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1753 - De Kust van Coromanel (2 maps)

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Nice example of this detailed pair of maps of the Coromandel Coast, from the Dutch East India Company's, Secret Atlas. The chart is oriented with west at the top and shows the areas around the Dutch trading houses, etc. The map includes a latitude...


1753 - De Reede van Calpentyn aasn de West=Cust van Ceylon

  • $14.99

Nice example of this fine plan of the Sri Lankan Coastline, from the Dutch East India Company's Secret Atlas. The chart is oriented with east at the top and shows the areas around the Dutch trading houses, etc. The map includes a latitude scale,...


1753 - (Padang / Pulau Pisang) Kaarte van de Eylanden Pysang, by Padang Gelegen aan de West kust van Sumatra

  • $14.99

Finely detailed sea chart of Padang and vicinity on the west coast of Sumatra, from Van Keulen's "secret atlas." The chart shows the coast of Padang, and the neighboring islands, including Pulau Pisang. The map notes numerous depth soundings, reefs...


1753 - Insulae Iavae Pars Occidentalis Edente Hadriano Relando . . . Insulae Iavae Pars Orientalis Edente Hadriano Relando

  • $21.99

An Exceptional Sea Chart of Java Rare and highly decorative sea chart of the island of Java and contiguous islands, published by Gerard Van Keulen. The chart covers Java and immediate islands from the tip of Sumatra to Bali, along with ten decorated...


1753 - (Phuket, Thailand) Kaart van het Eiland Junkseilon, en desselfs Haven, leggende voor de Kust van Queda, op 8 Graaden, 10 Min. Noorder Breedte.

  • $14.99

Map of Phuket, Thailand from the Famed Part Six of the Van Keulen Zee-Fakkel - the Secret Atlas of the VOC. A highly important chart, and the first printed map dedicated to Phuket and Pha Nang Bay. The towns of Phuket ("Puquet") and Patong ("Putom")...


1753 - Etats Due Grand-Seigneur En Asie, Empire De Perse, Pays Des Usbecs, Arabie et Egypte . . . 1753

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Detailed map of the Turkish Empire, extending to the Black Sea, Georgia, the Caspian, Usbekistan, The Indian Ocean, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Red Sea. Large decorative cartouche.


1753 - [Empire of Alexander The Great] Antiquor? Imperiorum Tabula in qua prae caeteris, Macendonia seu Alexandri Magni et Expeditiones exarantur . . .

  • $14.99

Tracking the Expeditions of Alexander the Great Detailed map of the Middle East, Asia Minor and part of Central Asia, showing the region conquered by Alexander the Great. The map detailed the expeditions of Alexander the Great, with a dashed line...


1753 - Kaart van de Tafel Baay vertoonende De Reede van C. De Goede Hoop.

  • $14.99

The First Modern Map of Table Bay, South Africa Cornerstone map of Table Bay and Cape Town, South Africa, from the extremely rare and important "Secret Atlas" of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). While it has been suggested that the chart may have...


1753 - [False Bay] In de Baay Falso

  • $14.99

False Bay / Cape Town, South Africa Rare chart of False Bay, which appeared in the so-called VOC Secret Atlas. The map shows "Post-huys", the signal blockhouse built as an observation post controlling False Bay and which was completed in 1673, a year...


1753 - Carte De La Baye De Mosambique . . .

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Fine example of this highly detailed map of the Bay of Mosambique, published by French Royal Geographer J.N. Bellin in Paris.


1753 - Carte Reduite Des Terres Australes . . . 1753

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Fine Early Map of Australia with Dutch Discoveries and Innovative Geographic Theories Nice example of Bellin's map of Australia, which featured in the Abbe Prevost’s massive voyage collection, Histoire générale des voyages, published from 1746 to...