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1798 - Carte Generale Et Politique De L'Amerique . . . An VI

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Detailed map of America, with the United States outlined in red, published in the Sixth Year of the First French Republic. The limited knowledge of the interior of North America and the Northwest Coast of America and Alaska are still quite evident....


1798 - Fighting for the Dunghill: __or__ Jack Tar settl'ing Buonaparte

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"[T]he earliest of Gillray’s portrayals of Bonaparte as the symbolic personification of France." - RMG Catalog One of the great cartographic caricatures of the Georgian Era. This lampoon of Napoleon after Nelson's victory was drawn by James Gillray...


1798 - (Vancouver Atlas and Text) A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World; in Which the Coast of North-West America Has Been Carefully Examined and Accurately Surveyed.

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First Edition of Vancouver's Voyage of Discovery with Atlas, Containing Influential Charts of Hawai’i and the Pacific Northwest Fine, complete four-volume set of Vancouver’s A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World...


1798 - Part of the United States of North America

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Interesting map of the United States with large inset of South Carolina and Georgia. The map extends east to include the confluence of the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers and names Kentucky, but not Ohio or Tennessee. Includes nice detail in the...


1798 - Gli Stati Uniti dell' America Il Canada, e la Florida. Carta Generale delineata sulle ultime Observanzni.

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Scarce map of the United States, published in Rome by Giovanni Maria Cassini. Virginia and the Carolinas extend to the Mississippi River. Florida is shown as an archipelago.


1798 - Carte De La Partie Septentrionale Des Etats Unis, comprenant Le Canada, La Nouvelle Ecosse, New Hampshire, Massachuset's Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, avec partie de Pensilvanie et New-Jersey

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Finely detailed map of the Northeast extending from Philadelphia up the coast to Ile d'Anticosti and the mouth of the St. Laurence, published in Paris, shortly after the French Revolution. Extends inland to show part of Lake Ontario with fine detail...


1798 - Le Isole Antille Delineate sulle ultime Osservazioni . . . 1798

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Antique Map of the Caribbean and South Florida A striking color example of Cassini's scarce map of the Caribbean and south tip of Florida. The map is outlined in attractive reds, greens and yellows, while the cartouche is fully colored and appears to...


1798 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the West Indies, Laid Down from the Observations of Celebrated Geographers . . .

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Large detailed map of Florida and the Caribbean, published by Bowles & Carver. The map extends from Florida, the Yucatan and Central America to the Windward and Leeward Islands. Centered on Cuba and the Bahamas. The map references the "Supposed...


1798 - [California & The Southwest] La Parte Occidentale Dell'Antico, E Nuovo Messico Con Florida E La Bassa Luigiana…. 1798

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Striking full color example of Cassini's map of California, Arizona, New Mexico, part of Texas, Baja California and Mexico. This is perhaps the only 18th Century map of the region to feature a decorative cartouche and vignette. The Rio Grande extends...


1798 - [San Francisco Bay] Plan of Port St. Francisco, in California, Point de Reyes in 37°59' of Latitude North & 124°54' Longitude West

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of San Francisco Bay Highly desirable map of San Francisco from the La Perouse's Voyages, the first obtainable map of San Francisco Bay. During his round the world voyage, La Perouse coasted southward along the California...


1798 - Plano del Puerto de Veracruz en la Costa Ocidental del Seno Mexicano. Por Dn. Bernardo De Orta, Capitan de Navio Graduado de la Rl. Armada y de dicho Puerto. Año de 1798.

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Rare separately issued chart of the harbor at Vera Cruz, as surveyed by Bernardo Orta in 1798. The chart was of such importance that it was later re-issued on a smaller scale by Alexander von Humboldt. Orta's chart shows the coast of Mexico and the...


1798 - Martinico, Done from Actual Surveys and Observations made by English Engineers whilst the Island was in their Possession . . 1798.

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Detailed map of the lsland of Martinique, with inset maps of Port Royal Harbor and Gallion Harbor, which was first published by Thomas Jefferys in 1775. In 1720, a French naval officer, Gabriel de Clieu, procured a coffee plant seedling from the Royal...


1798 - Carte General & Particuliere de la Colonie d'Essequebe & Demerarie Située dans la Guiane en Amerique Redigée & Dediée au Comité des Colonies & Possessions de la Republique Batave en Amerique & a la Cote de Guinée Par le Major F. Von Bouchenroeder 1798.

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Highly detailed and informative map of the Dutch colonies of Essequibo and Demerara by Friedrich von Bouchenroeder, an officer in the Dutch Army and would-be settler. Essequibo and Demerara were settled by the Dutch in about 1616 and remained in Dutch...


1798 - (Oxford) Merton College from the Fields. The Oxford Almanack For the Year of our Lord God MDCCXCVIII

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Scarce broadside Oxford Almanac for the year 1798. Appears quite rare with only 2 other examples, one at the British Library (on OCLC) and a second at the British Museum. Issued in 1798 by Dayes. The example at the British Museum is blank in the...


1798 - (Eastern Estonia) No. VI: Der Dorptsche Kreis; Le Cercle de Dorpt

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Rare engraved map of eastern Estonia between Lakes Võrtsjärv and Peipus, with the town of Doerpt (now Tartu) at the center. The map features an attractively-engraved coat of arms of the city of Doerpt at the upper-left. This map was included in...


1798 - (Central Estonia) No. VII: Der Fellinsche Kreis; Le Cercle de Felllin

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Rare engraved map of central Estonia north of Lake Võrtsjärv covering parts of present-day Järva, Viljandi, Tartu, and Jõgeva Counties. The map features an attractively-engraved coat of arms of Viljandi Kreis, a province in Livoniain the 18th and...