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1799 - Asia and its Islands, According to D'Anville; Divided into Empires, Kingdoms, States, Regions &c. . . . In The East Indies and An Exact Delineation of all the Discoveries made in the Eastern Parts By The English under Captns. Cook, Vancouver & Peyrouse .

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An 18th Century English Wall Map of Asia, Australia & The Indian Ocean Nice example of the 6 sheet Laurie and Whittle wall map of Asia, Australia and the Indian Ocean, first published in Asia in 1794. The map in its complete state covers an area...


1799 - Carta Delle Provincie Settentrionli. degli Stati-Uniti

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Interesting map of the Northern Part of the United States, from a scarce Italian Edition of La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels in the United States, one of the most popular travel guides of the period. The map extends west to the Ohio River,...


1799 - Map of the Northern Provinces of the United States

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Detailed map of the Northeastern United States, extending south to Maryland and the Upper Chesapeake. The map includes excellent treatment of the early US roads throughout the region. The map appeared in La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels Through...


1799 - Carte Reduite des Cotes Orientales De L'Amerique Septentrionale Contentant Partie du Nouveau Jersey, la Pen-sylvanie, le Mary-land, la Virginie, la Caroline Septentrionale, la Caroline Meridionale et la Georgie . . . 1799

  • $9.99

Rare Italian edition of Sartine's map of the Atlantic Coast, from the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays to the mouth of the St. John River. This edition has been completely re-engraved, with some modest changes, although the precision of the copy is quite...


1799 - State of New Jersey

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of the state of New Jersey. Shows counties, towns, roads, rivers, lakes, islands, churches, court houses, and other early details. Includes topographical details. The map is reduced from the Reid map, which in...


1799 - Philadelphia in Amerika. / Bonaparte an der spitze seiner Pariser National Garde am 8 Novemb. 1799

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Capital of the United States Rare early view of Philadelphia, then capital of the United States, from a rare German publication The view was published in "Allgemeine Welt-Chronik oder neue und wichtige Zeit-Geschichte aller Länder und Völker." The...


1799 - Carta esférica que comprehende las costas del Seno Mexicano construida de orden del Rey en el Depósito Hidrográfico de Marina: Por disposición del Exmo. Señor Don Juan de Lángara, Secretario de Estado y del Despacho Universal de ella. Año de 1799.

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The foundational Spanish sea chart of the Gulf Coast, Florida, Texas, etc. -- One of the six most important maps of Texas (Streeter). This is the first large-scale printed chart of the Texas coast based upon actual soundings and explorations. The map...


1799 - a Map of the Tennassee Government from the latest Surveys 1799

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of Tennessee. Shows early counties, Rivers, Mountains, Indian Villages, military reservations and many topographical details. Nashville appears, as does Clerksville, although the primary detail in the map is along...


1799 - The State of South Carolina from the best Authorities. 1799

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of the State of South Carolina. The map shows counties, towns, roads, rivers, lakes, islands, swamps, courthouses, along with topographical details. The map is based upon earlier maps that appeared in atlases...


1799 - A Chart Shewing the Tract of Capt. Cook's Last Voyage. 1799

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Early American printed map showing the Tract of Cook's final voyage. Cover Alaska, the Northwest Coast of America, Australia, New Zealand, the Coast of Russia, China, Japan, the Philippines, etc. Centered on Hawaii (Sandwich Islands)


1799 - [Anchorage, Valdez and Prince William Sound] Cote Nord-Ouest De L'Amerique Reconnue par le Cape. Vancouver VI. Partie . . .

  • $14.99

Vancouver's Charting of the Region Anchorage, Valdez & Prince William Sound, etc. Highly detailed regional map of Alaska showing the area around Anchorage, Valdez & Prince William Sound, south to Mt. St. Elias. The chart is one of the...


1799 - [Prince Frederick Sound, Ketchickan, Queen Charlotte's Island & Stitka] Cote Nord-Ouest De L'Amerique Reconnue par Cape. Vancouver IVe. Partie . . .

  • $14.99

Highly detailed regional map of Alaska showing the region from Prince Frederick Sound in the North to Queen Charlotte's Island and the contiguous Pacific Coast of Canada in the south, and including Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, etc. The chart is one of...


1799 - West Indies

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Highly detailed map of the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, published in 1799 in Payne's Geography. Includes an interesting treatment of Florida and detail among the islands, and locating well over 100 place names. Shows East and West Florida, the...


1799 - Carta Esferica de una parte del Canal Viejo de Bahama y placeres adyacentes Desde Punta de Maternillos Hasta La Ycacos. Construida de Orden del Rey en el Deposito Hidrografico de Marina, Por disposicion Del Exmo. Señor Don Juan de Langara . . . 1799

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Early edition of this important Spanish chart of part of the Bahama Channel and the northern coastline of Cuba, published by the Spanish Admiralty. First issued in 1799, this example adds rhumb lines not on the earlier state of the chart. This is the...


1799 - A New and Correct Chart of The North Sea Drawn From The Latest Surveys, &c. By John Hamilton Moore.

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Exceedingly rare early commercial Sea Chart of the North Sea by John Hamilton Moore, published in London. Moore was one of the earliest blue back chart publishers working in London. The present chart is apparently the second edition, after an edition...


1799 - A New Map of the United Provinces, Comprehending Holland, Zealand, Utrecht, Gelders, Over Yssel, Friesland and Groningen; with the Lands of Drent, Dutch Flanders . . . 1799

  • $14.99

Nice example of John Cary's map of the Low Countries, hand colored by provinces. Shows the fine detail of late 18th Century English maps.