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1740 - Nov. Orbis sive America Septentrionalis . . [California as an Island]

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Decorative map of North America, showing California as an Island, based upon the second Sanson Model. The present example is from the private collection of Glen McLaughlin, author of The Mapping of California as an Island. (Letter available upon...


1740 - [Arabian Peninsula, Red Sea, Nile River and Gulf of Aden] L'Afrique . . . 1740

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Title cartouche section of the Le Rouge wall map of Africa, published in Paris in 1740. The map includes a decorative cartouche showing Europeans trading gold and slaves with local African leaders.


1740 - [Hand Drawn Prussian Military Encampment at Opole, Poland] Special Grund-Riss Des Kaeyserl Feldl Lagers bey Oppeln in Ober Schlesien

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Rare Manuscript Plan of a Prussian Military Encampment Mid-eighteenth-century plan of a Prussian military camp located near Opole, made at a time when the Prussian army was one of the strongest in the world. This document is a rare survival and...


1740 - Carte des Lieux ou les Differentes Longueurs du Pendule a Secondes ont ete Observees comprenant toutes les Observns. qui en ont été faites par divers Astronomes de l'Académie Royale des Sciences, de la Societé Rle. de Londres &c. Depuis 1670 jusques & com

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Comparing the Observations of Newton, Bradley and Maupetius Rare map centered on Europe, without the western part of North America or the Pacific. The map includes tables showing variations in longitude and latitude, as calculated by Newton, Bradley...


1740 - (World on the Horizon of Paris) Horizon De Paris

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Unusual, Separately-Issued World Map on the Horizon of Paris First published in Paris in 1739, this map shows the world projected around the meridian of Paris, one of several competing prime meridians in the eighteenth century. In the bottom right...


1740 - [World]

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Improving Upon A Classic Dutch Double Hemisphere World Map Striking double hemisphere Dutch bible map published by the Keur family. The map is embellished with female allegorical figures representing America, Asia, Europe and Africa, based on early...


1740 - A View of the Town and Castle of St. Augustine, and the English Camp before it June 20, 1740. by Thos Silver.

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Antique Birdseye View of St. Augustine, Florida Detailed battle plan and view of the Town and Castle of St. Augustine, and the English Camp, showing the attacking forces of General James Oglethorp, during the English siege of St. Augustine in the...


1740 - Nuova Carta Del Polo Artico secondo l'ultime observaioni

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Terrific map of the North Polar region, which shows the Northeast Passage, but no definite Northwest Passage. California is shown as an Island, along with the River systems of North America. Nice detail in the Polar regions, especially New Denmark and...


1740 - Carta Geografica Dell America Settentrionale

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Striking map of North America, based upon De L'Ise's map. Includes a well delineated Great Lakes and corrected rendering of Baja California. The cartography of the Mississippi River Valley and the Rio Grande are still quite inaccurate. Lots of...


1740 - (Veracruz and Vicinity) (Manuscript Map)

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Fine Manuscript Chart of the Waters around Veracruz, Mexico Nice manuscript chart of the waters surrounding the important port of Veracruz, on Mexico's eastern coast. The simple yet aesthetically pleasing chart was meant to aid in navigation to and...


1740 - Plan of the Towm of Porto Bello

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Fine example of the map of Porto Bello with a key showing points of interest. This is a very early map for the Gentleman's Magazine, the first year in which maps illustrated the book.


1740 - This Plan of the Harbour, Town and Forts of Porto Bello (Taken by Edward Vernon Esqr. Vice Admiral of the Blue on the 22d of November 1739. With Six Men of War only,) Drawn by Lieutent. Philip Durrell: Is most Humbly Inscribed to the Rt. Honble. Sir Cha

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One of the First Maps of the Battle of Portobelo— First Plate Example Rare and highly influential plan of Portobelo, Panama based upon the sketch of Phillip Durrell, then a Lieutenant in the British Navy, and brought to London by Captain James...


1740 - Carta Geografica Della America Meridionale

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Striking map of South America, published in Venice by Albrizzi, based upon Guillaume De L'Isle's map. Includes the routes of early explorers in the Pacific, including Magellan, Drake, Le Maire, Mendana, Van Noort and others, Fine depiction of the...


1740 - Carta Geographica Del Bresil

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Scarce decorative map of Brazil by Albrizzi, based upon De L'Isle's map of the region. Decorative cartouche and a number of annotations within the body of the map in Italian.


1740 - Magna Britannia complectens Angliae, Scotiae et Hyberniae Regna in suas Provincias et Comitatus divisa . . . / A General Map of Great Britain and Ireland with Part of Holland, Flanders, France &c. Agreable to modern History

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Striking example of this decorative map of the British Isles by the Heirs of JB Homann. The map includes a large inset of the Orkney Islands and cartouches with coats of arms. The present example includes the title above the map in English.


1740 - The South Part of Great Britain, called England and Wales. Containing all the Cities, Market Towns, Boroughs and whatever Places have the Election of Members of Parliament, with ye names of ye Rivers, Seaports, Sands, Hills, Moors, Forests &c. . . . 1710

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Striking large format map of England and Wales, published by Herman Moll in London. The map is embellished with two large cartouches and an extensive table locating "all ye Cities, Market Towns, Boroughs and whatever Places in South Britain have ye...