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1812 - Amerique ou Indes Occidentales avec les Nouvelles Decouvertes du Capite. Cook, depusi le Detroit de Behrings ou du Nord, dans l'Ocean Pacifique du Nord et Sud . . .

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Rare late state of De Vaugondy's map of America, updated to include the details of all three of Cook's voyages. The Northwest Coast of America has again been heavily revised to include the discoveries up to 1800, with the earliest hint of the course...


1812 - Mappe-Mondes sur Diverses Projections

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Decorative double hemisphere map of the World, published in Paris by Conrad Malte-Brun. The map includes a double hemisphere world map, with an additional smaller world maps centered on Australia and 4 other hemispheric projections. Malte-Brun's...


1812 - Etats Unis et Grandes Antiles

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Finely engraved map, embellished with a winged America with shield and javelin. Shows Mississippi Territory including Alabama, Indiana to the Mississippi River, plus nice western Indian information. Malte Brun's Atlas Complet Du Precis De La...


1812 - Map of the Northern Part of the State of New York Compiled from actual Survey By Amos Lay 1812

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Important early map of the Northern part of New York State, published by Amos Lay. Lay's map of New York was the best general map of the region at the time of its publication. The map provides a detailed view of the Canadian border just one month...


1812 - British Possessions in North America From Mr. Arrowsmith's Map of North America &c. &c.

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The Pacific Northwest Before Lewis & Clark Fascinating map of British America, Alaska and the Northwest part of America, immediately pre-dating the first incorporations of the details from the Lewis & Clark expeditions, published in 1814....


1812 - A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada

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Interesting map of the Great Lakes and Canada, from a German edition of Isaac Weld's Travels Through the States of North America During the Years 1795-97, first published in London in 1798. The map extends from the St. Lawrence to Lake Winnipeg,...


1812 - Spanish Dominions In North America Middle Part (Mexico & Yucatan)

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Fine example of John Pinkerton's finely detailed map of Southern Mexico, the Yucatan and Guatemala, published in 1811. The map provides a fine depiction of the heart of Mexico, just months after the Grito de Dolores, on September 16, 1810, and...


1812 - Remote British Isles (Scilly Isles, Shetland Isles, Jersey and Guernsey)

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Detailed map of the remote British Isles. Excellent detail. One of the best large format English atlas maps of the period. Pinkerton's maps reflect the fine copperplate engraving work being done in Britain at the beginning of the 19th century, with...


1812 - Irlande

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Engraved antique map of Ireland, engraved by J.B. Tardieu, and published by Conrad Malte-Brun in Paris, 1812. In the map, Ireland is divided into Connaught, Ulster, Linster, and Munster. The cartouche in the bottom-right features the columnar basalt...


1812 - Russia In Europe

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Highly detailed map of European Russia. Highly detailed regional map, one of the best regional maps of the area to appear in an English Atlas during the period. Pinkerton's now rare elephant folio atlas is one of the best engraved works of the period....


1812 - (Napoleon's Invasion of Russia) План Губернскаго Города Смоленска До 1812 Года. (Plan of the Provincial City of Smolensk up to 1812.)

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Rare engraved map of Smolensk on the Russian border with Belarus, published in 1812. Above the map is a view of the city titled "Видъ города смоленска, съ въезда въ днепровския ворота." (View of the City...


1812 - Progetto d'un nuovo tronco di strada da aprirsi fra l'Abitato di Morsasco e l'Arneto raggiungendo il confine con Strevi.

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19th-century manuscript map showing a project for a new stretch of road to be built between the town of Morsasco and Arneto reaching the border with Strevi, in Piedmont. An example of civil engineering in the Kingdom of Sardinia, during the Napoleonic...


1812 - Turkey In Asia [shows Cyprus]

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Detailed map of Turkey, Asia Minor, Persia, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, etc. Very large Cyprus shown. Colored by provinces. Excellent detail. One of the best large format English atlas maps of the period. Pinkerton's maps reflect the fine copperplate...


1812 - Carta Esferica de Las Yslas Baleares y Pithyusas, arreglada a la que se construyo en 1807 en la Direccion Hydrographica de Madrid. Publicala Dn. Jose de Espinosa Gefe de Esquadra de la Rl. Armada y primer Director de dicho Establecimiento Londres Año 18

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Rare Chart of the Balearic Islands -- Published in London Fine chart of the Balearic Islands by Jose de Espinosa y Tello, published in London in 1812 and engraved by "E. Jones". The chart was produced during the time period when Spain's Direccion...


1812 - Empire Chinois et Japon

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Detailed map of China, Korea and Japan, showing provinces, towns, rivers ports, islands, etc. Includes Formosa and Hainan Islands. Decorative vignette.


1812 - Oceanique Occidentale (Southeast Asia & Philippines)

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Decorative map of the region bounded by Taiwan, Pegu and Northern Australia, centered on the Philippines and Borneo. Malte Brun's maps were very up to date and well researched, meaning that this map includes the most recent discoveries in the Pacific.