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1788 - [Untitled Map of the Spice Islands--Celebes, Gilolo, etc.] [Published in Manila!]

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Extremely rare map of part of the Spice Islands (Sulawesi and Halmahera), published by Cipriano Bagay in Manila, one of the few maps published in the Philippines in the 18th Century. The map extends from an area called "Allias Buen-Fin" in the north...


1788 - Nouvelle Carte Des Pays Situes au Pole du Nord, Jusqu'Au 50e. Degre; dressees d'apres les relations les plus recentes et les plus authentiques par. J.R. Forster, en 1783

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Fine map of the polar regions, which illustrated the French edition Johann Reinhold Forster's Geschichte der Entdeckungen und Schiffahrten im Norden, first published in 1784. The map translates as follows: New map of the countries situated fifty...