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1741 - America cum Supplementis Poly-Glottis

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Rare map of America identifying the prevalent languages of the world. Includes two text tables with the Characters of the Persian and Brahmam languages. California is shown as an Island. From Synopsis Universae Philologiae.


1741 - Orbis Veteribus Noti Tabula Nova . . .

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Antique Map of the Old World Nice full color example of Covens & Mortier's map of the Eastern Hemisphere, showing Africa to Japan and down to Australia. Nice interesting treatment of Australia.


1741 - Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei Statione Variante Et Visu Intercedente Per Coluros Tropicorum, Per Ambos Polos Et Partciul Sphaerae Zenith In Planum Delineati Orthogranici Prospectus

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Fine Double-Hemisphere World Map, Combining the Latest Scientific Theories and Older Decorative Details Striking double-hemisphere world map combining scientific diagrams with decorative imagery. Based on Carel Allard’s influential map of 1696, it...


1741 - Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Arctiques . . .

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Fine Map of the Northern Hemisphere, With the Latest Russian Discoveries in the Northeast Asia Striking north polar projection which includes the latest Russian discoveries in the North Pacific. This is a rare 1741 edition of this important map,...


1741 - Nouveau Plan de Cartagene Avec les Dernieres Attaques des Forts Par L'Amiral Vernon . . . Suivant l'original Anglois 1741

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Rare German plan of the siege of Cartagena (Cartagena de Indias), by the Vice-Admiral Vernon , in 1741, probably drawn after Harding and Toms chart, and published the same year. The map states that it is based upon an English original of 1741 and has...


1741 - Plan du Port de la Ville, et des Forteresses de Carthagene... Plan van... Cartagena.

  • $14.99

Superb Dutch Broadside Map of Admiral Vernon's Defeat at Cartagena in 1741. Double-page engraved map of the city of Cartagena, its harbor and surrounding forts, oriented with east at the top, published during the War of Jenkin's Ear. The map...


1741 - An Exact Prospect of the Town of Carthagena in the Spanish West Indies. A New Song on Admiral Vernon's taking Cathagena on the 1st Day of Aprill 1741

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An Unrecorded English Song Sheet Celebrating Admiral Vernon's Taking of Cartagena Finely engraved song sheet and view of Cartagena, Colombia, celebrating Admiral Edward Vernon's successful siege against the Spanish held stronghold in April 1741....


1741 - Partie Meridionale de L'Electorat de Hanover

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Southern half of this attractive map of the Electorate of Hanover, with a large view of Hanover at the bottom. Includes smaller plans of Nyenburg, Bremerfurde and Hildesheim.


1741 - Plan de la Ville Faubourg et Environs De St. Petersbourg apresent Capitale & residence des Emereurs & Imeratrice de la Russie | Carte Particuliere des Environs de St. Peters-bourg, du Cours de la R. de Neva, depuis cette Ville jusqu'au Lac de Ladoga .

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Rare early plan of St. Petersburg, engraved by Durand and published in Paris by Jean de Beaurain. This fine plan shows St. Petersburg as it was planned to be built while it was still in the process of construction. In 1703, the site, at the head of...


1741 - Carte Generale de L'Empire De Russie

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Impressive two-sheet engraved map of Russia, published by the famous Amsterdam mapmaking pair of Covens & Mortier, circa 1741. Probably based on the efforts of Joseph Nicholas de L'Isle, who revolutionized the mapping of Russia in the 1730s and...


1741 - A General Map of Eastern and Western Tatary, commonly call'd Tartary; drawn from the Particular Maps of the Jesuit Missionaries. Humbly Inscribed to the Right Honourable Thos. Lord Lovell, by his most obedient and dutiful Servt. Ed: Cave.

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Scarce English Language edition of Jean Baptiste du Halde's map of Tartary, China and Korea. Fine example of D'Anville's map of the region from Korea to the Gobi Desert, centered on Mongolia and Korea. Highly detailed throughout. Engraved by...