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1854 - [Foreign Ship] [lkokusen]

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Woodcut kawaraban sheet illustrating an American steamship. The text on the upper side indicates the distance from Japan to places such as Nanjing, Okinawa, Korea, South India, England, North America, and so on. It says "4,200 Ii [one Ii= about 3.9...


1854 - Сны Султана (Картина 2) [Dreams of the Sultan. Scene 2]

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Russia Imagines the Ottoman Response to Crimean War Reversals. A fascinating ephemeral lithograph, this was apparently one of three "scenes" prepared during the Crimean War, and said to represent the Ottoman ruler's response to defeats during the...


1854 - Colton's Map of the United States including Canada and a large portion of Texas. Showing the Base Meridian and Township Lines of the U.S. Surveys, the Lands allotted to the Indian Tribes west of the Mississippi. The Various Internal Improvements &c. Compi

  • $29.99

Monumental Wall Map of The United States Excellent example of J Calvin Smith's wall map of the United States, one of the largest regularly published maps of the United States issued in the 19th Century. In the west, a massive Minnesota Territory...


1854 - Vereinigte Staaten Von Nord-America

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Nice example of Flemming's map of the United States, exhibiting in fabulous detail the early US territorial borders, Indian Districts, Forts, early routes of the Transmississippi explorers and other details. any Indian tribes, forts, missions, roads,...


1854 - Panorama of Manhattan Island, City of New York and Environs.

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Fine large format panoramic view of New York City, published in New York. Drawn from nature & on stone by John Bornet. Printed by Nagel & Weingartner, N.Y. Forty-seven locations noted above the title, and twenty-four locations in the top...


1854 - Map of the State of New York Published by Charles Magnus

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Scarce separately issued map of the state of New York, issued by Charles Magnus. Magnus published birdseye views, letter sheets and separately issued maps during the Civil War. This map was apparently intended to be issued in pocket map format, but...


1854 - Geological Map of the Route explored by Capt. Jno. Pope Corps of Topl. Engrs. Near the 32nd Parallel of North Latitude 1854. From the Red River to the Rio Grande . . .

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Finely executed Geological Map, centered on Texas and published in conjunction with search for the most practicable route for a railroad line to the Pacific Ocean. Nice example of William Phipps Blake's geological railroad survey of the region between...


1854 - Arkansas

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Interesting map of Arkansas, showing the progress of the township survey work through 1854, along with a detailed explanation of the progress of the surveys through October 1854, by George Milbourne, the Surveyor General of Arkansas.


1854 - Arkansas

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Interesting map of Arkansas, showing the progress of the township survey work through 1854, along with a detailed explanation of the progress of the surveys through October 1854, by George Milbourne, the Surveyor General of Arkansas.


1854 - Preliminary Survey of the Entrance to the Rio Grande Texas . . . 1854

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An early Sea Chart of the Mouth of the Rio Grande River One of the earliest obtainable charts of the region around the mouth of the Rio Grande River. Shows Bagdad, the observatory and a number of geographical details, soundings, etc. Includes tidal...


1854 - Map No. 1. From Fort Smith to the Rio Grande from explorations and surveys made under the direction of Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War By Lieut A.W. Whipple . . . and Lieut J.C. Ives, Topogl Engrs . . .1853-4

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Important early map of the region between Fort Smith Arkansas and the Rio Grande River (Santa Fe, Taos, etc), prepared by the US Pacific Railroad Survey. The primary cartographic detail is in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico and along the Canadian...


1854 - Map No. 1 St. Paul to Riviere Des Lacs: from Explorations and Surveys . . . By Isaac Stevens Governor of Washington Territory

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Detrailed map of the area from St. Paul and the Mississippi River to Fort Union and the confluence of the Yellowstone River and the Missouri River, published as part of the Pacific Railroad Surveys. The map shows one of the routes surveyed from St....


1854 - Map of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Rail-Road and its Connections 1854 (with First Annual Report)

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A Wisconsin Railroad That Never Was Rare map of the railroad lines of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad, published in Racine with the first annual report of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad. The map shows the area...


1854 - Morse's Map of Illinois

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Rare early map of Illinois, published by Rufus Blanchard prior to his move to Chicago. Includes a 'Table of Statistics' and 'Meridians and Baselines' in the lower left corner. The map is printed using the cerographic printed method, an American...


1854 - Sketch of the Public Surveys in Wisconsin and Territory of Minnesota

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Antique map of Wisconsin and part of Minnesota Territory, produced by Warner Lewis, Surveyor General of the Dubuque Office, on October 21, 1853. The map shows the plats which had been surveyed and those which were in the process of being surveyed....


1854 - Map of Iowa

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A Stunning Early Map of Iowa Fine early map of Iowa during its initial period of rapid settlement, showing the land office locations, a table of population by county in 1840 and 1850, and the settled areas of adjoining states. Rare first...