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1796 - Carey's General Atlas

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First Edition of the Second World Atlas Published in America. A landmark atlas from the American school of mapmaking. Carey's General Atlas is the second edition of Carey's 1795 General Atlas For Carey's Edition Of Guthrie's Geography, which was the...


1796 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the Independent States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pensylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut & Rhode Island. &c. Comprehending also the Habitation & Hunting Countries of the Confederate Indians; by Lewis Evans.

  • $14.99

Rare Map of the Mid-Atlantic Issued Shortly After The 1783 Treaty of Peace. A nice example of the Bowles & Carver post-Revolutionary War edition of Lewis Evans' seminal map of the British Colonies in North America, including early references to...


1796 - A New Map of North America, with the West India Islands, Divided according to the Preliminary Articles of Peace, Signed at Versailles, 20 Jan. 1783, wherein are Distinguished The United States and the Several Provinces, Governments &c Which Compose the B

  • $14.99

Striking example of this monumental 4-sheet map of North America, issued shortly after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Originally issued separately by Bowen & Gibson in 1755, this map was periodically updated following the conclusion of...


1796 - A Map of a Farm situate in Bloomingdale belonging to Herman Le Roy of New York surveyed Feb. 6. 1796 by Cassimir T. Goerck City Surveyor

  • $14.99

Rare, separately-issued, circa 1885 photolithographed copy of an 18th-century survey of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The present map incorporates the work of two of Manhattan's greatest surveyors: Casimir Goerck and Joseph Bridges. The map shows...


1796 - Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia, Ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America, and by them Established as the Seat of their Government, after the Year MDCCC.

  • $9.99

Scarce engraved folding map of Washington, D.C., representing one of the earliest derivations of Samuel Hill's version of the Ellicott plan. In January 1791, President Washington announced that the capital district would be a diamond-shaped tract, 10...


1796 - The State of New Jersey, Compiled from the most Accurate Surveys.

  • $9.99

Nice example of John Reid's map of New Jersey, the second folio map of the state to appear in a commercial atlas. The map is drawn largely from Carey's map by Samuel Lewis, issued the prior year. An excellent topographical map, showing the counties,...


1796 - A General Chart of The West India Islands with The Adjacent Coasts of the Spanish Continent . . . 1796

  • $14.99

Rare Separately Issued Faden Map of the Caribbean &c. Detailed large format chart of the West Indies, Florida, Honduras, Nicaragua, Coast Rica, Panama and the Bahamas drawn by Louis Stanislas Delarochette, and published by William Faden in 1796....


1796 - West Indies from the best Authorities.

  • $14.99

Interesting map of the West Indies and Gulf Coast region, showing Florida, the Yucatan, coast of Central America and South America. Fort Louis and Lake St. Joseph are shown along with St. Louis Bay and Bernard's Bay, near modern Galveston. Nice detail...


1796 - Plan of Fort Baton Rouge

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One of the Earliest European Settlements on the Mississippi River Rare engraved plan of early Baton Rouge, Louisiana (then Spanish West Florida), by famed French cartographer and spy Victor George Henri Collot. This is probably the earliest printed...


1796 - Town and Fort of Natchez

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The First European Settlement on the Mississippi River Rare engraved town plan of Natchez (then a part of French Louisiana), by famed French cartographer and spy Victor George Henri Collot. who visited Natchez in October 1796, during his...


1796 - (Vicksburg, Mississippi) Plan of Nogales

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Rare engraved town plan of the site that would become Vicksburg, Mississippi, by famed French cartographer and spy Victor George Henri Collot. In 1790, the Spanish founded a military outpost on the site of present-day Vicksburg, which they called Fort...


1796 - Plan of Franklinville, in Mason County, Kentucky (and) Plan of Lystra, in Nelson-County; Kentucky.

  • $9.99

Interesting pair of maps showing towns that were never built in the present-day state of Kentucky. Franklinville located in Mason County, was formed on paper in 1794 by a group of London speculators. The town was to be built beside the North Fork of...


1796 - Virginia

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Fine early map of Virginia, published by Jedidiah Morse for his New American Universal Geography, first published in 1796. The map focuses on the topographical features of Virginia, along with naming its major towns. One of the earliest maps of...


1796 - The State of South Carolina: from the best Authorities. 1796.

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Excellent example of John Reid's map of South Carolina, the second folio map of the state to appear in a commercial atlas. The map was engraved by Benjamin Tanner and is drawn largely from Carey's map by Samuel Lewis, issued the prior year. An...


1796 - La Parte Orientale della Russia Asiatica Delineata…1796 [Includes Alaska]

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Decorative map of Siberia and Alaska from this scarce and highly decorative 18th Century atlas.


1796 - Carta Del Mar Pacifico Del Nord che comprende la Costa Nord-Est D'Asia e la Costanord Ouest D'America riconosciente nel 1778 e 79 dal Cap. Cook e partcolarmente ancora nell 1788 e 89 dal Capitano Gio Meares . . . 1796

  • $14.99

Scarce Italian published map of Alaska and the Northwest Coast of America and Northeast Coast of Asia, engraved to illustrate the Italian edition of the account John Meares Voyages to the Region. The map tracks both the journeys of Captain James...