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1763 - [Tiruchirappalli] 1763 Plan de Trichenapaly

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Striking Plan of Tiruchirappalli, Drawn at the End of the Carnatic Wars Finely-executed manuscript plan of the city of Tiruchirappalli, here called Trichenapaly, on the south bank of the Kaveri River. The French plan, executed in 1763, was completed...


1763 - (Reunion Island) Carte De L'Isle De Bourbon Dressee au Depost des Cartes et Plans de la Marine Par Ordre de M. Le Duc de Choiseul . . . 1763

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Fine French Sea Chart of Reunion Island Finely executed sea chart of the Island of Bourbon (Reunion Island), first issued in 1763. Rumsey notes: "Exceptional onboard document of this rare and fabulous maritime atlas, a masterpiece by the greatest...