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1856 - Lengths of the Principal Rivers in the World. Heights of the Principal Mountains in the World

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Interesting chart of the principal mountains and rivers of the World, with a key on either side identifying the mountains and rivers shown, including a number of active volcanoes.


1856 - Geographical Distribution of the Currents of the Air or of the Perennial, Periodical and Variable Winds. Showing also The Various Regions of Prevalent Hurricanes; Extended from the Original Map of Professor Berghaus . . .

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Fascinating map of the world, focused on hurricanes, air currents and other details. At the lower left is a model illustrating Hurricanes in the West Indian regions. At the top center is a model of the Rodriguez Hurricane of April 1843, the lower...


1856 - Colton's Map of the United States of America, The British Provinces, Mexico, The West Indies and Central America . . . 1856 [Folding Map with original slip case]

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Fine example of this rare 1856 edition of Colton's map of the United States. This edition includes 2 short-lived western territorial anomalies, the "Uninhabited" lands between New Mexico and Chihuahua and the unincorporated block of land between...


1856 - United States

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Scarce map of the United States, from Morse's General Atlas of the World. The map captures the Transmississippi West, shortly after the Gadsden Purchase, with many of the large territorial configurations still in evidence, including a very early...


1856 - View of the Village of Holmes' Hole, Marthas Vineyard, Mass, 1856.

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Fine early birdseye view of Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard. Vineyard Haven, known until 1871 as Holmes' Hole, was a fishing and shipbuilding village, and a primary harbor for boats traveling the coast between New York and Boston. Bufford's view...


1856 - Preliminary Chart of Lower Part of Cape Fear River From Near Federal Point To Wilmington From a Trigonometric Survey . . . Triangulation and Topography by C.P. Bolles, Assistant. Hydrography by the party under the command of Lieut J.N. Maffitt . . . 1856

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Rare separately issued example of the first edition of this detailed chart of the Lower Part of the Cape Fear River, from the Wilmington area to just south of the Ruins of Old Brunswick, first issued in 1856. Includes a large inset of the area around...


1856 - Texas

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Early State of Colton's Atlas Map of Texas Fine early map of Texas, from Colton's General Atlas, the only edition to appear in a single page format. The map shows a very incomplete set of Western Texas Counties. The German Settlements in Gillespie...


1856 - Chapman's Sectional Map of Wisconsin, with the Most Recent Surveys.

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Identifying the Major Sites from the Blackhawk War: The Battle of Wisconsin Heights, The Battle of Bad Axe, and Fort Atkinson. Early Silas Chapman sectional map of Wisconsin, focusing on the lower half of the state and illustrating the extent of major...


1856 - Parker's Sectional & Geological Map of Iowa Exhibiting her Iron Lead Copper Coal and other Geological Resources and all Rail Roads Completed in progress and projected . . . 1856

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The First Commercially Published Geological Map of Iowa A fine large format map of Iowa, published by Nathan H. Parker in Clinton, Iowa and printed by J. H. Colton in New York and Keen & Lee in Chicago. This is one of the earliest appearances of...


1856 - A Township Map of the State of Iowa Compiled from the United States Surveys, offical information and personal reconnaissance, showing the Streams, Roads, Towns, Post Offices, County Seats, Works of Internal Improvements, &c &c. . . . 1856

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Nice example of the third edition of Henn, Williams & Co.'s large format map of Iowa. The map is hand colored by counties and shows township surveys, towns, railroasd,s roads, rivers, post offices and other details. The map has been entirely...


1856 - Map No. 2 From The Mouth of Trap River To The Santa Fe Crossing; from Explorations and surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War by Capt. E.G. Beckwith 3d. R.H. Kern Topographer in the Field . . . . 1855

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Detailed map of large portions of Kansas and Nebraska, prepared in connection with the Surveys to determine the most practicable routes for Transcontinental Railroads in the the 1850s. The map provides a detailed treatment of the region between the...


1856 - Map No. 2 From Great Salt Lake to the Humboldt Mountains; from Explorations and surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War by Capt. E.G. Beckwith 3d. Artillery E.W. Egloffstein Topographer for the Route 1855.

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A detailed map showing the Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake and Sevier Lake, with the Humboldt Mountains at left edge. Includes the region from the Great Salt Lake and across the flats to the Humboldt range. Several proposed railroad routes noted, including...


1856 - Map No. 5 From The Humboldt Mountains To The Mud Lakes; from Explorations and surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War by Capt. E.G. Beckwith 3d. Artillery E.W. Egloffstein Topographer for the Route 1855.

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A detailed map of Northwestern Nevada, showing Pyramid Lake, the Carson River, Walker River and northern part of Walker Lake and extended East to the Elko area and the south fork of the Humboldt River. Wheat considers this an excellent map "due in...


1856 - Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico to Accompany Report of Surveyor General 1856

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Interesting early map of New Mexico and Arizona, published by the General Land Office. The map extends from the confluence of the Colorado and Gila Rivers to Nicollet River in the northwest, the Rio Pecos in the southwest and Bent's Fort, the...


1856 - California Utah, Lr. California and New Mexico

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Nice example of the Ettling / Weekly Dispatch map of California and the Southwest, one of first atlas maps published in Europe to focus on the Territories of Utah and New Mexico. The map includes an excellent post Gadsden Purchase treatment of...


1856 - Ravines in the Bed of the Ancient Lake

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Interesting view showing a dry lake bed on the Arizona/California Border. The view was engraved by Charles Koppel for the Reports of Explorations and Surveys To Ascertain The Most Practicable and Economical Route For A Railroad From The Mississippi...