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1762 - Sphere De Ptolemee [with] Rose De Boussole…

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Decorative chart, showing a compass rose, Ptolomaic Sphere and various other 18th Century spheres, from Janvier's Atlas.


1762 - America Septentrionalis oder Mitternachtiger Theil von America, bestehende in Neu Brittania Canada,Neu Engeland, Neu Schotland, New Jor, Pennsilvania, Carolina Florida Georgien Worinen der grosse S. Laurnetius und Ohio Fluss samt der grossen Seen . . .

  • $14.99

Rare map of the British Colonies at the conclusion of the French & Indian War, originally engraved by Georg Christoph Kilian and included in from Heiden's Americanische urquelle derer innerlichen kriege des bedrängten Teutschlands. . . The map...


1762 - A New and Correct Map of the American Islands, now called the West Indies, with the whole Coast of Neighbouring Continent:

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Detailed map of the Caribbean and Southeastern US, extending to Texas, Mexico, Central America and South America. Numerous annotations throughout.


1762 - A new chart of the seas surrounding the island of Cuba, with the soundings, currents, ships, courses &c. and a map of the island itself lately made by an officer in the Navy

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Scarce map of Cuba, the Bahamas, the southern tip of Florida and contiguous islands, highlighting the various trade routes in the Caribbean. "The Course of the Current Through The Gulf of Florida" is prominently labeled, as is the Track of the...


1762 - Nouvelle Espagne, Nouveau Mexique, Isles Antilles

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Antique Map of Texas, Mexico and the American Southwest, Florida and the Caribbean Scarce map of the Southwest, Caribbean and Gulf Coast, from De Vaugondy's Nouvel Atlas Portatif. Includes a marvelous contemporary cartographic representation of the...


1762 - Carte Reduite de l'Isle de Cube Dressee au Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Marine Pour le Service des Vaisseaux du Roy Par Ordre de Mle Duc de Choiseeul . . . Par le S. Bellin Ingenieur de la Marine et du Depost des Plans . . . M. DCC. LXII

  • $21.99

Fine Large Format Chart of Cuba By France's Royal Hydrographer Superb, large sea chart covering all of Cuba with the Florida Keys and the southern Bahamas from Bimini eastward, published in Paris for the Depot de la Marine, by Jacques Nicolas...


1762 - A Plan of the Havana and its Environs with the several Posts and Atttacks made by British Forces under the Command of the Earl of Albermarle and Sr. Geo: Pocock: … 1762

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Perhaps the First Separate Map of the 1762 Siege of Havana. Extremely rare separately issued map of showing the British Siege of Havana, at the tail end of the French & Indian War. This map, published November 1, 1762, by John Boydell and R....


1762 - An exact Plan of the City, Fortifications & Harbour of Havana in the Island of Cuba: From an Original Drawing taken on the Spot . . .

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Detailed plan of Havana Harbor, showing fortifications, soundings, topographical details, etc. Includes a large inset of Cuba.


1762 - Carte de L'Isle de la Martinique dressee par Mr. Bellin, Ingenieur du Roy de France et de la Marine . . . 1762

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Decorative map of Martinique, published by the Homan Heirs in Paris. A highly detailed map of Martinique, based upon an earlier chart published by Nicholas Bellin in Paris. Depicted in the form of a sea chart with rhumb lines, the chart shows...


1762 - L'Amerique Meridionale divisee en ses principaux Etats . . . 1762

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Decorative map of South America, published in Paris by Jean Janvier. A classic example of the French unwillingness to enhance maps with speculative cartography. Large decorative cartouche.


1762 - An accurate Map of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with all the adjacent Islands, from the latest Improvements.

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Scarce old color example of R.W. Seale's map of Great Britain, which appeared in the Universal Magazine in 1762. The map incorporate rhumb lines, a feature typical of working sea charts of the 18th Century.


1762 - A Map of the Kingdom of Poland. Drawn from the Best Authorities . . .

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Scarce English map of the Kingdom of Poland (and Lithuania) on the eve of its initial dismemberment. The map appeared in Busching's A new system of geography: in which is given, a general account of the situation and limits... of the several kingdoms...


1762 - Les Royaumes D'Espagne Et De Portugal divises Par Grandes Provinces . . . (with Balearic Islands)

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Attractive map of the Iberian Peninsula, colored by province in outline color. Includes the Balearic Islands. Shows towns, rivers, lakes, islands, mountains, etc. Large decorative cartouche.


1762 - Lissabon Mitt dero Gegend auff 10. Stundt.

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Detailed map of the Lisboa and the lower part of the Tago River, from Heiden's Americanische urquelle derer innerlichen kriege des bedrängten Teutschlands. . .


1762 - Turquie d'Europe Avec Priv du Roi

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Small engraved map of Scandinavia and northwestern Russia. The map is scarce, this being the first time we have had it.


1762 - Turquie d'Europe Avec Priv du Roi

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Small map of the Turkey in Europe and Asia Minor.