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1851 - The World on Mercators Projection Shewing the Voyages of Captain Cook Round the World

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Full color example of this marvelous map with a beautiful decorative border, based upon the 3 voyages of of Captain James Cook. An amazing depiction of a sailing vessel of the time, likely intended to represent Cook's Endeavour. Engraved for R....


1851 - Western Hemisphere [and] Eastern Hemisphere

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Nice full color example of these highly decorative maps of the Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere, each with 12 decorative vignettes. Perhaps the most decorative mid 19th Century Atlas map of its type. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's...


1851 - Australien und die Ostindischen Inseln von F. Fried . . . 1851

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Rare regional map of Oceana, published in Vienna. The map identifies the various colonial possessions of the French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese and Danish in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.


1851 - Polynesia, or Islands In the Pacific Ocean

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Nice full color example of John Tallis' map of the South Pacific. The map includes large vignettes of Kalakakooa Sandwich Islands, Otaheite, the Harbour of Dory in New Guinea and Resolution Bay, Marquesas. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's...


1851 - [World] Die ostliche und westliche Halbkugel Der Erde. Mit vielen Abbildungen aus der mathematischen und physicen Geographie -- Entworfen und gezeichnet fur den Schulgebrauch von G. A. St. Dewald, lithogaphirt von E. Winckelmann. (Zwei Chartern, jede 12

  • $29.99

Finely executed world map on a grand scale, prepared for use in schools. The surrounding borders are filled with illustrations from mathematical and physical geography Lithographed by E. Winckelmann. Rarity The map is very rare. OCLC locates 1...


1851 - Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the West India Islands, with a portion of Venezuela & New Granada; showing the routes overland and by the Isthmus to California & Oregon, also the new boundaries of California, Utah . . .

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Rare pocket map of the United States, published by J.M. Atwood. Rumsey notes that the map "shows the Gold Regions in California. Atwood made important maps of the Gold Rush for Colton and Ensign & Thayer in 1849. In this map, he publishes his own...


1851 - United States

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Attractive full color example of Tallis' map of the United States. The map shows an oddly configured Texas and New Mexico, pre-Indian Territory region called Western Territory, massive Missouri Territory, odd elongated Nebraska Territory extending to...


1851 - Map of the United States . . . 1851

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Second edition of this decorative map of the United States, with portrait of President Washington; view of the Capitol. The map provides a fantastic large format picture of the evolving Western territories and states, significantly revised from the...


1851 - Boston

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Striking full color example of Tallis's town plan of Boston, with a massive view and vignettes of Bunker Hill Monument and the State House. One of the most decorative and sought after town plans of the City to appear in an atlas in the mid-19th...


1851 - New York

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Striking full-hand-color example of Tallis's town plan of New York City, one of the few double-page plans published by Tallis. Includes vignettes of City Hall, the Custom's House, the Narrow's from Fort Hamilton, a New York Steamer, and two larger...


1851 - Mexico & Texas

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Rare map of Mexico, Texas and the Southwest, from an early edition of Philip's Imperial Atlas. This map is issued shortly before the Gadsden Purchase, and shows a very oddly configured Texas, bounded by a massive Indian Territory and New Mexico...


1851 - Mapa De Los Estados Unidos Mejicanos Arreglado a la distribucion que en diversos decretos ha hecho del territorio el Congreso General Mejicano . . . 1851

  • $14.99

Rare second edition of the so-called Rosa map of Mexico, first published in Paris in 1837 and re-issued in 1851, at the request of the Congress of Mexico. Rosa's map is perhaps the rarest of the so-called Treaty Map sequence, which shaped the original...


1851 - Mexico, California and Texas (with Gold Rush Vignette)

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Decorative regional map of the Texas, California and the Southwest, featuring Texas in its Republic configuration, with Stovepipe reaching to Wyoming and Colorado. This is the second edition of the map, which includes the Gold Washing vignette not...


1851 - Karte von Tejas und den angrenzenden Theilen Mejicos . . . [with California Gold Regions Inset]

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Rare Texas Emigrant Map Extremely rare map of Texas, Mexico and contiguous regions, which appeared in volume 6 of Freidrich Heinzelmann's Die Weltkunde in einer planmassig geordneten rundscahu der wichtiigsten neueren Land-und Seereifen für das...


1851 - West Canada

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Interesting and highly detailed map of the Great Lakes region, showing counties and townships, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, as well as the Erie Canal and Mohawk River. Vignettes of Kingston, Niagara Falls and Indians in an encampment, along...


1851 - Mexican Boundary B. Extract From the Treaty Map of Disturnell of 1847. Referred to in Col: Graham's Report tot he Hon: the Secretary of the Interior of Augst. 16th 1851.

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Important map illustrating the region between the Rio Grande and the Colorado River, with forts and towns marked, mainly intended to illustrate the error made by Bartlett in setting the line from the Rio Grande to the Continental Divide too far north,...