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1813 - Turtle Catching on Land / Turtle Fishing in the Water

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Fine pair of early 19th Century Aquatints, showing two different ways of hunting turtles. From Foreign Field Sports. Engraved imagse, printed on Whatman paper by ohn Heaviside Clark (1770- 1863). Aquatint by M. Dubourg.


1813 - Map of Upper Canada, describing all the New Settlements, Townships, &c. with the Counties Adjacent, from Quebec to Lake Huron. Compiled at the Request of His Excellency Major General John G. Simcoe, First Lieutenant Governor. By David William Smyth Esq

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An Early Upper Canada Rarity - Sent To Thomas Jefferson During the War of 1812 Extremely rare separately published map of Upper Canada, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and contiguous parts of New York, Michigan, Vermont and Pennsylvania, published...


1813 - [Brooklyn] A Map of ten Lots of land bounded on high water mark as the same was deemed to be on the 20th day of May 1761 on the East River now Brooklyn Ferry in Kings County._ Resurveyed according to the original Map thereof on the first day of May 1813.

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Cornerstone Brooklyn manuscript map -- the genesis of the first official map of Brooklyn. Highly important watercolor and ink manuscript map of a portion of the Village of Brooklyn, by the first official surveyor of Brooklyn. The map depicts what...


1813 - (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma) Eerst Gedeelte der Kaart van de binnelanden van Louisiana, door Z.M. Pike . . .

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Rare Dutch edition of this highly important map the region, from Pike's account of his expedition to the West . The map shows Pike's route through the region from the west of the Mississippi, from the Missouri River to the Red River, and extending...


1813 - Mississippi Territory

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Nice example of Carey's map of Mississippi Territory, illustrating the region prior to the creation of Alabama Territory. A highly detailed map, which includes towns, roads, rivers, mountains, and many other details.


1813 - The North Sea with The Kattegat from the Chart of Messrs. De Verdun, Borda and Pingre made Publice in 1777, By order of Louis XVI . . . 1796

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Striking and highly detailed sea chart of the North Sea from the Straits of Dover to the Shetlands and North Bergen in Norway, and east through the Kattegat to Copenhagen. Highly detailed sea chart, with extensive tables and annotations. Shows...


1813 - Swedish Pomerania, with the Island of Rugen Drawn from the original Map By F. W. C. Baron Schmettan, Maj. General, &c. &c.

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Nice example of Faden's double-page engraved map of Rugen and Swedish Pomerania, a Dominion under the Swedish Crown from 1630 to 1815, which was situated on what is now the Baltic coast of Germany and Poland. The map includes an inset town plan of...


1813 - A Map of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Dutchy of Lithuania Including Samogitia and Curland, Divided according to their Dismemberments -- with the Kingdome of Prussia . . . MD CC XCIX . . . 1813

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Scarce map of Poland, showing both the dismemberment and newest boundaries, following the Congress of Vienna. This map was originally published with a different title by William Faden in 1799. The map is based on the Rizzi-Zannoni 24-sheet map of 1772...


1813 - A Sketch of the Russian Campaign in 1812

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Wall Map Version of Napoleon's Grand Army Marches on Russia Rare separately published broadside and map illustrating the Russian Campaign of 1812, published by John Cary. At the top left corner, Cary reproduces a letter which he received from The...


1813 - Neue militairische Situations=und Post=Carte von Polen und Preussen von I.E. Kinittel / Nouvelle Carte militaire et routiere de la Pologne et de la Prusse par I.E. Knittel

  • $21.99

Postal & Military Map of Poland Extremely rare separately issued map of Poland and Prussia, published by Friedrich Campe in Nuremberg. The map was compiled by Johann Ernst Knittel of Nuremberg, who also created a postal map of Germany in 1810, a...


1813 - [Macao] Видъ Города Макао съ морской стороны | Ansicht Der Stadt Macao in China

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Magnificent View of Macao From the Original Russian Edition of Krusenstern's Important Atlas Fine example of this skillfully-engraved view of Macao, based upon drawings taken by Wilhelm Gottlieb Tilesius in 1805-6, which appeared in the atlas to...


1813 - (View of the City of Nagasaki) Видъ города Нангасаки. | Ansicht der Stadt Nangasaky.

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Magnificent View of Nagasaki From the Original Russian Edition of Krusenstern's Important Atlas Fine example of this skillfully-engraved view of Nagaski, based upon drawings taken by Wilhelm Gottlieb Tilesius in 1804-5, which appeared in the atlas to...


1813 - (View of the coast near Nangasaki, with the image of a Japanese Bird called Osprey.) Видъ берега около Нангасаки, съ изображениеть Японской Птицы, именуемой Скопа. | Der Bisago oder Iapanische Fischfalke.

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Magnificent View of Nagasaki Coast and an Osprey From the Original Russian Edition of Krusenstern's Important Atlas Fine example of this skillfully-engraved view of Nagaski coastline and an Osprey, based upon drawings taken by Wilhelm Gottlieb...


1813 - (An Owl and Sparrow on the Japanese Coast) Изображение Совы почтанной на Корабль близъ Японскоаго берега | Die Iapanische Eule.

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Magnificent Natural History Engraving of an Owl and Sparrow on the Japanese Coast. Fine example of this skillfully-engraved image of an owl and sparrow set against the backdrop of the Japanese coastline. The engraving is based upon drawings taken by...


1813 - (View of Papenberg Island...) Видъ острова Папенберха и Креысьаго острова. | Ansicht des Papenbergs

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Beautiful View of Papenberg Island and Nearby Coastlines, from the Original Russian Edition of Krusenstern's Important Atlas Fine example of this skillfully-engraved view of Papenberg Island on Russia's Pacific Coast, based upon drawings taken by...


1813 - East India Isles

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Gorgeous map of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, from John Pinkerton's scarce world atlas. The map extends from Burma, Java and Sumatra to Papua New Guinea, Pelew, the Philippines and Hainan. The map is an absolute masterpiece of fine copperplate...