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1758 - [Niagara Falls] Wasserfall von Niagra

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Fine small image of Niagara Falls. The image is a close derivative of the first image of Niagara Falls by Louis Hennepin, which originally appeared in 1697. The main difference is that the image has been reversed. Also, one of Hennepin's four...


1758 - Grund Riss der Americanischen Insuln Cape Breton, St. Jean und Anticosti im Flusse S. Laurencii.

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French & Indian War Map of NE Canada Detailed map of Northeastern Canada, including the eastern part of Nova Scotia, namely Cape Breton and Prince Edward Islands, published by Raspe in Nuremberg. The map includes an inset map of Anticosti Island...


1758 - Carte Reduite des Isles Antilles Dressee au Depost des Cartes et Plans de la Marine… [Large Inset of Virgin Islands]

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Large engraved sea chart of the Lesser Antilles, with a detailed inset of the Virgin Islands, published by Jacques Nicolas Bellin in 1758. The Virgin Islands inset at the left is titled "Carte Particuliere des Isles des Vierges". Bellin credits the...


1758 - Carte Particuliere De L'Isle De La Jamaique Dressee au Depost des Cartes Plans et Journaux de la Marine . . . M. DCC LVIII

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Locates Caberets and Taverns! Detailed Depot De La Marine's sea chart of Jamaica, first published in 1758. This detailed sea chart of Jamaica, shown divided into parishes, includes strong topographical details with many coastal toponyms. Sugar...


1758 - Nova Mappa Geographica Totius Ducatus Silesiae Tam Superioris quam Inferiois, exhibens XVII. Minores Principatus et VI. Libera Dominia. Accuratissime difterminata et excusa Cura et sumptibus . . . 1758

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Detailed map of the region of Silesia, centered on Breslau (Wroclaw). Includes a large view of the town of Breslau (Wroclaw) in the lower left corner.


1758 - Polonia Secondo le Osservazioni dell' Accademia di Parigi

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A map of Poland and the Baltic States, extending from Pomerania into Russia as far as Moscovia. Forests, rivers, mountains, settlements, and more are all shown. The four principal winds of the Mediterranean are shown at the edges of the map as a...


1758 - Partie De La Mer Glaciale Contenant La Nouvelle Zemble et Le Pais Des Samoiedes . . . 1758

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Detailed map of Nova Zembla and part of the Northeast passage. Includes a decorative title cartouche. One of the maps produced by Nicholas Bellin for L'Histoire Generale des Voyages.


1758 - [Austrian Army Positions in Moravia, May 1758] . Plan du Campe de L'Armee Imperiale dans les Environs de Chotze le 4me May 1758.

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Chocen, Hemze and Bestovice, Czechia -- May 1758 -- Positions of the Austrian Army Under The Command of Count von Daun Finely executed map illustrating the Austrian military positions, likely under the Command of Field Marshall Count Leopole Josef von...


1758 - Italia annexis Insulis Sicilia, Sardinia et Corsica secundum observationes Societais Regiae Scientiarum quae est Parrisiis et diversorum celebrrimorum Astronomorum . . . 1758

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Scarce map of Italy, published by TC Lotter. Includes Sicily (Mt. Aetna erupting), Corsica and Sardinia. Fine dark impression.