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1773 - Carte De La Nouvelle Angleterre, Nouvelle Yorck et Pensilvanie . . .

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An excellent early map of the region bounded by New England, Lake Ontario and the northern Chesapeake River, centered on New York and Connecticut from a Dutch edition of Bellin's Histoire Generale des Voyages. Shows towns, roads, mountains, rivers,...


1773 - A Map of the West Indies and Middle Continent of America from the Latest Observations

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Detailed map of Florida, the Gulf Coast and Caribbean, centered on Cuba colored by regions. Florida is shown as an Archipelago. Georgia extends to the Mississippi River. Massive Kingdom of Leon (Texas). Nice detail in the Bahamas.


1773 - A Chart of part of the Country of Labrador Taken by order of Commodore Shuldham, in ta Tour up the Coast in the Year 1773. By Lieutenant Roger Curtis.

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Fine map of the Coast of Labrador, showing the region explored by Roger Curtis, under instructions from Commodore Shuldham in 1773. Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, 1st Baronet, GCB (1746 - 1816) was an officer of the British Royal Navy, who saw action in...


1773 - Carte de L'isle et du plan de la Situation de Tabago, aux isles de L'Amerique, dedie a tous proprietaires et amis de cette tres respectable et florissant Colonie

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French Manuscript Map of Tobago Revealing its Complex Colonial History Manuscript map showing the island of Tobago and revealing its complicated history of European settlement. The map shows continued interest in Tobago across Europe and could have...


1773 - Carte Particuliere d'une Partie des Rivieres de Berbice et de Caroje, pour l'Intelligence de la Relation Touchant la Revolt des Negres en 1763

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Scarce plan of Berbice, Surinam, illustrating the town at the time of the Slave Revolt of 1763. The Berbice Slave Revolt began in February 1763 and lasted into 1764. The uprising began on Plantation Magdalenenberg on the Canje River in Berbice. The...


1773 - A Map of England and Wales from the latest Authorities and Observations

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Gorgeous large format map of the England and Wales. Includes a decorative compass rose. From John Blair's Chronology and History of the World, first published in 1754.


1773 - Mappa Geographica Regni Poloniae ex novissimis quotquot sunt mappis specialibus composita et al L.L. Stereographicae projectionis revocata a Tob. Mayero. . . . MDCCLXXIII

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Detailed map of Poland, by Tobias Mayer, dated 1773 in the title cartouche. Poland extends from Glogau and Breslau in the west, to Braclaviensis in the south along the Dniestr River, east to the Dniepr River and Mscislaw and north to include parts of...


1773 - Charta ofwer Sion Wenern i Stod af Astronomiska Observationer och Matningar giorde pa Isen, forfattad wid Kongl:

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Uncommon map of the Vänern Sea region by the Swedish cartographer Nils Marelius (1707-1791). The map was published as a separate map in Stockholm, 1773, by Kongliga Lantmäteri Contoiret (Royal Institute of Surveyors) and engraved by C. Bergquist.


1773 - Carte du Bengale et de ses dependances, dressee d'apres des Plans pris sure les Lieux Par. W. Bolts.

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Striking map of Eastern India and Bangladesh, published in Paris. Extends from the Calcutta region in the west to Bangladesh. The map illustrates the work of William Bolts. William Bolts (1739-1808) was a Dutch-born eighteenth-century merchant active...


1773 - Carte Des Isles De Java, Sumatra, Borneo &c. Les Detroits de la Sonde Malaca et Banc Golph De Siam &c…

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Detailed map of the Region from Siam and Mindoro to Sumatra, Java and the Straits of Maskasar, centered on Borneo. Decorative compass rose. Nice full wash color.