by the Homann Heirs. The map illustrates what was then 'Lithuania Minor', the most easterly province of the Kingdom of Prussia, given the name because of the large number of Lithuanian speakers. The...


1735 - Nova Maris Caspii Et Regionis Usbeck Cum Provincis Adjecentibus vera Delineatio . . . 1735

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Antique Map of Usbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Northern Iran, Turkmenistan and the Caspian Sea Region - The First Map to Name Usbekistan in the Title Decorative and detailed map of Usbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Northern Iran, Turkmenistan...


1735 - Plan du Chateau de Milan

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Rare plan of the fortifications at Chateau de Milan, published by Gaspar Bailleul in Paris. Very rare plan showing the fortifications of the Sforza Castle in Milan, in about 1735.


1735 - Carte des Isles du Japon Et des Costes de la Chine les plus voisines Avec les Terres qui en sont au Nord Decouverte et soumises par les Russiens Sous lenom de Pays Kamtschatka dont on ne connoissoit anciennement que la partie la plus prochure du Japon app

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Rare D'Anville Map of Northwest Pacific Showing the Discoveries of the First Kamchatka Expedition Fine example of this important early map of Kamchatka and Japan, showing the sea route of the First Kamchatka Expedition. It also details the fanciful...


1735 - [Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing] Province De Kiang-Nan

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Decorative map of the Kiang-Nan Province, centered on the Yangtze River. D'Anville's map covers much of the modern Jiangsu Province and Shanghai Municipality. Based on Jesuit sources, D'Anville's maps remained the definitive European rendering of...


1735 - A Map of the East-Indies and the adjacent Countries; with the Settlements; Factories and Territories, explaning what belongs to England, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Portugal &c. with many Remarks not extant in any other Map By

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Proof State of the Grierson Map of Southeast Asia. Very rare, circa 1735 pirated edition of Herman Moll's map of the same title, published by George Grierson in Dublin This is the first large scale map of Southeast Asia published in Ireland. The...