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1850 - Plan of Modern Rome

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This is a fabulous town plan of Rome, including a description and location of many of the important features of the city. This map was accompanied by a Plan of Ancient Rome, which showed the city stripped of much of the development seen here. The map...


1850 - La Melanesia ossia Le Isole de Neri Oceanici Nuova Guinea, Luigiade, Nuova Irlanda, Nuova Bretagna, Salomonide, Nuova Caledonia, Nuove Ebridi &.

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Rare map of New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, the New Hebrides and the Gulf of Carpentaria, from Marmocchi's rare Geografia Commerciale.


1850 - (Act of Agreement Broadside. Maritime Document)

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Fine large example of a form contract of the type utilized my American Mariners in the mid-19th Century. The contract includes a detailed recitation of the following "Acts of Congress of the United States of America for the Governance of Seaman'...


1850 - [Mormonen-Stat Deseret] Post-Kanal-und Eisenbahnkarte der Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-Amerika. Nach Smith, Tanner, Mitchell und der Berichten des General-Postamts bearberitet vom Traugott Bromme in Stahl gestochenv. J.A. Buhler . . . 1850

  • $14.99

The Only Printed Map To Name "The Mormon State of Deseret." Fine example of one of Traugott Bromme's travel maps of the United States, with an inset map naming the " Mormonen-Stat Deseret". Loosely modeled after the maps of Smith, Mitchell and...


1850 - Map of North America Exhibiting The recent Discoveries, Geographical and Nautical; Drawn Chiefly from the Authorities of M. De. Humboldt, Lieutt. Pike, Messrs. Lewis and Clarke, Sir. Alexandr. MacKenzie, Mr. Hearne, Coll. Bouchette, Captns, Vancouver. . .

  • $29.99

Rare Large Map of North America from a Royal Library Fine example of the circa 1850 (our dating) edition of Wyld's massive map of North America, which includes the extra panel at the bottom, adding Central America, first issued in 1824. John Wyld was...


1850 - Ornamental Map of the United States & Mexico . . . 1848

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Rare Early Depiction of the "Minesota" Territory A decorative map of the United States, published during the Mexican-American War designed to stir patriotic sentiments and celebrate the newly conquered territory. Of particular note, the map is one of...


1850 - Boston and Bunker Hill from the East

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Woodcut view of Boston and Bunker Hill, from a mid 19th Century work.


1850 - Nieu Amsterdam. . . New Amsterdam a small City on Manhattan Island, New-Holland, North America. now called New-York & is a part of the English Colonies. about 1667.

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Attractive two-stone lithographed view of New Amsterdam, circa 1667, extracted from Valentine's Manual. 1667 marked the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War, which was concluded with the Treaty of Breda. In that treaty, the United Provinces agreed with...


1850 - Madison Cottage Corporal Thompson Proprietor Cor. Broadway and 23rd Street New York. N.B. Stages Leaves Every 4 Minutes

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A Famous Resort of the Riders and Drivers from the City -- The Future Home Fine early image of the Madison Cottage, shortly after it was acquired by William Thompson in 1841. The Madison Cottage is the iconic New York landmark which gave rise to the...


1850 - Pasquotank River From A Trigonometrical Survey under the direction of A.D. Bache Superintendent of the Survey of the Coast Survey of the United States . . . 1850. (Separately issued / Thick Paper Copy)

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Rare separately issued sea chart of the Pasquotank River, published by the United States Coast Survey. Includes fine details throughout, including soundings and sailing directions. The Pasquotank River is one of the major rivers flowing into...


1850 - A New Map Of Nth. Carolina with its Canals, Roads, Distances from Place to Place, along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes

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Nice example of S.A. Mitchell's map of North Carolina, with insets of the Gold Region (centered on Cabarus and Montgomery Co) and the Neuse River and New Berne. Shows towns, roads, railroads, rivers, mountains, lakes, creeks, canals, etc. Canals are...


1850 - Karte von den Vermessungen im Grant und in der Gegend zwischen demselben und Neu Braunfels . . (Map of the Survey in the Grant and in the region between it and New Braunfels . . .)

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Final Hand-Corrected Proof State? Hand annotated example of this rare Adelsverein map of a part of central Texas, which was then being settled by Texas immigrants under the auspices of the Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer Nach Texas (Society...


1850 - Map Of The State of Ohio . . .

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Rare first state of the Thomas Cowperthwait & Co. map of Ohio. Detailed and interesting map, hand colored by county and showing towns, rivers, lakes, railroads, roads, distances, forts, etc. Profile of Miami, Ohio and Erie Canals shown.


1850 - San Louis am Mississippi

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Fine steel engraved view of St. Louis from across the Mississippi River.


1850 - (California Gold Rush and Mormon Coins) New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins, and Bullion; With Mint Values.

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One of the Great American Numismatic Books of All Time, with Special Relevance for the California Gold Rush and Mormon Coins. Superb book on gold and coinage, by the official assayers of the Philadelphia Mint, Jacob R. Eckfeldt and William E. Du Bois....


1850 - Map, No. 4. Showing continuation of Fort Smith and Santa Fe Route, From Tucumcari to Santa Fe . . . 1849

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Detailed map of a portion of New Mexico Territory, showing the area east of the Rio Grande to the Canadian River. The map focuses on the roads and rivers in the region and the details surveyed by the exploration party led by James Simpson. Major...