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1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique Du Bresil

  • $14.99

Nice example of Buchon's map of Brazil, published in Paris in 1825. The map is divided by regions. The map is exceptionally detailed, with forts, towns, villages, mountains, rivers, etc. Overall plate size is 24 x 17 inches, surrounded by text...


1825 - Europe No. 17 Partie De La Russie [Orenbourg & Petitehorde]

  • $9.99

Regional map of part of Russia. Shows towns, roads, rivers, mountains, and a host of other details. From Vandermaelen's remarkable 6 volume atlas, which if combined as globe gores forms an immense globe.


1825 - East India Islands

  • $14.99

Scarce and highly detailed map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, published by Lizars. The map extends from Hainan and the Gulf of Tonkin to Pegu and the Bay of Bengal, in the North and showing all of the Philippines, Papual New Guinea, Timor,...


1825 - Topographisch-historische Charte von Palaestina mit 96 ibleischen Vignetten entworfen von J.T. Asshelton, Durchgescheu und verbessert von Prof. Dr. E.F.K. Rosenmuller

  • $21.99

Rare Wall Map of the Holy Land By A German Orientalist Scholar Finely executed map of the Holy Land, including 96 pictorial vignettes illustrating events from Biblical History. This is German Orientalist and Historian EFK Rosenmuller's edition of the...


1825 - Partie De L'Ile Carolines. Oceanique No. 9

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of a portion of the Carolines, including Iles Guliay and Iles Egoy. Large text note included. Nice detail, especially for the period.