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1834 - Carte Generale du Voyage Pittoresque autour du Monde . . .

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Interesting early map of the world, from D'Urville's Voyage pittoreque autour du Monde. The map is one of the earliest printed maps to include the name Hawaii in its modern English spelling.


1834 - America.

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Detailed engraved map of the Americas issued by Henry Teesdale in London in 1834. On the west coast of North America, we have Old and New California, New Cornwall, New Hanover, New Albion, New Georgia, and Russian America (Alaska). The Canadian...


1834 - Carte Generale De L'Ocean Pacific Dressee par M.M. D'Urville et Lottin d'apres les reconnaissances de la Corvette l'Astrolabe et les cecouvertes les plus recentes 1833. Revue en 1834.

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Fine separately published example of Dumont D'Urville's fine map of the Pacific, based upon his explorations. The map details the regions explored by the Astrolabe, under Dumont D'Urville's command. Rear Admiral Jules Sébastien César Dumont...


1834 - The World, on Mercators Projection.

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Detailed engraved map of the world issued by Henry Teesdale in London in 1834. On the west coast of North America, we have Old and New California, New Cornwall, New Norfolk, and Russian America (Alaska). The Canadian Arctic is still poorly...


1834 - Carte De L'Ocean Atlantique Septentrionale (depuis l'Equateur jusqu'au 52eme. degree de Latitude) Redigee Par P. DAussy, Ingenieur Hydrographe en chef de la Marine . . . 1834

  • $21.99

French Naval Chart of the Atlantic Depicting a Storied Naval Career, Including the November 1861 Voyages of the Foudre and the SS Arago – Major Diplomatic Missions at the Outset of the American Civil War Spectacular, heavily annotated chart of the...


1834 - Carte Generale des Etats-Unis D'Amerique avec L'Indication de la partie navigable de la chaque riviere ansi que la trace des Canaux de navigation, et chemin de fers tante executes qe'en execution Dressee par le Major Poussin . . . 1834

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General map of the United States, illustrating the nation at the time the French Engineer Guillaume Tell-Poussin was working in America as one of its leading canal engineers. The map appeared in the Travaux d'ameliorations interieures projetes ou...


1834 - Canal Du Cap-Cod Plan du trace et Profils du Canal

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Early Plans for the Cape Cod Canal Detailed map illustrating the course and profiles for the Cape Cod Canal, from Buzzard Bay to Barnstable Bay. The eminent French engineer, Major William Tell Poussin, who worked for some time in the United States,...


1834 - Vue De New York. Prise de Weahawk. A View of New-York, taken from Veahawk.

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Rare first state of this finely executed aquatint view of New York City and Harbor as seen from Weehawken, New Jersey, based upon original artwork by Ambroise-Louis Garneray. The present example bears the imprint of Basset, with later editions bearing...


1834 - Map of the State of New-York with parts of the adjacent Country, Embracing Plans of the Cities, and some of the larger Villages: By David H. Burr . . . 1834

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The First Official Map of New York State with a large Inset Map of Manhattan. Fine case map edition of David Burr's wall map of New York with a large inset Plan of New York City, published in 1834. Burr's map was essentially the first official state...


1834 - Map of the Country Twenty Five Miles Round The City of New-York

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A Desirable Map of the New York City Metropolitan Area Striking full color example of David Burr's map of New York City, which was issued separately and also appeared in his Universal Atlas, first issued in 1836. The map covers the areas of Kings...


1834 - [Virginia, Carollinas, Georgia, Florida] Carte de la Cote Orientale De L'Amerique Septentrionale Partie Comprise Entre New York Et La Riviere Saint Jean ...1834

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Rare French Sea Chart of the Atlantic Coast, from New York City to the mouth of the San Juan River, in Florida. Includes 2 large inset maps, one of the Chesapeake Bay and one of New York Harbor, from Manhattan to Sandy Hook. The map is a fine example...


1834 - (First Artificial Breakwater in the United States) Plan Hydrographique de la partie de la Baie de la Delaware qui avoisine le Breakwater ou Port artificiel que l'on y a construit...

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Building the First Breakwater and Artificial Port of Its Kind in America. Rare engraved map by Guillaume-Tell Poussin, related to the construction of the Delaware Breakwater in the Delaware Bay in the 1820s. The sheet features a map of the mouth of...


1834 - New Jersey Reduced From T. Gordon's Map. By H.S. Tanner.

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A detailed and attractive map of New Jersey, hand-colored by county, showing roads, canals, towns, steamship routes and other interesting details. Includes railroads and proposed railroads and a number of tables of distances, stage routes, canal...


1834 - The Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida By Edmund Blunt Hydrographer . . 1833. Additions to 1834.

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Rare early state of Blunt's sea chart of Florida and the Bahamas, first published in 1833. Nice coverage of the Bahama Islands. Has a small inset chart of Key West and twelve small recognition views of coastal approaches. The Coastline of Florida is...


1834 - Map of the State of Alabama. By David Burr

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Fine example of David Burr's map Alabama, published just 15 years after Alabama became a state. The map is hand colored by counties and showing roads, towns, rivers, forts, and other details. A number of counties not yet shown and several shown as...


1834 - Carte Des Iles Hawaii . . . 1834

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Interesting early map of Hawaii from D'Urville's Voyage pittoreque autour du Monde, one of the earliest printed maps to include the name Hawaii in its modern English spelling. The map is engraved by Ambrose Tardieu, and shows Nihau, Tauai, Oahou,...