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1776 - Nuove Scoperte Fatte nel 1765, 67 e 69 nel Mare Del Sud . . . . 1776

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Cook's First Tracks In The South Pacific First edition of the first decorative map to show Cook's tracks in the Pacific, one of the most sought after early maps to depict Cook's Voyage to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. The map records...


1776 - Mappe Monde ou Description Du Globe Terrestre assujettie aux Observations Astronomiques . . .

  • $14.99

Striking large format decorative double hemisphere map of the World by Santini. The map shows the Sea of the West, an interesting conjectural projection of the NW Coast of America based upon the Russian Voyages in the mid-18th Century, but retaining a...


1776 - Carte Reduite Des Mers Du Nord Comprise entre le 48e et 72e Degré de Latitude Sept. . . . Par Mr de Verdunn de la Crenne, le Ch. de Borda et Pingré, Divisé et Gravé au burin par Petit. . . 1776

  • $21.99

Late 18th Century Scientific Expedition In the North Atlantic Important mid-18th Century sea chart of the North Atlantic, published by the French Depot de la Marine. Centered on Iceland, the map extends from Labrador, Newfoundland, and Baffin Island...


1776 - [Seychelles] A Chart of the Mahe and Amirantes Islands, with their Shoals by Monsr. le Vicomte Grenier 1776

  • $14.99

The First Commercially Published Map of the Amirantes and Seychelles First state of this rare early sea chart of the Seychelles, published by Robert Sayer in London. The chart covers the Mahe and Amirantes islands, also known as the Three Brothers...


1776 - The Theatre of War in North America, with the Roads and a Table of the Distances [with] A Compendious Account of the British Colonies in North-America.

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Nice example of the rare first state of Sayer & Bennett's Broadside Map and Account of the War in North America, one of the first widely distributed news accounts of the American Revolution in Great Britain. Following a brief peace attempt between...


1776 - [Revolutionary War Broadside Map] Allgemeine Charte von Nord America als den Sitz des Krieges zwischen den Konigl. Engl. Truppen u:den Provinzialen

  • $14.99

Rare, Early German Broadside Map of the North American British Colonies—First State! First state of an remarkably rare German broadside map showing the British colonies in North America, one of the earliest separately-issued broadside maps of the...


1776 - Carte Generale du Canada, de la Louisiane, de la Floride, de la Caroline, de la Virginie, de la Nouvelle Terre Par Le Sr. D'Anville . . . 1776

  • $14.99

Second edition of Santini's map of the British & French Colonies in North America, based upon D'Anville's seminal map of 1746. The map provides a highy detailed treatment of Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley, on the eve of the American...


1776 - An accurate Map of the present Seat of War, between Great Britain and her Colonies in North America . . . 1776

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Centered on the Great Lakes Scarce map of the Northern and Western part of the British Colonies in North America, showing the theater of the American Revolutionary War in 1776. The map extends north to James Bay, west to the Mississippi River and...


1776 - (American Revolution) [Manuscript Map of New York City and Northern New Jersey]

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An American Revolutionary War Manuscript Map -- From the Collection of One of the First U.S. Frigate Captains Manuscript map in pen and ink on laid paper of New York City and northern New Jersey, "the cockpit of the American Revolution". The map was...


1776 - A General Map of the Northern British Colonies in America. Which comprehends the province of Quebec, the government of Newfoundland, Nova-Scotia, New-England and New-York. . . 1776

  • $14.99

A scarce "Holster Atlas" edition of Sayer and Bennett's highly important map of New England and eastern Canada at the start of the American Revolution. This edition of the map was prepared specifically for the American Military Pocket Atlas, an atlas...


1776 - A Map Of The Most Inhabited Part Of New England Containing The Provinces Of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire. With the Colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island . . . 1774

  • $21.99

T.C. Lotter Edition of The Most Important Map of New England At The Time of the American Revolution. Fine old color example of the T.C. Lotter edition of Bradock Mead's 4-sheet map of New England & Long Island, the most important general map of...


1776 - A Plan of the Town of Newport in the Province of Rhode Island . . April 24, 1776

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The First Printed Plan of Newport Rhode Island The earliest printed plan of Newport, Rhode Island, published for the use of British forces just months before they occupied the town in December 1776. Based on surveys by Charles Blaskowitz, one of the...


1776 - The Provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania and the Province of Quebec. Drawn By Major Holland, Surveyor General, of the Northern District of America. Corrected and Improved, from the Original Materials, By Govern. Pownall, Member

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Rare Final State of Samuel Holland's Map of New York, Vermont, New Jersey, etc. Nice example of this important colonial map of the Hudson River and its tributaries, including the Mohawk, and also with New Jersey and the upper course of the St....


1776 - [Cape Elizabeth to Moose Point, Maine]

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The best Revolutionary War chart of southern Maine. Large, two-sheet hand-colored engraved sea chart of part of the Maine coastline. The map illustrates the length of the Kennebec River to Fort Halifax. It also shows Fort Western (now Augusta),...


1776 - [Coast of Maine from Moose Cove to Gouldsboro Bay]

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Important early map of the Coast of Washington County, Maine, from J.F.W. Des Barres Atlantic Neptune. The map includes the areas which would later include the towns of Steuben, Cherryfield, Milbridge,, Harrington, Addison, Jonesport, Beals Jonesboro,...


1776 - The Coast of New England

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By far the finest 18th-century depiction of the Coast of New England issued in The Atlantic Neptune to meet the needs of British navigators during the American Revolution. This monumental chart depicts the complex coast of New England from...