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1802 - Australien (Sudland) auch Polynesien oder Inselwelt, insgemein der funfte Welltheil . . . 1802 (Sea of Korea)

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Exquisitely-Detailed Map of Australasia and the South Pacific -- Sea of Korea Fine example of Walch's map of the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, first published in Augsburg in 1802. It celebrates the routes and encounters of the recent European...


1802 - States of America Drawn from the best Authorities . . .

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Detailed and fascinating map detailing states and Indian lands east of the Mississippi River from northern Florida to Canada. The map pre-dates Ohio and Mississippi Territory. Louisiana is shown, but the map would seem to predate Louisiana Territory.


1802 - Map of the District of Maine Massachusetts Compiled From Actual Surveys made by Order of the General Court and under the inpsection of Agents of their appointment. By Osgood Carleton

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A Landmark Map of Maine Carleton's map of Maine is one of the most important early maps of the State. Drawn at a scale of 2.5 miles to the inch, the map illustrates in fine detail the intricate coastline and complex system of rivers, streams, lakes...


1802 - New York From Hobuck Ferry House New Jersey (Rare View of New York City)

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Fine early view of New York City from the Hoboken Ferry in New Jersey, and engraved by Francis Jukes in London. Originally issued as one of a set of four, the views being New York from Hobuck Ferry, Mount Vernon, Passaic Falls, and Hudson River near...


1802 - Nouveau Mexique et Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne Par Arrowsmith

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The West at the Time of the Louisiana Purchase Detailed map of Mexico and the American West, published in Paris. The map shows the limits of the United States at the Mississippi River, with Louisiana shown to the west, albeit somewhat vaguely. The...


1802 - Spanish Dominions in North America

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A Fascinating Pre-Louisiana Purchase Map of Texas and the Southwest Scarce early map of Mexico, Upper California, Texas and Louisiana Territory. The map extends on the west coast from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas, with a detailed account of the...


1802 - Carte de la Route d'Alexdre. Mackenzie, du Fort Chipiouyan a la Mer Glaciale, en 1789.

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Exploring the River Which Would Bear His Name Nice example of the French edition of Alexander Mackenzie's route map between Lake Athabasca to the Arctic Sea in 1789. Alexander Mackenzie was the first European to cross the North American continent...


1802 - [Bahamas, Cuba, Santa Domingo] Carta Esferica que comprende los desemboques Al Norte De La Isla de S.to Domingo y La Parte Orientale Del Canal Viejo De Bahama. Construida de oreden superior en la Direccion Hidographical y publicado en Madrid ano 1802

  • $14.99

A Working Spanish Sea Chart Centered on the Turks & Caicos Islands and the Southern Bahamas Scarce Spanish Sea Chart of the southern part of the Bahamas, eastern Cuba, most of Jamaica, western Haiti and neighboring islands. The map extends from...


1802 - Carte Particuliere de L'Ile de Saint Domingue Dressees d'apres divers Plans manuscrits communiques par Mr. de Sorrel Ingenieur des Colonies; Assujuttie aux Observations Astronomiques de Chastenet Puysegur et des Officiers de la Marine d'Espagne . . .

  • $21.99

Fine sea chart of Hispaniola, published by the French Depot de la Marine. The map is based upon the work of Antoine-François Sorrel des Revières and Antoine-Hyacinthe-Anne de Chastenet de Puységur. Antoine Sorrel Des Revieres, rose to the...


1802 - Carte Choroghique des 6 départemens du piémont formant la 29ime. division militaire territoriale. Ou Se trouve repartie la 28ime. Légion de gendarmerie nationale composée de 3[?] cadrons, 6 compagnies 18. Lieutenance[?] et 126 Brigades dont 63 apied, et 6

  • $29.99

Manuscript Administrative Map At The End of the Subalpine Repubic Prepared For General de Moncey A superlative Napoleonic military map of northwestern Italy, showing the former territory of the Subalpine Republic after it was folded into the French...


1802 - The Bay of Monaco by Seignior Ayrouard.

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Very scarce miniature engraved chart of the town of Monaco. This is possibly the first English printed chart of the famous city-state of Monaco. The chart includes soundings in the bay of Monaco, the famous citadel, information about the...


1802 - The Port of Antibes

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Very scarce miniature engraved chart of the port of Antibes, in the south of France. This is possibly the first English printed chart of the famous port of Antibes, now sometimes known as Port Vauban, one of the great private yacht in the south of...


1802 - [Cannes, Pointe Croisette, Ile Sainte Marguerite, Ile Saint-Honorat]

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Rare Chart of the Islands near Cannes Very scarce miniature engraved chart of Pointe Croisette, Ile Sainte Marguerite, Ile Saint-Honorat on the French Riviera. The chart includes soundings i and sailing directions, the Ile Sainte Marguerite citadel,...


1802 - The Gulf of St. Tropez by Ayrouard

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Rare miniature chart of St. Tropez, France, published by William Heather in London. The chart is oriented with west at the top. It includes good detail of the region of St. Tropez, illustrating how much has changed over the more than 200 years since...


1802 - Plan Routier de la Ville et Faubourg de Paris Divise en 12 Municipalities 1802. An. 10

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Napoleon's Paris Fine large plan of Paris, published by Jean. The map was published 2 years after the reorganization of the city by Napoleon into the 12 municipalities. During the French Revolution, Paris briefly had a democratically elected mayor...


1802 - Provincia Kaurzimensis

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Rare Separately Published Map of Prachatice District From The First Atlas of Bohemia Rare regional map of the Prachatice District, covering the southwestern portion of the modern Czech Republic. The atlas contained 13 maps, and was based upon...