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1790 - Carte De La Coree et Du Japon

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Excellent map of Japan and Korea, showing the towns, rivers, mountains, islands and other major features of each. Based upon the D'Anville model, according to Lutz Walter, who was unable to identify the source of the work from which this map came.


1790 - Plan de Manila, su Bahia y Puerto de Cavite; segun su Estado en el Año de 1787

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The Duque de Almodovar's Map of Manila Bay Rare large map of the Bay of Manila, by the Duque de Almodovar, published in Manila. The map is based upon the cartography of Father Pedro Murillo Velarde's Carta Hydrographica y Chorographica de las Islas...


1790 - A Plan of Table Bay, with the Road of the Cape of Good Hope, from the Dutch Survey. Published by Joannes van Keulen

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Rare First State of Sayer's Map of Table Bay Scarce chart of Table Bay and the Cape of Good Hope, published by Robert Sayer. The route of the Salt River is shown entering the bay just to the east of Capetown, which is shown in detail with the fort,...


1790 - Petrus Plancius

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Decorative portrait of Petrus Plancius, one of the most important map makers and astronomers of the later part of the 16th Century. Plancius fled from Brussels to Amsterdam during the inquisition. Among other notable achievements, he was a founding...


1790 - Sphaera Armillaris

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Detailed image of a Ptolemaic armillary sphere, likley published in London at the end of the 18th Century. The central terrestrial globe (labeled Terra) is surrounded by Arctic and Antarctic circles, Cancer and Capricorn tropical circles, and the...