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1816 - (Hand Drawn World Map) A Map of the World. Drawn and Painted at Lynn Academy. By Phebe Phillips 1816

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A Large Skillfully Drawn Schoolgirl Map of the World Finely executed hand drawn map of the world by Phebe Phillips of the Lynn Academy. The detail and size of this world map are quite exceptional. Lynn Academy The Lynn Academy occupied a building...


1816 - Mappe-Monde sur La Projection De Mercator . . . .

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Antique Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Highly detailed large format map of the World, centered on Australia, with the Americas in the east. Antarctica is just beginning to take shape south of Tierra del Fuego, with the naming of Terre de...


1816 - Mappe-Monde Sur la Projection de Mercator Carte Encyprotype Dediée et Présentée à Monsieur

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Impressive four-sheet wall map of the world, published by Brué in Paris in 1816. The map depicts the Pacific at its center. This approach became popular in the late 18th and early 19th century as the great Pacific explorations filtered into the...


1816 - Northern Hemisphere Projected On The Plan of The Horizon of London By Geo. Buchanan

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Interesting and highly detailed map of the Northern Hemisphere, published by John Thomson. Includes an unusual orientation such that all of Asia, Europe, Africa and North America are shown. Includes the tracks from Cook's voyages, along with dates...


1816 - Northern Section of the United States including Canada &c. by John Melish 1816

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Rare map of the Northeastern United States, which first appeared in John Melish's Traveller's Directory… published in Philadelphia. This Northern Sheet, previously titled Map of the Seat of War…extends from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia, New...


1816 - Mississippi Territory

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of Mississippi Territory A rare early map of Mississippi Territory, published by Fielding Lucas Jr. in Baltimore, from his New & Elegant General Atlas of the United States . . . The map pre-dates the creation...


1816 - Louisiana

  • $14.99

One of the earliest obtainable maps of the State of Louisiana A rare early map of Louisiana, published by Fielding Lucas Jr. in Baltimore, from his New & Elegant General Atlas of the United States . . . Includes a number of early roads, towns,...


1816 - [Edwinburgh, Ohio] (Millsboro Township, Richland County)

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An Early Ohio Town Plan Produced For An Early (Failed) Ohio Bank Proprietor Hand drawn town plat and testimonial for the town of Edwinburgh, in Richland County, Ohio, which would later become Millsboro, on the Clear Fork branch of the Mohickan River....


1816 - Chart of the Northern Passage Between Asia & America

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Scarce map of the NW Passage, the NW Coast of America and NE Coast of Asia. The map extensively tracks the voyages of Captain James Cook beyond the Bering Straits on a nearly daily basis in 1778 and 1779. In the Arctic Sea, a note regarding McKenzie's...


1816 - North America

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The British View of the Louisiana Purchase. Detailed map of North America, illustrating an Anglo-centric view of the land acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. The map illustrates two features which give away its political view....


1816 - Spanish North America -- Southern Part

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Attractive map of the region from the Bay of Honduras to Panama and the Gulf of Darian, extending to Jamaica.


1816 - Carta Esferica De La Ia. Margarita y sus Canales con el Golfo de Cariaco en la Costafirm. Levantada en . . . 1795.

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Fine map of Margarita Island and the Gulf of Cariaco, as surveyed by the Spanish at the end of the 17th Century. The present chart represents the southeastern most expeditionary work of Brigadier Joaquin Franciso Fidalgo, at the end of the 18th...


1816 - Carte Encyprotype, de l' Amérique Meridionale . . . 1816 [Wall Map]

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Beautiful engraved and highly detailed four-sheet wall map of South America at the beginning of its Century of Revolution. The map reflects the extent of European knowledge and explorations into the interior of the continent, which was advanced, but...


1816 - Carta Esferica en quatro hojas De Las Costas De Tierra Firme . . . Levantada de Orden del Rey Desdee 1793, hasta 1802. por al 2.a Division Bergantines Empresa y Alerta al Mando del Brigadier de la Rl. Armada Dn. Joaquin Francisco Fidalgo . . . 1816.

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Rare Spanish Sea Chart of the Coast of Venezuela and Trinidad Rare first state of the edition of this rare Spanish sea chart of the coastline of Venezuela and neighboring islands, including Trinidad and Margarita. The present chart represents the...


1816 - Carte Encyprotype de L'Europe Dédiée et Présentée a Monsieur

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A French View of Europe Immediately After the Napoleonic Wars. Beautiful and exactingly-engraved four-sheet map of Europe, published in Paris in 1816 by France's foremost mapmaker of the time, Hubert Brué. The map is noteworthy for its precision of...


1816 - Carte Encyprotype de L'Europe reduite de celle sur 4 feuilles du meme Auteur . . . 1816

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Rare single sheet version of A.H. Brue's Carte Encyprotype of Europe. This is in essence the key sheet for Brue's impressive and intricately-engraved tour-de-force 4 sheet maps of the world and continents, which was included in the earliest editions...