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1852 - A Series of Charts, with sailing directions, embracing surveys of the Farallones, entrance to the Bay of San Francisco. . . State of California

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The First Set of Published Charts Focusing on California This is the fourth edition of Cadwalader Ringgold's A Series of charts, and the second to include Ringgold's San Francisco Bay surveys. The work has the distinction of being the first set of...


1852 - General Chart of the South Atlantic or Ethiopic Sea From the Equator to 65° South Latitude according to the latest Surveys & Observations . . .

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Fine working sea chart of the South Atlantic, showing the parts of South America and Africa in the Southern Hemisphere. Includes insets of the Falklands, Table Bay and St. Helena, along with several profile views.


1852 - Neueste Eisenbahn-Kanal u. Post-Karte fur Reisende in den Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-America Canada, Texas u. California hach J. Calvin Smith, H.S. Tanner u. andern neuesten Quellen bearbeitet Verlag der Buchnerschen Buchhandlung in Bamberg. 1852

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Rare Early of the Bamberg Emigrant Maps Rare Bamberg published Railroad, Canal and Post Route map of the United States, published in 1852. While later versions of the map are recorded, this 1852 edition is extremely rare, especially with the...


1852 - Reisekarte durch die vereinigten Staaten von Nord=Amerika

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Rare German travelers map of the United States, published in Wesel in 1852. Includes the following inset maps: Karte von Oregon, Nord-Californien und Santa Fe Eisenbahn-Strasse von Philadelphia nach Washington Eisenbahn-Strasse von New York nach...


1852 - [Mormon State of Desert] Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst Canada . . . 1852

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A Rare Depiction of Deseret Detailed map of the United States, including the Mormon State of Deseret and an alternative name for Utah Territory, which is also shown newly divided from New Mexico Territory, to the south. Kiepert's map depicts "Alta...


1852 - Map of Massachusetts & Rhode Island: Published By Thomas Cowperthwait & Co. (Boston Inset)

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Striking map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, hand colored by counties, from Thomas Cowperthwait & Co.'s New Universal Atlas. The map names towns, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. and shows roads with distances, railroads and other details. Large...


1852 - F. H. Johnson's New Map of Niagara Falls and River, showing all the Prominent Points Adjacent

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Interesting local map of the area around Niagara Falls. Includes the Suspension Bridge & Rochester Railroad, Vedder House, Clifton House, Fort Schlosser, Prospect House and many other details.


1852 - Map of the Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Railway, West Canada, with its connections / Map of Lake Huron, Superior & Michigan

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Interesting map of the Buffalo, Brantford and Goderich Railway, likely published either in its earliest incarnations in 1852 or at the time of its reorganization in 1856. The Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Railway operated between 1852 and 1856,...


1852 - A Chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. Compiled and Published By Fielding Lucas Junr.

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The Most Important Sea Chart of the Chesapeake Published In the 19th Century Scarce and highly desirable chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Rivers by Fielding Lucas. One of the most decorative and sought after 19th Century charts of the Chesapeake,...


1852 - Philadelphia

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Detailed and interesting map of Philadelphia, includes an index of public buildings, hotels, churches (including a "Jews Synagogue") and banks. The map has been updated from the pre-1850 edition of the map, to include several new townships, etc.


1852 - New Orleans From The Lower Cotton Press 1852

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Stunning large view of New Orleans and the Mississippi River, based upon a drawing by Jonathan W. Hill. An exceptional large view of New Orleans, looking across the River from the Lower Cotton Press towards the French Quarter, with commerce and...


1852 - A New Map of Arkansas with its Canals Roads & Distances . . .

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Cowperthwait's map of Arkansas, hand colored by counties, with a chart showing the Steamboat routes and illustrating canals, railroads, and other details.


1852 - A New Map of Virginia with its Canals, Roads & Distances from place to place , along the Stage and Steam Boat Routes . . .

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Nice example of Cowperthwait's early map of the State of Virgina, showing counties, towns, rivers, roads, mountains, lakes, Canals, etc. Profile of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal at the top of the map and a schedule of steamboat routes and distances at...


1852 - Mexico & Guatemala

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Detailed map of Mexico and the Southwest. Many of the early place names in Texas still appear. Pre-Gadsden Purchase border with Mexico. Large insets of the Valley of Mexico, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Isthmus of Nicaragua and Guatemala.


1852 - Map of Texas Compiled from surveys recorded in the General Land Office By J. Eppinger & F.C. Baker.

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Very rare 1852 edition of this large, hand-colored engraved map of Texas. The map shows a plethora of development east and south of San Antonio, Austin, and the Cross Timbers. There is no meaningful development west of this line. This is one of the...


1852 - Carte de la Concession Des Terres Obtenues a Chihuahua par decret du 11 Avril 1850 . . .

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A French European Colony In Sonora and Chihuahua To Resist US Expansionism Scarce map of the borderlands between the United States and Mexico, illustrating the colonization scheme of Frenchman Hippolyte du Pasquier de Dommartin. The map provides a...