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1841 - Africa.

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The Greatest Early American Map of Africa. Rare American imprint copying Arrowsmith's important wall map, the latter of which was originally published in 1802. "One of the greatest maps ever published. Arrowsmith simply stripped away centuries of...


1841 - Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-America . . . 1841 (Republic of Texas shown)

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Republic of Texas Fine dark impression of this early coast to coast map of the United States, issued just after the declaration of Independence for the Republic of Texas in 1836. Marvelous large format map of the United States and the Republic of...


1841 - A New Map of Arkansas with its Canals Roads & Distances

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Scarce early map of Arkansas from Tanner's Universal Atlas. Shows canals, proposed canals, railroads, proposed railroads, major roads, distances, towns, rivers, etc. A key at the top of the map shows the steamboat routes and distances. Well less than...


1841 - [Michigan Territory] A New Map of Michigan with its Canals, Roads & Distances by H.S. Tanner

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Michigan 4 Years After Statehood Scarce early example of Tanner's map of Michigan Territory, with interesting early/primitive counties, Indian Lands, etc. Some of the northern counties are not yet completely formed.


1841 - (Republic of Texas Edition) Nord America entworfen und gezeichnet von C.F. Weiland . . . 1841

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With Texas as a Republic. Scarce map of North America, published shortly after Texas declared its independence from Mexico. This map also includes significant revisions in British Columbia attributable to the explorations and discoveries made by the...


1841 - Plano Topografico de los Barrios Extamuros de la Ciudad de la Habana por la parte del Oeste, Incluso el Pueblo del Cerro . . . 1841

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Rare map of the areas adjacent to Havana, published in Havana in 1841, which was prepared for Rafael Rodriguez's unfinished Atlas Cubano. The map is identified as "Plancha 3a. Parte 3a," published as part of a very are set of 16 or 17 maps and plans...


1841 - Plano Topografico, Historico y Estadistico de la Ciudad y Puerto de la Habana . . . 1841

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Rare map of the City of Havana, published in Havana in 1841, which was prepared for Rafael Rodriguez's unfinished Atlas Cubano. The map is identified as "Plancha 3a. Parte 1a," published as part of a very are set of 16 or 17 maps and plans of Cuba,...


1841 - Mapa de una parte del Territorio de Colombia en la America Meridional che comprehende las Nuevas provincias de Coro, Carabobo, Trujillo, Barinas, Achaguas, Caracas, Barcelona y Cumana con parte de lasde Marcaybo, Merida, Casanare y Guayana Por Dn. Felipe

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A Landmark Map of Colombia Spectacular large format map of Colombia and Venezuela, credited to Don Felipe Bauza, son of Felipe Bauza y Canas, who served as the Hydrographer on Alessandro Malaspina's expedition to the Pacific (1788-1794), and would go...


1841 - Geneva [Genève]

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Fabulous town plan of Geneva, with a small vignette view of the city.


1841 - Hamburg

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Detailed plan of Hamburg, including its many canals, streets, buildings, and other places. Marvelous detail. One of the best 19th Century English town plans to appear in a commercial atlas.


1841 - Northern Italy and Corsica (2 maps - Ancient & Modern)

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Interesting pair of maps of the northern part of Italy and Corsica, showing the ancient and modern features. The pair of maps was prepared by Arrowsmith in an atlas intended to provide a comparison of ancient and modern regions.


1841 - [Maldives] Carte Des Iles Maldives Levee en 1835, Par M.M. R. Moresby et. F.T. Powell, Officiers de la Marine de la Compagnie des Indes . . . 1841.

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First French Edition of Moresby's Chart of the Maldives One of the earliest obtainable maps to focus on the Maldive Islands, based upon the surveys conducted by Robert Moresby in 1835. Morseby's surveys of the Maldives were the first modern survey...


1841 - Map and Chart of the West Coast of Australia; from Swan River to Shark Bay including Houtman's Abrolhos and Port Grey from the Surveys of Capts. Grey, Wickham, King and from other Official Documents by John Arrowsmith

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Striking, Intricate Arrowsmith Map of Western Australia with Details from Recent Explorations By The Future Prime Minister of New Zealand Finely-detailed map of Western Australia by London’s premier cartographer of exploration, John Arrowsmith. The...


1841 - The Islands of New Zealand from the Admiralty Surveys of the English and French Marine From The Observations of Its Officers of the New Zealand Compnay and From Private Surveys & Sketches Compiled By James Wyld Geographer to the Queen and H.R. H. Prince A

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One of The Most Important Early Maps of New Zealand – With Significant Annotations Finely executed map of New Zealand, the most important printed map of the islands in this period. This example has been extensively annotated with notes showing both...


1841 - Carte des Explorations Executees par les Corvettes L'Astrolabe et La Zelee Dans Les Regions Circum-Polaires...

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Reporting the Correct Location of the Southern Magnetic Pole -- Among the Very First Maps to Report Sighting of the Antarctic Landmass. Large engraved folding map of the Antarctic coast south of Van Diemen's Land. The map documents the leg of the...