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1850 - Barcelone Vue Prise Du Mole

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Decorative view of Barcelona from the Harbor, with Monjuic in the distance.


1850 - [Jutland and Fyn Island]

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Scarce separately issued map of Jutland and Fyn Island, likely published in Denmark.


1850 - (Hong Kong) Destruction of the Pirate Squadron Commanded By Chui Apoo, In The Byas Bay, China 1st October, 1849. By His Majesty's Sloop Columbine. J. C. Dalrymple Hay, Esqr. Commr. H. M. Steam Sloop Fury, J. Willcox, Esqr., Commr. & boats of H.M. Has

  • $14.99

Finely-Executed Lithograph of a Battle Between the British Royal Navy and Chinese Pirates This lithographic view depicts the engagement between the British Royal Navy and Chinese pirates at Bias Bay, China, just northeast of Hong Kong. It shows a...


1850 - (China) КАРТА КИТАЙСКAГО ГОСУДАРСТВА. [Map of the Chinese State.]

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Rare, separately issued hand-colored lithographed map of China, published in Russian, probably around 1850. The map presents a circumscribed view of Chinese territory, with much of the west and north of modern-day China not included. Much of Inner...


1850 - India (with insets of India Ptolemaei and Dachinabades et Taprobane

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Interesting map of India and Southeast Asia, with large insets of the regions in Ancient times. From Spruner's Historisch-Geographischer Atlas Antiquus.


1850 - Carte des Detroits a l'est de Java (Detroits de Surabay, Bali, Lombok et Allas) Dressee par Mr. J. De la Roche-Poncie Ingenieur Hydrographie d'apres les dernieres cartes de Lieutenants Melville de Carnbee et Smits de la Marine des Pays Bas . . . 1850

  • $14.99

Rare French sea chart of Java, Madura, Bali, Lombok and neighboring islands, published by the Depot de la Marine in Paris. The chart includes extensive sailing annotations in an early hand. The most interesting note appears in northern Lombok,...


1850 - Chart of South East Coast of Arabia From Ras Sukra to Palinurus Shoal. Completed from Trigonometric Surveys, By Comrs. Haines and Sanders Lt. A. M. Grieve, Indian Navy . . . 1863

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Fine map of the South Coast of Arabia from southern Oman and northern Yemen. Large inset maps of Bander Reisut, Merbat Bay, Kishin Bay and two profile views.


1850 - Algerie. Colonies Francaise.

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Decorative map of the French Colonie of Algeria. Engraved by Raimond Bonheur, father of the famous French artist Rosa Bonheur.


1850 - Australia

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Highly detailed map of Australia. A few early counties shown in NSW and Western Australia. Laken Torens is shown, with other details in South Australia and New South Wales added from prior editions of the map. Includes a key with historical notes on...


1850 - Ports Lyttelton (Tewhaka) and Levy (Koko-Rarat) and Pigeon (Wakaroa) Survey By Captain J.L. Stokes R.N. 1849

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Finely executed chart showing Port Lyttelton and environs, extending north to Christchurch. The chart extends the area from north of the Avon and Heathcote Estuary down to beyond Pigeon Bay, showing the soundings in fathoms from the Estuary outlet to...


1850 - New Zealand

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Excellent large map of New Zealand, which is now beginning to include some interior detail. One of the largest maps of New Zealand to appear in a commercial atlas in the 19th Century. Decorative Piano Key border. Fine example, on thick heavy paper.


1850 - Washington

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Rare portrait of George Washington, published by William Smith in Philadelphia. While we have locate examples of other Smith portraits of Washington, this one seems to be unrecorded. The address for Smith is also unusual -- 702 South Third Street,...


1850 - Mouvemens Apparens Du Soleil, Theorie Des Saisons . . .

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Fine example of Andriveau-Goujon's decorative chart depicting the theory of the seasons as the earth orbits the Sun in an elliptical fashion, with 4 smaller diagrams. The present example is an especially fine example of the map. Only Andriveau-Goujon...


1850 - Cosmographie Generale

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Attractive image of various celestial models, including the orbits of the planets around the sun (showing the moons of each of the planets), theory of the seasons, eclipses, phases of the moon, etc. Fine example on thick paper.


1850 - Das Planeten-System

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Interesting set of models of the solar system, including orbits of the planets and several comets. Surrounded by models of the various planets and other information.