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1779 - [Sea Atlas] Great-Britain's Coasting Pilot: Being a New Exact Survey of the Sea-Coast of England and Scotland From the River of Thames to the Westward and Northward; with the Islands of Scilly, And from Thence to Carlisle; Likewise The Islands of Orkney

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A nice example of probably the most famous chartbook for the British Isles, by Greenville Collins, who was a Royal Navy officer and prominent hydrographer during the 17th century. Collins's Coasting Pilot was the first comprehensive survey of the...


1779 - Various Plans and Draughts of Cities, Towns, Harbours &c . . . [New York, Boston, Charleston, Delaware River to Philadelphia & Havana]

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Detailed set of Revolutionary War era harbor plans, based upon larger maps of the period, including New York, Boston, Charleston and Philadelphia. Each of the plans in turn is based upon separately issued large format plans by Faden.


1779 - The Siege of Rhode Island, taken from Mr. Brindley's House on the 25th of August, 1778.

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The Battle of Rhode Island was the only battle in New England to occur between the Continental army and the British army. Fought to dislodge the 7,000 British, Hessian, and provincial troops from their entrenched position in Newport during the month...


1779 - A Chart of New York Harbour with the Soundings Views of Land Marks and Nautical directions for the Use of Pilotage. Composed from Surveys and Observations of Lieutenants Johyn Knight, John Huntar of the Navy & Others . . . 1779 (with Sailing Directions S

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Des Barres's Map of New York Harbor. The Definitive Revolutionary War Era Chart of the Harbor. Highly important Revolutionary War Era chart of New York Harbor, published in the most important collection of nautical charts of the age: Des Barres's...


1779 - A Map of part of the States of New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania. for the use Honble. Major Genl. Greene. from the Original of Rt. Erskine F.R.S. by Jno. Eskine May 28th 1779.

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One of a Few Surviving Manuscript Maps Made For The Continental Army To Remain in Private Hands Large manuscript map of northern New Jersey and southern New York (including New York City), “the cockpit of the American Revolution”, drawn by John...


1779 - A Chart of Delaware Bay and River from the Original By Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia 1776.

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Detailed Revolutionary War era map of the Delaware River. The map extends from Philadelphia and Glocester to Chinlopen and Costen's Inlet, including Cape Map and Cape James. Also names many early Creeks, Rivers, Islands, etc., including, Rehoboth...


1779 - To the American Philosophical Society this Map of the Peninsula between Delaware & Chesopeak Bays with the said Bays and Shores adjacent drawn from the most Accurate Surveys is inscribed by John Churchman

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A Legendary American Rarity: The First State of the Churchman Map of the Chesapeake, One of the Only Maps Published in America During the Revolution. Rare, separately-issued American map of the Delmarva Peninsula, Chesapeake Bay, and Delaware Bay,...


1779 - The East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania

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The Earliest Reasonably Obtainable View of Philadelphia Fine large format view of Philadelphia, with inset views of the State House and Battery, which appeared in the London Magazine. The view is based on George Heap's famed drawing of the City,...


1779 - Carte du Mexique et de la Nouvelle Espagne Contenant Le Partie Australe de L'Amerique Septentle. . . . 1779

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Striking map of Mexico, Texas and the Gulf Coast, including Florida, published in Venice. The map notes that it is based upon the work of J.B.B. D'Anville. Texas is named, with references to La Salle's visit to the region in 1685. Florida is shown...


1779 - A New and Accurate Map of the Province of Virginia in North America

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Scarce map of Virginia based largely on the Fry Jefferson map, as revised in 1775. The map is one of the first large format maps of Virginia to have appeared in a British serial publication ( Universal Magazine). It provides an excellent depiction of...


1779 - An Exact Prospect of Charlestown, the Metropolis of the Province of South Carolina

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The Earliest Reasonably Obtainable View of Charleston Second edition of this large format view of Charleston is based upon a painting by Bishop Roberts in 1739, which was engraved by William Henry Toms for the London Magazine. There are two examples...


1779 - A New and Accurate Map of North Carolina in North America

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Scarce colonial map of North Carolina, based upon John Collet map, which appeared in the Universal Magazine. Shows towns, counties, rivers, lakes, mountains, inlets, islands, etc. The map covers all of North Carolina westward to Table [Rock] Mountain...


1779 - Plan de la Ville et du Port de Louisbourg Leve en 1756 Suivant l'Original conserve au Depot General des Cartes Plans et Journeaux de la Marine. . . 1779

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Plan of Louisbourg in 1779 Detailed plan of the town and port of Louisbourg, oriented with west at the top, made by order of the French Depot de la Marine, during the American Revolution. The plan was originally made 2 years prior to the Siege of...


1779 - L'Isle de la Jamaique. par M. T. J. Ingenieur Anglois a Paris, 1779

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Rare French Map of Jamaica, published by Jean Lattre in Paris. The map provides remarkable topographical details, including mountains, rivers, islands, and other coastal features. Towns, Roads, Plantations, Churches and other features are also shown....


1779 - Jamaica

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Separately Published Sea Chart of Jamaica By Gerard Hulst Van Keulen A rare separately published sea chart of Jamaica issued by Gerard Hulst Van Keulen. As noted in Appendix 5 of The Van Keulen Cartography (entry 188), the chart was separately...


1779 - Les Bermudes Levees par Lampriere Determinees Astronomiquement a Londres en 1775. Traduit de l'Anglois . . . 1779

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Rare French map of Bermuda, incorporating the surveys of Captain Clement Lempriere (Lempriere's name being spelled incorrectly in the title). Clement Lempriere (1683-1746) published his map of Bermuda in 1738, the first significant cartographic...