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1786 - Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique, en Deux Plans-Hemipsheres ou sont exactement remarques en general Toutes Les Parties de la Terre et de l'Eau. . . . 1786

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Striking World Map with the Latest Discoveries and a Historical Cartographic Lineage Rare Louis Brion de la Tour edition of Jaillot's 1695 map of the world which has been significantly revised and updated to depict the routes of famous explorers in...


1786 - Mappe-Monde Dressee pour l'Etude de la Geographie . . . 1778 [Bay of the West]

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Highly decorative double hemisphere map of the world, held aloft by two representations of Atlas. The Bay of the West is shown, as is a fascinating partial projection of Australia. The various lands off the coast of NW America are quite unusual.


1786 - A New Map of North America, with the West India Islands, Divided according to the Preliminary Articles of Peace, Signed at Versailles, 20 Jan. 1783, wherein are Distinguished The United States and the Several Provinces, Governments &c Which Compose the B

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Striking example of this monumental 4-sheet map of North America, issued shortly after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Originally issued separately by Bowen & Gibson in 1755, this map was periodically updated following the conclusion of...


1786 - Observations sur la Virginie [with the map:] A Map of the country between Albermarle Sound, and Lake Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pensylvania, with parts of several other of the United States of America. Engraved for

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First Published Edition of Jefferson's Notes on Virginia, with the Only Map Attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Engraved folding map, folding table. [4], viii, 190, [6], 197-387, 288-290, [5, errata] pages of French text (i.e., complete). 8vo, 8 x 4.75...


1786 - Charte Von Den In Den Iahren 1778 und 1779 befahrenen nordwestlichen amerikanischen und nordostlichen asiatischen Kusten

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Rare map of the Northwest Coast of America and Northeast Coast of Asia, illustrating the tracks of Captain James Cook's Voyage in the region in 1778 and 1779. This edition of the map is apparently very rare. This is the first example we have ever seen.


1786 - Naufrage De M.M. De Laborde Sur Les Canots De La Peyrouse Au Port Des Francois Dans La Californie . . . [Shipwreck of the Astrolabe's yawl at Port des Francais, Lituya Bay, Alaska]

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Rare copper engraving showing the shipwreck of two small boats that were part of the La Perouse Expedition, during their reconnaissance of Lituya Bay, near Juneau, Alaska. The view depicts a group of French crew members fight storm in small boats as...


1786 - Plan de la Baye et du Bourg de Jacmel . . . 1786

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Fine example of this scarce chart of the bay and town of Jacmel, on the south coast of Haiti's southwestern peninsula, with multiple depth soundings and the topography of the surrounding countryside rendered in great detail. The map appeared in the...


1786 - Etats Du Roi Des Deux Siciles avec les Metropoles Ecclesiastiques… 1786

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Decorative map of Sicily with title cartouche and ornate picture frame border surrounding the map. Shows counties, towns, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. Nice example of a deluxe edition of Brion's maps, which were also offered with plain borders.


1786 - Carta Esferica de la Costa de España desde Cabo de Sn. Vicente hasta Punta de Europa . . . Año 1786 . . .

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A highly detailed and historically important separately-issued sea chart of Southwestern coasts of Spain and the Straits of Gibraltar, issued by the Spanish Armada Real. This finely engraved and carefully constructed chart embraces the entire...


1786 - [A Coruña / Ferrol] Carte Hidro-Topographique des Entrees et Ports du Ferol et de la Corogne Publiee Par M.Degaulle . . . 1786

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Rare 18th Century harbor plan of the A Coruña Bay on the Galician Coastline of Spain. The map was prepared under the direction of the French Depot de la Marine, showing soundings, coastal features, towns, anchorages, the primary channel through A...


1786 - Zweiter Theil der Karte von Asien, welcher China, Einen Theil der Tartarei, Indien Jenseits des Ganges, die Inseln Sumatra, Iava, Borneo, Moluken, Philippinen, und Iapon enthaelt. . . MDCCLXXXVI

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Detailed map of East Asia, extending from China and Korea to Java, published in Vienna in 1786. The map is centered on the Philippine Islands and provides a nice detailed overview of the region.


1786 - A Map of Bengal, Bahar, Oude & Allahabad with Part of Agra and Delhi Exhibiting the Course of the Ganges from Hurdwar to the Sea by James Rennell, R.F.S. . . 1786

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Detailed map of the Upper Indian provinces, extending to Tibet in the North and the Bay of Bengal in the South. Th map was drawn by James Rennell F.R.S., Surveyor General of India, and engraved from the original drawing in the Possession of the East...


1786 - Presqu'Isle Des Indes Orientales, Comprenant L'Indostan ou Empire du Mogol, Differens Royaumes out Etats, Les Vastes Possessions des Anglaises, et les autre Etablissemens Europeens, avec les Grandes Routes . . .

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An Early Colonial Map of India Detailed map of India with inset map of the mouth of the river Ganges, detailing the States of India, Colonial holdings of the British and other European powers and the major roads through India. The map identifies...