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1785 - Emisfero Australe

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Rare map of the south polar regions, published in Italian, The map shows the Southern Hemisphere prior to the first discoveries in Antarctica, but shortly after the Voyages of Captain James Cook established a more accurately known coastline for New...


1785 - [Japanese World Map] Kaisei Chikyu Bankoku sankai yochi zenzu setsu (Revised map of all countries on the globe/ Map of the world and its mountains and oceans)

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Fine example of the 1834 printing of Sekisui Nagakubo's landmark map of the World, based upon Matteo Ricci's map of the World, published in China. Sekisui Nagakubo's world map is one of the earliest world maps published in Japan. First issued circa...


1785 - Carte Generale Offrant Les Decouvertes Faites Par Le Capitaine Jacques Cook . . . .Par Henry Robert, Lieutenant de la Marine du Roi

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French Edition of the Official World Map Showcasing the Voyages of James Cook Striking French edition of a detailed world map including tracks of all three voyages of Captain James Cook, expeditions that redrew the map of the Pacific Ocean. The map...


1785 - Nieuwe en Naukeurige Kaart van Asia . . . (Sea of Korea)

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Scarce map of Asia, pubished in Amsterdam by Bachienne. The map includes a number of cartographic myths and interesting names, including Gama's Land and the Sea of Korea....


1785 - [Untitled Map of the United States] Canada IIe Feuille

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Detailed map of the United States and French Louisiana, west to the region of the Padouca Indians along the Upper Missouri and covering most of Texas. Nice detail in the Missouri and Mississippi River Valleys, indicative of the French activity in the...


1785 - Kaart Van Het Eiland Terre-Neuve, Van Nieuw Schotland, het Eiland S. Jan en het Oostelyhk Gedeelte van Kanada.

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Rare map of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, northeastern Canada and New England, published by Bachiene in Amsterdam. The map appeared in Bachiene's rare Atlas tot Opheldering der Hedendaagsche Historie ....


1785 - A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Britain, with the Adjacent Parts of New England and Canada, From The Latest Authorities

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Scarce map of New England and Nova Scotia, published in London. The map is centered on the Provinces of Maine and provides a fine detailed treatment of the region at the conclusion of the American Revolution. The treatment of Lake Champlain is quite...


1785 - Attack of the Rebels upon Fort Penobscot in the Province of New England in which their Fleet was totally destroyed and their Army dispersed the 14th Augst. 1779.

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The Battle of Penobscot Bay, Maine -- Lt. Colonel Paul Revere Commanding An Artillery Detachment Interesting American battle plan, showing the action between the British and American Troops at the Battle of Penobscot, during the American Revolution....


1785 - A Sketch of Charleston Harbour Shewing the disposition of the British Fleet under the Command of Vice Adm. Mariot Arbuthinot upon the Attack on Fort Moultrie on Sulivan Island

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The Second Map Printed South of the Mason Dixon Line. Scarce and important Charleston and Fort Sullivan Battle Plan, issued in David Ramsay's History of the Revolution of South Carolina... . Thomas Abernethie was an early engraver in Charleston,...


1785 - Carte de la Cote N.O. de l'Amerique et de la Cote N.E. de l'Asie, Reconnues en 1778 et 1779. Les parties de la Cote d'Asie qui ne sont pas ombrees sont tirees d'une Carte Manuscrite que nous donnerent les Russes

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Finely engraved map of the North Pacific and contiguous coastlines of Alaska and Russia, published in the first French edition of the official account of James Cook's Third Voyage. The present map is of the utmost importance in the cartographic...


1785 - Chart of the Sandwich Isles

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Nice example of the first map of the Hawaiian Islands, from Anderson's edition of the Journal for Cook's Third Voyage. Tracks Cook's route through the islands with dates of various observations and landfalls and provides an interesting topographical...


1785 - A Map of South America According to the Best Authorities

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Detailed map of South America, on the eve of its century of Revolution. Still shows the colonial details of Spain and Portugal.


1785 - Kaart van Fransch Guijane, met een Gedeelte van Hollandsch Guijane . . .

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Detailed map of the Guyana Colonies, from a scarce Dutch Atlas published by Bachienne. While derived from French sources, this map is far mor attractive and better engraved than the original by Rigobert Bonne.


1785 - La Terra Ferma La Gujana Spagnola, Olandese, Frances, E. Portughese E La Parte Settente.le Del Bresil . . . 1785

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Marvelous map of Columbia, Venezula, Ecuador and a large portion of Northern Brazil, including the entire Amazon River, plus Northern Peru. Includes a large decorative title cartouche. The map was issued in Zatta's Atlante Novissimo, a monumental 4...


1785 - [Ottman Empire] Partes confines Trium Magnorum Imperiorum Austriaci Russici et Osmanici Foliis VI compreshensa ex novissimis observationibus, dimensionibus optimisque tabulis geographicus descripta . . . Anno MDCCLXXXV

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Three Empires At War -- Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Fine 6 sheet map published in Berlin in the midst of the Austro-Turkish and Russo-Turkish wars, between the Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Empires. Centered on the Black Sea, the map shows the...


1785 - Poland shewing the Claims of Austria, Russia & Prussia

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Scarce John Cary map of Poland published during "the Partitions." The map itself is detailed, showing the cities, rivers, lakes, and forests of Poland. Regions are named, including the Great Duchy of Lithuania, Polachia, Mascovia, Red Russia, Black...