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1800 - Oranda shinyaku chikyu zenzu. [The map of the whole world, newly translated from Dutch sources]

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California as an Island, in the 19th century. Fascinating hand-colored woodblock world map, reflecting the antiquated state of geographic knowledge in Edo period Japan. The map, which was printed around 1800, maintains a number of cartographic...


1800 - L'Amerique divisee Dans les principaux Etats avec les Nouvelles Decouvertes du Capit. Cook Depuis le Detroit de Behrings jousqu' an Nord dans l'Ocean pacifique et du Capit. Jean Meares dans les annees 1788 et 1789 . . . 1800

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Rare separately issued map of America, published in Venice by C.F. Delamarche. Delamarche is best known as having continued the business of the De Vaugondy family. This map, with its Venice imprint, is very unusual. The map notes that it includes...


1800 - [Manuscript Student Draftsman Map]

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An impressive manuscript map made by a student draftsman, probably a young military officer, probably to demonstrate his capacities as a formally trained mapmaker. The map encompasses a diverse range of mapmaking skills, such as rendering...


1800 - West Halbkugel (and) Oestliche Halbkugel

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Antique Map of the Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere Scarce pair of hemispheric maps, issued in about 1800. Tasmania is separated from Australia and Washington D.C. is named, both of which suggest a date of about 1800.


1800 - The World, according to the Latest Discoveries. By I. Sharman

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A Rare Dublin School Atlas Map Rare double hemisphere map of the world, published by Sharman in Dublin. The map shows the results of James Cook's three voyages. Of note, "Basses Straits" is shown, discovered by George Bass in 1798-99.


1800 - New York From Long Island

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Fine early Acquatint view of New York City, engraved by William Rollinson. In this fine view, the artist, John Wood, records the city from the Battery to about Chambers Street as seen across the East River from Long Island. The horizon is punctuated...


1800 - Plan of the City of Washington

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Rare German edition of this finely engraved early plan of Washington DC, based upon Andrew Ellicott's plan of 1792. Shows Georgetown, the street layout, President's House, Capitol, large green, etc. Attractive compass rose. The map is copied from...


1800 - Carte Du Golfe Du Mexique Et Des Isles Antilles

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Scarce antique map of Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean from Mentelle & Chanlaire's Atlas Universel…, engraved by Tardieu and drawn by Valet. Includes nice detail throughout the map.


1800 - Carte Des Cotes Du Golfe Du Mexique Compris entre la Pointe Sud de la Presqu'Ile de la Floride et la Pointe Nord de la Presqu'Ile d'Yucatan . . . An IX.

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The First Modern French Sea Chart of the Gulf of Mexico Important early chart of the Gulf Coast and Florida, issued in the 9th Year of the French Revolution (An. IX.) The map was issued one year after the Spanish Carta Esferica and draws extensively...


1800 - The State of Kentucky with the adjoining Territories from the best Authorities 1800

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Early Map of Kentucky, Tennessee and Southern Ohio Important early map of Kentucky, Tennessee (then still Southwestern Territory) and the Ohio Valley, with marvelous early information. Kentucky includes about a dozen early counties, plus towns,...


1800 - Charte von West Indien nach der grossen Charte des B. Edwards, Esqr. und andern zuverlassigne Hulfsmitteln neu entworfen von F.L. Gussefeld . . . 1795

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Rare edition of Gussefeld's map of South Florida, the Caribbean and coastlines of Central America. The map would be updated and re-issued for at least the next 20 years, with corrections. A comparison of this edition to the 1816 edition which we...


1800 - North Carolina from the best Authorities 1800

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of the state of North Carolina. Shows counties, towns, roads, rivers, lakes, islands, swamps, court houses, and other early details. This map appeared in Volume IV of John Payne's New and Complete Universal...


1800 - Carte de La Cote Nord Ouest De L'Amerique Septentrionale Depuis La Presqu' Isle Aliaska Jusqu' A L'Entree De Nootka D'Apres Les Decouvertes Des Russes En 1784 et de Portlok et Dixon en 1786 et 87.

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Eastern sheet Wilbrecht's a rare 3-sheet map of the Russian Empire, depicting Alaska, the Northwest Coast of America and the West Coast of Canada, prior to the discovery of Vancouver Island, along with Kamchatka, Northeast Russia and Iezo. The map is...


1800 - British America Comprehending Canada Labrador New Foundland Nova Scotia &c.

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Rare Dublin edition of John Stockdale's map of British America. The map is centered on the Great Lakes and Hudsons Bay. The course of the Mississippi River is quite fascinating, and titled "Miiskoue-sipi or Red R." and a bit further south,...


1800 - Charte der neuen Niedelassungen in Ober Canada nach der Smythschen Charte reduvirt van I.C.M.R. 1800

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Rare Weimar edition of David William Smyth's map of Ontario. David William Smyth was the province's surveyor general of Canada, who produced A Map of the Province of Upper Canada, describing all the new settlements, townships &c. (London: William...


1800 - Plano del puerto de escondido situado sobre el Oceano Pacifico en el Estado de Oaxaca . . .

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Finely-Executed, Early Manuscript Plan of Puerto Escondido, in the State of Oaxaca Good example of a survey of Puerto Escondido, most likely sketched in the early-nineteenth century. The plan shows the bay with detailed soundings and is one of the...