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1779 - Carte qui represente la Partie Meridionale du Bresil et du Perou, Le Chili Septentrional, et le Paraguay, Ce qui fait la Partie de milieu De L'Amerique Meridionale . . . 1779

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Finely engraved map of the central part of South America, from Santini's Venetian edition of d'Anville's map from "Atlas Universel," printed in 1776-84. The map includes much of Brazil, Peru, Chile and Paraguay.


1779 - South America agreeable to the most approv'd Maps and Charts . . .

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Detailed map of South America, drawn toward the end of Spain's colonial empire. Includes the Galapagos Islands and "Isles know to the Spaniards." A scarce early edition.


1779 - An accurate Map of South America, from the best Modern Maps and Charts. . .

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Detailed map of South America, on the eve of its Century of Revolution, which appeared in Middleton's Geography.


1779 - Carte du Chili Meridional, du Rio de la Plata, des Patagons, et du Detroit de Magellan; ce qui fait l'extremite Australe de l'Amerique Meridile. . . . 1779

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Finely engraved map of southern South America, focusing on Chile, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan, from Santini's Venetian edition of d'Anville's map from "Atlas Universel" printed in 1776-84. Includes an elaborate cartouche and...


1779 - Carte du Perou et Brasil Sepl, de Tierre-Firme, de Guyana, et de la Rivieire des Amazones: Ce qui fait la partie Boreal de L'Amerique Meridiole. Par Le Sr. D'Anville . . . 1779

  • $14.99

Finely engraved map of the northern part of South America, from Santini's Venetian edition of d'Anville's map from "Atlas Universel" printed in 1776-84. The map includes Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guayana, northern Peru, and part of Brazil.


1779 - Carte de la Manche, avec tous les Bancs de Sables, les Courants, les profondeurs d'Eau, et l'heure de la Maree, d'apres celle construite par ordre de sa Maj. Britannique . . . 1779

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Finely executed sea chart of the Channel between England and Europe, published in Paris in 1779. The map covers the coast of England from South Wales and Cornwall to Ipswich and the coast of Europe from Ostende to Nantes. Extensive soundings given,...


1779 - Provincia de Surrey

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Antique map of the Surrey and adjoining Home Counties. In the 18th century layout of the county, the northern border is marked by the River Thames, and Surrey includes parts of London, though Westminster and the Isle of Dogs form part of Middlesex....


1779 - Provincia di Essex di nuova Projezione . . . .1779

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Antique map of the Provinces of Essex, published by Antonio Zatta in Venice.


1779 - Provincia de Kent . . . 1779

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Antique map of the County of Kent and vicinity, published in Venice by Antonio Zatta.


1779 - La Scozia Settentrionale Divisa Nelle sue Contee Particolari Di nuova Projezione . . 1779

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Decorative Italian map of Northern Scotland, with a large decorative vignette. The map appeared in Antonio Zatta's 4 volume 'Atlante Novissimo". Zatta was a major Italian cartographer of the time, and his works are increasingly popular with collectors.


1779 - Plan Du Port-Vendres D'apres les dessins du Sr. de Wailly ancien Controleur des Batiments du Roi . . . .

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Detailed plan of Plan Du Port-Vendres, showing the fortifications and the Obelisk designed by Sr. De Wailly, with a second map below showing the location of the port on a larger map. Includes a key identifying 24 important places. The map was prepared...


1779 - Partie Meridionale du Royaume De Naples ou se trouvent La Calabre et L'Isle et Royaume de Sicile . . . 1779 [with] Supplement pur L'Isle De Malte

  • $14.99

Striking map of Sicily, Naples and contiguous islands, with a large inset of Malta, published in Venice. Includes towns, mountains, rivers, lakes and a host of other details. Decorative cartouche. Santini's maps are largely based upon De Vaugondy's...


1779 - Charta öfver Östergöthland eller Linköpings Höfdingedöme Samt de Härader uti Jönköpings och Calmare Höfdingedömen, Som höra til Linköpings Biskops Stift . . . 1779

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Uncommon map of the Swedish province Östergötlands by the Swedish cartographer Nils Marelius (1707-1791). The map was published as a separate map in Stockholm, 1779, by Kongliga Lantmäteri Contoiret (Royal Institute of Surveyors) and engraved by...


1779 - A New & Accurate Map of Asia, Drawn from the most approved Modern Maps & Charts . . . 1779 (with Australia -- names Sea of Korea)

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Detailed map of Asia and Australia, which appeared in Middleton's Geography. Shows a still largely speculative Southern Australian coastline. Among the most notable features is the reference of the Sea of Korea.


1779 - Partie Orientale De L'Empire De Russie En Asie…Provinces de Jakuckskoy,Nerckzinskoy, Selinginskoy, Ilimskoy, Krasnojarkoy, Narimskoy, Jenisseiskoy,Mangajeiskoy, &c…Tartarie…

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Interesting highly detailed map showing Central Asia, Russian Asia, Mongolia, etc. and extending southwest to the Gobi Desert and east to Kamchatka and the Northeast Passage. Based upon source material from De Vaungondy and De L'Isle's Russian Atlas.