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1784 - Novus Orbis Sive America Meridionalis et Septentrionalis . . . (California as an Island--Rare Probst edition)

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Striking, Richly Engraved Map of the Americas—One of the Last to Feature California as an Island Fine, detailed map of the Americas, with California as an island and two richly illustrated cartouches. This is one of the last maps to be printed with...


1784 - America verlegt von Ioh: Mich: probst in Ausburg

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Rare map of America, showing California as an Island. California is shown as an Island, with the extended westward land mass to Asia and the Mississippi River extending to the Straits of Anian. Odd Great Lakes Projection and other interesting...


1784 - L'Amerique Dressee pour l'etude De La Geographie . . . 1784

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Interesting map of America, published in Paris by Brion de la Tour. The map includes a largely unknown Northwest Coast, River of the West, Straits of Juan De Fuca and other early details. Includes 16 ships and decorative cartouche. Ornate decorative...


1784 - Africa According to the best Authorities

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Detailed map of Africa, divided by kingdoms and colonies, many of which are fictional in nature.


1784 - Sarratoga Le 17 Octobre 1777, le General Burgoine avec 6640 Solats bien disciplines met bas les armesdevant le milices Americaines nouvellement tirees de l'Agriculture et conduite par Haratio Gates . . .

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Rare view showing the surrender of General John Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga on October 7, 1777, one of the first important American victories during the American Revolution. The view appeared in Nicolas Ponce and Francois Godefroy's Recueil...


1784 - Neue Welt Karte welche auf Zwoo Kugelflaechen die Haupt-Theile der Erde . . . Ao. 1784

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One of the First World Maps to Show Hawaii Double hemisphere map of the world, featuring extensive table and text below, published by Homann Heirs. An early World map to locate Hawaii, the map includes the tracks of Goree's voyage in 1780, Clerke's...


1784 - Stereographic Projection [and] Orthographic Projection on the Plane of the Equator

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Interesting pair of hemispheric projections, illustrating two different styles for depicting the earth.


1784 - Carte Des Etats-Unis De L'Amerique Suivant le Traite de Paix de 1783. Dediee et Presentee A.S. Excellence M. Benjamin Franklin Ministre Pleinipotentaire des Etats-Unis. . . Ancien President de la Pensilvanie et de la Societe Philosophique de Philadelphie

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Dedicated to Benjamin Franklin -- The First Map of The United States Published After Ratification of the Treaty of Paris Lattre's map of the United States appeared in June 1784, just two months after the United States gained official independence...


1784 - A New and Correct Map of North America with the West India Islands, Divided According to the Last Treaty of Peace ... 20th of Jan. 1783 ... Particularly Distinguished the Thirteen Provinces wich Compose the United States of North America

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Fine example of Lotter's four-sheet map of the newly formed United States, based upon a map originally published by Bowen & Gibson and later by Jefferys, and Sayer & Bennett. The map is a completely different engraving and includes a striking...


1784 - Sketch of the Surprise of German Town. by the American Forces commanded by General Washington. October 4th 1777 by J. Hills, Lt. 23d. Regt. & Asst.Engr.

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The Very Rare and Authoritative Revolutionary War Plan of the Battle of Germantown The present map showcases the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, an especially dramatic action of the Revolutionary War that occurred on October 4th, 1777, during the...


1784 - Carte De L'Isle De Cuba et Des Isles Lucayes

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Striking wide margined example of this scarce map of Cuba, the Bahamas and the Southern tip of Florida. The map provides a fine depiction of the Western Caribbean. The dating of this map runs the gamut from 1784 to 1806, but it can be reliably traced...


1784 - Chart of Norton Sound and of Bherings Strait made by the East Cape of Asia and the West Point of America

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Detailed charting of Cook's exploration of the Northwest Coast of America and the Northeast Coast of Asia. Includes daily tracks and a number of place names, showing the tracks of Cook's Voyage on a daily basis. Cook's Voyage to the region was one of...


1784 - Chart of the N.W. Coast of America and the N.E. Coast of Asia Explored in the Years 1778 and 1779. Prepared by Lieut. Heny. Roberts under the immediate Inspection of Capt Cook . . . 1784 (The Legendary Lost Chart of Captain James Cook)

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Fine, Famed Map of the North Pacific from Cook’s Third Voyage—First Edition! Rare, first edition of the so-called “lost” chart of Captain James Cook, published in 1784 by William Faden. The map illustrates in great detail the known and...


1784 - Chart of the NW Coast of America and the NE Coast of Asia explored in the Years 1778 & 1779 . . .

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Striking Map of the North Pacific From Cook’s Third Voyage Account Fine example of the map of the Northern Pacific and contiguous coasts of America and Asia, from the official account of Captain James Cook’s third voyage, published in London in...


1784 - Karte von den Sandwich-Inseln

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Rare German Edition First Map of Hawaii -- From The Explorations of Captain James Cook Nice example of this very rare German edition of the first map of the Hawaiian Islands, which appeared in the official account of Captain James Cook's Third...


1784 - Maragnony sive Amazonum Fluminis Terrarum in Orbe Maximi quo ad Hispanicae Potestai subest Cursus cum Fluvys et Regionibus finitimis Utilitati Publicae probatissimis e Documentis accuratus novissime descriptus a quodam pereas provincias olim S.I. Missina

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Previously Unknown First State of the Franz Xavier Veigl / Petrus Parcar Map of The Upper Amazon Region - Ecuador - Peru Rare Jesuit map of the Upper Amazon, including a large portion of Ecuador, Peru, northern Bolivia and the Brazilian Amazon State,...