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1797 - [Abraham Bradley Letter to Ezekiel Williams Jr. -- Dated April 22, 1797]

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Distributing The First Postal Map of the United States To Local Agents Fascinating one page letter from Abraham Bradley, Jr. to Connecticut Postmaster Ezekiel Williams Jr., sent from Philadelphia to Hartford, Connecticut on April 22, 1797, discussing...


1797 - Map of the Southern Parts of the United States of America By Abraham Bradley Junr.

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Early Map of the America's Southern States and Territories Early American printed map of the Southern portion of the United States, extending from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and showing part of Kentucky. Georgia is now truncated near its current...


1797 - Plan du Port des Francais sur la Cote du Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique, par 58°37' de Latitude Nord et 139°50' de Longitude Occidentale, Decouverte le 2 Juillet 1786, par les Fregates Francaise la Boussole et l'Astrolabe.

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Detailed plan of Port des Francais, from the Atlas Du Voyage De La Pérouse. From the voyages of La Pérouse who set sail from France in 1785 to continue the discoveries of Captain Cook. He was shipwrecked in 1788 and died during the voyage, but his...


1797 - Carte Des Parties Des Iles Sandwich . . . 1786 [with] Carte Des Iles Sandwich . . .

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The Second Mapping of Hawaii / With Comparision To Cook's First Chart Two fascinating charts of the Hawaiian Islands, illustrating the charting of the islands by La Perouse and the compilation of the data from La Perouse and Cook's explorations in the...


1797 - [Vancouver Island] Carte Particuliere de la Cote du Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique reconnue par les Fregates Francaises la Boussole et l' Astrolabe en 1786 2e. Feuille.

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Vancouver Island Before Vancouver! Early sea chart of a portion of the west coast of Vancouver Island, centered on Nootka from the epic voyage of the Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de La Pérouse. This fine map embraces the western coast of...


1797 - British Colonies in North America

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Includes a Reference to New Denmark. This map purports to show the extent of British colonial power in North America, which at present was limited to eastern Canada. The map extends from "New Greenland" to the upper Mississippi. Curious details and...


1797 - Bowles's Reduced New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, exhibiting New Buildings to 1797

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Highly detailed folding map of London in original slip case. The map is exceptionally detailed, including all of the buildings constructed up to 1797. Bowles regularly updated this map, making it one of the most up to date maps of London published...


1797 - Karta öfver Nordsjön, Grundad på säkra Astronomiske observationer, Trigon. och Hydrogr. mätningar, Chartor och Beskrifningar. Til befrämjandet af Sjöfarandes säkerhet författad och utgifven af Gustaf Klint Stockholm 1797

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Rare Swedish chart of the region between the British Isles, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, published in Stockholm. Covers England's south coast in the south and east coast of Scotland in the west, Trondheim in the north and Wismar - Stromstad in the...


1797 - Magna Britannia Et Hibernia Secundum Kitchen et Dorrest . . . 1797

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Scarce map of the British Isles, from a late 18th century large format German Atlas. Only the second time we have ever offered this map in over 20 years.


1797 - The Invasions of England and Ireland with all their Civil Wars Since the Conquest . . . 1797

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Detailed map depicting the invasions of England and Ireland. Shows the positions of the British, French and Spanish Fleets, with details and two extensive keys, giving the military history of England and of Ireland.


1797 - La Polonia Divisa Nell Sue Antiche Province E delineata quelle ultime osservazioni. Foglio Terzo . . .1797

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Rare and highly decorative regional map of Poland, showing the area which includes Warsawia, Posnan, Sieradz, Brzesc, Lublin, Chelm, Cracovia, etc. Ornate cartouche. Flawless example.


1797 - Mapa Geografico del Reyno y Obispado de Cordoba: Comprehende Los Partidos Jurisdicionales de Cordoba, el Carpio, los Pedroches y Santa Eufemia. . . . 1797

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Scarce large format map of the Province of Cordoba by Tomas Lopez, published in Madrid. Lopez's maps are among the most detailed and sought after of all regional maps of Spain in the 2nd half of the 18th Century. This is a nice example of his work,...


1797 - La Parte Settentrionale Del Regno Di Portogallo Diviso Nelle Sue Provincie. . .1794

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Rare and highly decorative regional map of the north part of Portugal, colored by regions. Includes an ornate cartouche.


1797 - Plan de la Baie D'Estaing Situee a la Cote de Tchoka. . . (American Samoa)

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Detailed plan of the Uglegorsk Region, from first official account of the Voyage of La Perouse.


1797 - Isole Del Giappone e la Corea . . . 1797

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Fascinating early map of Korea and Japan, from Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale. published by Cassini, in Rome. It has a very unusual, almost triangular, representation of 'Jeso-Gasima', the semi-mythical island to the north of Japan. The title is...


1797 - Carte Des Decouvertes au Nord du Japon Faites en 1643 par les Vaisseaux Hollandais le Kastrkum et le Breskens, Comprenant la Terre de Jeso, I'Ile des Etats et la Terre de Compagnie, dont partie a ete reconnue en 1787 . . .

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Important Chart of Northern Japan Illustrating Early Dutch Discoveries as Recorded by the Lost La Perouse Expedition Oriented with west at the top, this chart shows the discoveries made by the Dutch ships Kastrikum ( Castricum) and Breskens in 1643...