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1818 - Third and Improved Edition of The Present State of Europe, With Maps of the Territories, as Settled by the Congress of Vienna. . . From the Year 1783, to the Present Time.

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Rare 2 sheet broadside showing the political history of Europe between 1783 and 1818. G. Wilkins, later G. Wilkins & Son, operated as a bookseller in Derby in the early part of the 19th Century. We note imprints for G. Wilkins (Queen Street)...


1818 - Portulano de los Estados Unidos

  • $24.99

José Joaquín de Ferrer y Cafranga's sea atlas, the 'Portulano de los Estados Unidos', published in Madrid in 1818. Nice example of the 1818 edition of José Joaquín de Ferrer y Cafranga's Portulano de los Estados Unidos. Ferrer's sea atlas...


1818 - Charte von den Vereinigten Staaten von Nord=America mit Luisiana Prag 1818 [Rare Florida inset]

  • $14.99

Neu Orleans Territory Rare and unusual map of the United States, published in Prague. The map provides a fascinating depiction of Louisiana Territory, with "Neu Orleans" Territory shown as a regional name for the modern State of Louisiana. The map...


1818 - Vereinigte Staaten in Nord America….

  • $14.99

Scarce & interesting map of the United States, published in the decade following the Louisiana purchase. Among the more notable features of the map are the many interesting mountain ranges in the Plains regions, the early appearance of Michigan...


1818 - The State of New York with part of the adjacent States By John H. Eddy, Geographer, New York 1818.

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"Remarkable for its Clarity of Execution and Detail" (Rumsey) Fine example of John Eddy's large map of New York State, engraved by Peter Maverick. Nice example of one of the most important maps of the state of New York issued in the first part of...


1818 - North Carolina

  • $14.99

Rare Final State From 1818 Striking example of the edition of Mathew Carey's map of North Carolina, one of the earliest large format maps of the State after independence. Includes the topography of North Carolina, as well as roads, towns, rivers,...


1818 - Charte von Nord-America Prag 1818 [Rare Alaska Inset Map]

  • $14.99

Rare Czech map of North America, published in Neueste Lander und Boltersunde, in Prague. The map provides a fascinating depiction of the Transmississippi West, with unusual mountain ranges and a wishful but elusive search for a simple watercourse from...


1818 - Charte von Sud-America . . . 1806

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Scarce map of South America at the outset of its Century of Revolution. Highly detailed map wih extensive annotations throughout and a fine depiction of the Rivers and Mountains in the interior regions.


1818 - Carte Encyprotype, de l'Amerique Meridionale Reduite de la Carte sur 4 feuilles du meme Auteur . . . Revue & Augmentee par l'Auteur en Avril 1818

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of South America at the beginning of its Century of Revolution. The map reflects the extent of European knowledge and explorations into the interior of the continent, which was advanced, but still far from complete.


1818 - Plan of an Estate called Mill Hill and New Lockers with Oak Farm in the Parish of Great Bursted and County of Essex belonging to John Ward Esqr.

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A Hand Drawn Survey Map on Vellum -- Great Bursted Township, Essex County Detailed cadastral survey map of New Lockers, Mill Hill and Oak Farm, "Surveyed by J and W. Newton, Chancery Lane, 1818." Very attractive example of the mapmaker’s art from...


1818 - [China - Jesuit Embassy] Map of that part of China through which the embassy passed on its Route from Pekin to Canton . . . (and) Map of the Route of the Embassy on the Yang-Tse-Kiang

  • $14.99

Scarce pair of maps illustrating the travels of the British Embassy to China, let by Lord Amherst, in 1816 and 1817. The maps are likely from Narrative of a journey in the interior of China : and of a voyage to and from that country, in the years 1816...


1818 - (Straits of Sunda and Western Java -- Batavia Roads) To Captain Krusenstern, of the Imperial Russian Navy As A Tribute For His Laudable Exertions to benefit Navigation and Maritime Science, This Chart of the Strait of Sunda Is Inscribed by His Faithful

  • $21.99

Detailed sea chart showing the Straits of Sunda, with a large inset Plan of Batavia Road and the Adjacent Channels and two smaller inset maps. This chart was published in numerous editions. The present map appears to be the earliest; we are aware of...