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1761 - A new General, and Universal Atlas Containing Forty five Maps By Andrew Dury.

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A little gem of an 18th-century English atlas, being the 1761 edition of Dury's New General and Universal Atlas. Rumsey (3004) says that the map of Canada is double-page in the 1763 edition but not in the 1761. The 1763 having been changed to reflect...


1761 - Hemisphere Occidental ou du Nouveau Monde . . . [and] Hemisphere Oriental ou de L'Ancien Monde . . . MDCCLXI

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First State of An Important Enlightenment Era Mapping of the World Marvelous pair of large scale maps of the Eastern and Western Hemisphere, showing the known World on the eve of the first Voyage of Captain James Cook. The map is a fine example of...


1761 - Carte Generale du Globe Terrestre Construite & publiee par le Sr. Isaac Brouckner

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Reduced Venetian engraved copy of Isaac Brouckner's famous sea atlas of 1749, the first Prussian "Sea Atlas", published by Remondini in 1761. Our example of the original Isaac Brouckner 12-sheet wall map can be seen here:...


1761 - The South Prospect of the City of New York, in North America . . . 1761

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One of the Earliest Obtainable Printed Views of New York City Scarce early view of New York City, first published in 1761.. Beginning in 1716, William Burgis stood at the Brooklyn Heights shore and drew the waterfront along the east side of...


1761 - [ Wilmington, Delaware -- Colonial Manuscript Map and Indenture ]

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Manuscript indenture with seal, signed by Peter Peterson and Rebecah R. Peterson, conveying land in the central part of Wilmington, Delaware, just southwest of Brandywine Creek and dated May, 1761. The land in question, bounded by Brandywine Creek,...


1761 - Partie du Cours du Fleuve de Saint Laurent depuis Quebec jusqu'au Cap aux Oyes [on sheet with] Carte du Cours du Fleuve Saint Laurent depuis Quebec jusqu'a la Mer en Deux Feuilles ... 1761

  • $21.99

French Sea Chart of the Saint Lawrence, published during the French and Indian War. Jacques Nicolas Bellin's 1761 double-page engraved map of the Saint Lawrence east of Isle d'Orleans. The top map is a more focused version of the map on the bottom,...


1761 - An Accurate Map of Great Britain from the latest & best Observations

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Decorative map of England, Scotland, and Wales, published in London by John Senex. England, Scotland, and Wales are colored separately. The map shows major roads around Great Britain, as well as a reference to the 52 counties of England. The...