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1807 - Carte Generale de la Nouvelle Hollande et des Archipels Du Grand Ocean, qui sont au norde et a l'est de cette terre; Dressee, en 1807, Pour servir au Voyage du Contre-Amiral Bruny Dentrecasteaux, fait, Par Ordre du Gouvernement, en 1791, 1792 et 1793; P

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Rare Separately Issued Example of the Entrecasteaux-eautemps-Beaupre Chart of Australia, New Zealand, etc. Remarkable sea chart of Australia, New Zealand and contiguous regions, extending to Borneo, Mindanao and the Straits of Malacca. Unlike most...


1807 - A New Geographical and Nautical Chart of the Gulf and River St. Lawrence with considerable improvements comprehending the Provinces of Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Part of Nova Scotia the Islands of Prince Edward, Cape Breton the Magdalenes, Anticosti &c.

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The Best Printed Survey of the St. Lawrence River To Date. Only Two Other Examples Traced, With None in Canada. Rare wall-map of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the River St. Lawrence, in six sheets, drawn by famed British Colonial Surveyor, Astronomer...


1807 - Nueva Carta Del Canal De Bahama que comprehende tambien Los Providencia y Santaren con los bajos, islas y donsas al Este y al Oeste De La Peninsula De La Florida . . . 1805. Corregida en 1807

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A Landmark Spanish Chart of Florida and the Bahamas Important early 19th Century Sea chart of Florida and the Bahamas, one of the earliest Spanish Sea Charts to focus on the coast of Florida and the Bahamas. The map offered here is identified as...


1807 - Carte Generale du Golfe du Mexique et de L'Archipel des Antilles . . . 1807

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Detailed French Sea Chart of the Caribbean Fine and intricately-drawn French sea chart of the Spanish Main and the Caribbean, published in Paris in 1807. Drawn for the benefit of French vessels, as the cartouche in the upper right explains, the chart...


1807 - Tidewater Sheet (1 sheet only of 8 sheets), A Map of Virginia Formed from Actual Surveys, and the Latest as well as the most accurate observations

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The Tidewater sheet of Bishop James Madison's A Map of Virginia Formed from Actual Surveys, and the Latest as well as the most accurate observations (1807), the first accurate general map of the Old Dominion State, and one of the most important and...


1807 - Karte von Missouri -- aufgenomen und berichtigt in ihrem ganzen Umfange von Frrois Perin du Lac

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Fine example of the German edition of Perrin du Lac's seminal map of the course of the Missouri River. As noted by Wagner-Camp, Wagner states that the map . . "is the earliest published map of the trans-Missisisppi region which can be said to display...


1807 - Plano General de la Ciudad de Mexico, Levantado Por el Teniente Coronel De Drgones Don Diego Garcia Conde en el año de 1793, y Grabado en el de 1807.

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One of the Earliest Printed Maps of Mexico City—Extremely Rare First Edition! Fine nine-sheet plan of Mexico City surveyed by Diego Garcia Conde and compiled by some of Mexico's most important engravers and artists. It was published in Mexico City...


1807 - The West Indies And Coast Adjacent (Reduced from the Sheet Map) . . . 1815 (Shows British Yucatan/Belize)

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Marvelous map of the West Indies, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas and Central America, published by Wilkinson. Includes a key showing the various colonial possessions of Spain, England, the United States, France, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, along with...


1807 - [Unrecorded First State] Columbia Prima or South America, in which has been Attempted to Delineate the Extent of our Knowledge ... Extracted Chiefly from ... Manuscript Maps of ... Pinto ... Rocha ... Ferreira ... Sobreviela ... by ... Louis Stanislas D'

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Unrecorded First State of The Best English Map of South America of The Early 19th Century -- Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex Copy Exceptional map of South America, at the outset of its Century of Independence, without question the finest...


1807 - A New Map of South America From The latest Authorities . . . 1807

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John Cary's 1807 two-sheet English language map of South America. Shows towns, rivers, mountains, lakes, islands, etc. The Amazon region is still relatively unknown.


1807 - A New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster with the Borough of Southwark: Comprehending the New Buildings and other Alterations in the Year 1807 . . .

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Dissected in 24 panels and laid on linen, with original slip case. A detailed and well executed folding plan of London showing the extents from Islington to Newington and Stepney to Hyde Park. Faden's plan of London was first published in the 1780s...


1807 - Britain, or the United Kingdom of England, Scotland & Ireland . . . 1807

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Attractive map of the British Isles, showing counties, towns, rivers, lakes, islands, etcetera. Lengthy note regarding the History of the British Isles, beginning with the unification under King Egbert in 1829, through George III. Robert Wilkinson was...


1807 - Scotland

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Updated map of Scotland, published by Wilkinson. This is an extensively revised example of the map, with three paragraphs of notes at the right on the history of Scotland. The map is hand colored by counties and shows rivers, lakes, islands, etc....


1807 - Silesia

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Detailed map of Silesia, colored by principalities. Extensive historical note. Striking original wash colors. Rovert Wilkinson was active in London as a cartographic publisher from 1785 to 1825. He produced a number of nice works, including a Genreal...


1807 - Charte das Russische Reiche und ide von den Tatarn Bewohnte Lander in Europa und Asia Enthalten . . . 1807

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Rare late edition of this detailed map of the whole of Russia and parts of China and Central Asia. Interesting and highly detailed. This is the first time we have seen this state of the map.


1807 - A New Map of Spain and Portugal, Divided into Their Respective Kingdoms & Provinces . . . 1807

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Detailed map of Spain and Portugal, hand colored by provinces. Shows roads, rivers, lakes, mountains, islands, etc. One of the best large format English atlas maps of the period.