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1790 - Planisphere Representant Toute L'Etendue Du Monde Dans L'Ordre Qu'on A Suivi Dans Ce Livre

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Fine example of this decorative map of the World on a Cassini projection, published by Jan Elwe. This is the second edition of the map, which was first published by Louis Renard circa 1715. The second edition can be identified by the removal of the...


1790 - L'Amerique divisee en ses principaux Etats . . . 1790. Augmentee du voyage de Cook en 1782 [Sea of the West]

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Rare 1790 Janvier/Lattre map of America, which contains not only the mythical Sea of the West, but also an equally mythical reference to a 1782 Voyage of Cook. The present map is one of the most fascinating (and lazy) examples of the use of a recycled...


1790 - [Sea Atlas -- Coasts of Asia] Supplement au Neptune Oriental.

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From the Library of the Baron Reille. Including Charts of Jeddah, Saigon, and Manilla. A rare collection of charts from the Neptune Oriental, including maps of the Middle East and South East Asia. The volume comprises the following charts: Carte...


1790 - [Cyrillic -- Eastern & Western Hemispheres]

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Rare set of Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere maps, with place names in Cyrillic, likely published at the end of the 18th Century. The maps show Hawaii, but Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) is still attached to the mainland of Australia, which...


1790 - Mappe-Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre Avec les Nouvelles Decouvertes

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Interesting map of the world, published shortly after the third Voyage of Captain James Cook. Cook's route around the world on his third and final voyage is shown, including a note showing where Cook was killed by native Hawaiians in 1779.


1790 - Carte Pour Le Voyage dans les Parties interieures de L'Amerique

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Fine map of the British Colonies, illustrating General Burgoyne's march from Saratoga, New York, to Charlottesville, Virginia, which appeared in the French edition of Thomas Anburey's Voyages dans les parties interieurs de l'Amerique by Thomas Anburey,...


1790 - A Particular Map of the American Lakes, Rivers &c

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An Rare English Map of the United States and Louisiana Territory Rare English edition of Jean Baptiste Bourguignon D'Anville's important map of the British Colonies in North America, published shortly after the conclusion of the American Revolution...


1790 - Amerique Septentrionale

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Very rare map of North America, published shortly after Cook's discovery of the Sandwich Islands (shown). Includes a marvelous treatment of the Upper Northwest, Canada and Alaska, noting the Dogged Ribbed Indians in Canada and the 2 Volcanos in Alaska.


1790 - Plan Del curso de los Rios Huallaga y Ucayali, y d la pampa del Sacramento. Levantado Por el P. Fr. Manuel Sobreviela, Guardian del Colegio et Ocopa, Dada a luz Por le Sociedad de Amantes del Pais de Lima Ano 1791.

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Extremely rare first edition of this important early map of part of northeastern Peru with the MaraƱon River at the top, the Ucayali River at right, the Huallaga River in the center and Lima at lower left, prepared from the original manuscript maps of...


1790 - L'Amerique Selon L'Etendue de ses Principales Parties et dont les Points Principaux sont placez sur les dernieres Observations des Geographes . . .

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Very rare map of South America, published in Augsburg. Includes an elaborate cartouche, including a large allegator.


1790 - L'Ecosse, Dresse conformement aux observations Astronomiques et aux Itineraries . . . 1790

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Interesting map of Scotland, with decorative cartouche and side paneled text.


1790 - A Correct Chart of the Cattegat and Sound From The Scaw to the Island of Rugen, including particular plans of the Sound, Gothenberg, Marstrand and Malo; taken from the Danish and Swedish Surveys by John Hamilton Moore, Hydrographer to His Royal Highness,

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Signed By the Captain of the USS Congress Rare English Sea chart, published in London by John Hamilton Moore. The chart shows the region between Sweden and Denmark, extending to Rugen and the German coastline. John Hamilton Moore (1738-1807) was a...


1790 - St. Petersbourg

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Scarce separately published example of Tardieu's scarce plan of the City of St. Petersburg. Tardieu's plan is based upon a larger plan, first prepared in 1753 for the Russian Academy of Sciences & Arts. The key at the right lists 79 places of...


1790 - Carte De la Turque D'Europe

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Detailed map of the Balkans regions and Greece, toward the end of the Ottoman Empire.


1790 - Pianta Della Citta' Di Napoli come esiste nel presente Anno MDCCXC

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Nice example of Rizzi Zannoni's fine early Plan of Naples and vicinity, engraved by Giuseppe Guerra and published in Naples in 1790. The map is a marvelous blend of engraving artistry and topographical detail, capturing the rugged topography...


1790 - Mapa Del Imperio de la China, de la Tartaria China y del reyno de Corea; con las Islas del Japon

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18th Century Spanish Map of China, &c. Rare Spanish map of China, Tartary and Korea, published by the Duke of Almodovar in Madrid. The map appeared in Volume 5 of Historia politica de los establecimientos ultramarinos de la nacionales Europeas,...