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1809 - Charte von den Vereinigten Staaten in Nordamerica nebst den angranzenden Englischen Besitzungen

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Rare map of the United States, shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, published in Vienna and Budapast. The map provides a fantastic transitional look at the United States, prior to the Adams Onis Treaty. East Florida and West Florida a still shown,...


1809 - New England by Athur Adams

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Scarce antique engraved map of New England, published by Thomas and Whipple, for Morse and Parish's History of New England. That map extends from New York City to Maine. The name "ATHUR ADAMS" in the cartouche is a spelling error that persists in all...


1809 - A New Chart of the Coast of North America From New York to Cape Hatteras Including the Bays of Delaware and Chesapeak, with The Coasts of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Part of the Coast of North Carolina. By Captain N. Holland. An Improved Edition

  • $21.99

A Rare British Sea Chart of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions (The Colonial Williamsburg / William Wooldridge Copy) Extremely rare separately issued chart of the coast from New York to North Carolina, which was issued separately and in Laurie...


1809 - [Florida] Boca y Barra Del Rio Sn. Juan..

  • $14.99

Rare early chart of the lower San Juan (St. Johns) River, Florida, published in the Portulano de la America Septentrional, under the auspices of the Direccion De Hidrografia in Madrid, in 1809. The Portulano de la America Septentrional The...


1809 - Boca y Barra Del Rio Sta. Maria [Florida]

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Rare plan of the Mouth of the St Mary's River. Includes soundings, Ft. Arriando, Sta. Maria, Tiger, Cumberland and Amelia Islands, and a number of other geographical points and topographical details. Issued in the rare Portulano de la America...


1809 - Boca y Barra Del Rio Nasau

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Rare Spanish Chart of the Mouth of the Nassau River and Part of Amelia Island and Talbot Island. Fine example of the first detailed chart of the Nassau Sound and the surrounding islands. Includes soundings, Point del Tenedero, Talbot and Amelia...


1809 - [Matagorda Bay] Bahia De S. Bernardo

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Fine example of the first separately printed sea chart of Matagorda Bay, published in the Portulano de la America Septentrional, under the auspices of the Direccion De Hidrografia in Madrid. As noted by Streeter this map of Bahia de S. Bernardo is:...


1809 - A Map of the Countries situate about the North Pole as far as the 50th Degree of North Latitude

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Early American map showing the extent of explorations in the North Pole, with emphasis on the efforts to find a Northwest passage and Hearne's and MacKenzies' routes.


1809 - Plano del Puerto de Yaguaneque.

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Highly detailed and accurate engraved map of the bay on the north side of Cuba. The map shows soundings in the bay, elevation is rendered pictorially. The map is based on the surveying work of Joaquin Francisco Fidalgo (1758-1820). He was a teacher...


1809 - Mappa Brittaniae Facie Romanae Secundum Fidem Monumentorum Perveterum Depicta

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Scarce map of the British Isles in Roman times, based upon the manuscript map of the 18th Century British forger, Charles Julius Bertram. Bertram was a 23 year old Englsh language teacher at the Royal Marine Academy in Copenhagen when he began...


1809 - Estates of the Church, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Republic of Lucca &c.

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Detailed map of the region bounded by Bologna, and Campagna Di Roma. Includes Luca, Tuscany Romagna, Ferranese, Bolognese, Urbino, Ancona, Fermo, Orvieto, Perugia, Umbria, Sabina, Patrimony of St. Peter, Campagna Di Roma, the Isle of Elba, etc. Large...


1809 - Naples and Sicily drawn from the Best Authorities

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Excellent map of Southern Italy and Sicily extending North to Abruzzo Ultra, Citra and Terra Di Lavorao and showing all of Sicily. Nice detailed inset of Malta and Goza. Includes a number of place names and is colored by kingdoms. Large key shows the...


1809 - Mapa de España y Portugal Al Ex. S. Marques de la Romana Vincente Beneyto Valencia del Cid. 1809

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A Tribute To Spain's Ongoing Resistance Against Napoleon In 1809 Rare separately published map of Spain during the Spanish War of Independence, published by Tomas Lopez. This remarkable map was published in Valencia, during the period of French...


1809 - Libyae, vel Africae, Pars Borealis

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Detailed map of the north coast of Africa and the Mediterranean, published in London by Charles Smith.


1809 - China, Contains 15 Subject Provinces, including the 2 Islands of Hainan Formosa and the Tributary Kingdoms of Corea Tonkin

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Interesting map of China, extending from Corea and the Sea of Japan and Tartary in the North, to Teypin Is. Belonging to I. Ekeyo, Formosa, Hainan, Tonkin and Yunnan Province. Hong Kong not yet named. Shows provinces, cities, towns, rivers,...


1809 - East India Isles

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Detailed map of SE Asia, centered on Borneo. Extends from the Gulf of Tonquin and the southern tip of Formosa to Papua or New Guinea, Mimor, Java and Sumatra. Excellent detail. Shows towns, rivers, mountains, islands, etc. From Smith's General Atlas....