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1840 - America

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A detailed map of America, by John Arrowsmith. The map shows the lands from "Russian America" to an unclaimed Patagonia, at a time when many parts of the continent were truly wild. Major cities, rivers, islands, lakes, and much more are all shown....


1840 - Whimsical British Cartoon Strips (includes a hot air balloon)

  • $9.99

4 interesting cartoon strips, showing whimsical British subjects (although the bull scene might be a Spanish satire).


1840 - [From the Library of Captain Louis Freycinet] Carte Hydrographique Des Partes Connues De La Terre Dressee sur la Projection de Mercator, Poar C.LO. Gressier , Ingenieur Hydrographe de la Marine . . . 1835 (with extensive manuscript annotations)

  • $21.99

Annotated Sea Chart of the World Presented To The Explorer Louis Freycinet In Support of A Report to the French Academy of Sciences on The Prevailing Winds At Sea. Finely-detailed, sea chart of the world with extensive manuscript annotations,...


1840 - The World, On Mercator's Projection

  • $14.99

Detailed World Map Showing the Latest Polar Discoveries Scarce, fine world map with polar insets by the notable mapmaker John Arrowsmith. The map shows the latest polar discoveries by Scoresby, Parry, Franklin’s overland expeditions, and Kemp, among...


1840 - The Pacific Ocean

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Wonderful detailed map of the whole of the Pacific Ocean, centered on Hawaii and extending from the west coast of America to the east coast of Asia.


1840 - Carte Generale des Etats-Unis 1840

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Detailed map of the United States, engraved by Tardieu for Michael Chevalier's Historie et description des voies de Communication aux Etats-Unis. The map focuses on the early railroad lines throughout the United States as of 1840.


1840 - New York City

  • $14.99

Detailed mid-19th Century New York City plan, from the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). Extends north to around 40th Street and includes parts of Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Jersey City and Governor's Island. The Harlem Railroad is...


1840 - Map of the Hermitage Tract in the Town of Groveland

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Detailed map of the "Hermitage Tract", between Geneseo and Groveland, New York. The map is oriented with east at the top. The map shows a stretch of Canaseraga Creek, just south its confluence with the Genesse River. The map locates 27 tracts of...


1840 - Philadelphia

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A highly detailed plan of Philadelphia from one of the best 19th-century English commercial atlases. Numerous streets, squares, buildings of historical interest, and railroads are all named. The map includes a key naming ninety buildings and other...


1840 - Carte Generale de l'Amerique Septentrionale, et des Iles qui en Dependent . . . 1840 [Republic of Texas]

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Blue Dot For Fort Ross, California -- Part of Russian Territory Nice example of Brue's map of North America, published in Paris in 1840 Excellent map of North America and the West Indies. Beautifully engraved on fine heavy paper with the embossed...


1840 - Mapa Topografico del Estado de Queretaro

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Striking Manuscript Map of the Mexican State of Querétaro Colorful and detailed manuscript map of the state of Querétaro, in central Mexico. The map is drawn is a skilled hand and was likely prepared by an official for government use and possible...


1840 - Mapa de los Departamentos de Jalisco, Zacatecas i Aguascalientes, Construido por el capitan de Fragata de la Marina Mejicana D. Jose Maria Narvaez, i mandado publicar por el Escmo. Sor. Gobernador D. Antonio Escovedo, i la Escma Junta Departamental de Ja

  • $21.99

Rare Map of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes published in Belgium Fine Vandermaelen map of central Mexico. The map is densely detailed, and demographic and coordinates information in the lower left. This map is a collection of the provinces of...


1840 - West Indies

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Scarce early map of the Westg Indies, published by Orr & Company.


1840 - [Windward & Leeward Islands -- Puerto Rico to Trinidad]

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Interesting untitled sea chart of the Windward and Leeward Islands, extending from Puerto Rico to Trinidad. The chart shows signs of use around the Virgin Islands, with navigational lines apparently shown for transit thorough the islands from St....


1840 - Brazil, By J. Arrowsmith

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Brazil During The Regency of Emperor Pedro II A marvelous highly detailed map of Brazil, colored by regions, published in London by John Arrowsmith. The map shows more detail than any contemporary commercial atlas map of the region. This is the...