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1859 - Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst Canada . . . 1859

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Scarce map of the United States, published in Berlin by Heinrich Kiepert. Perhaps the most noteworthy features is the alternative name given for Great Salt Lake City, "New Jerusalem oder Mormonen" (New Jerusalem of the Mormons). The map shows...


1859 - A Plan of the State Encampment Concord. Mass. Sept 7th 8th & 9th Embracing Key to Bachelder’s Picture of the Review, Sept. 9th. 1859.

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Scarce plan of the 1859 military procession of the Massachusetts Volunteers, published to accompany Bachelder's fine lithographed view of the same, titled: REVIEW OF THE MASS. VOLUNTEER MILITIA, at Concord, Sept. 9th, 1859. An inscription below the...


1859 - New Hampshire State Agricultural Society . . . Diploma

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State of New Hampshire Diploma, presented to reporter Charles P. Bosson in 1858. Includes a fantastic decorative vignetter showing the rich diverse livestock of New Hampshire.


1859 - Colton's New Hampshire

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Detailed map of New Hampshire, colored by townships. Shows towns, counties, townships, post offices, depots, rivers, railroads, and substantial additional details. Decorative border. A terrific map from Colton, one of the most prolific American...


1859 - Colton's The City of Louisville [with] Colton's The City of New Orleans

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Two detailed maps of the cities, each hand colored by ward, and showing streets, rail lines, parks, buildings and other details. Decorative border. A terrific regional map, from JH Colton, one of the most prolific American mapmakers of the mid-19th...


1859 - A Map of the State of Virginia Reduced from the Nine Sheet Map of the State in conformity to law by Herman Böÿe. 1828. Corrected by order of the Executive 1859 By L. Buchholtz

  • $14.99

Annotated Example of the Most Important Virginia Map From Mid-19th Century, Showing The Confederate Army's Movements During the Gettysburg Campaign. Map Overview Herman Boye's map of Virginia is among the most important maps of Virginia published in...


1859 - Michigan

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Flawless example of Colton's map of Michigan, colored by county, showing towns, roads, railroads, lakes, rivers, etc. Beautiful decorative border.


1859 - Lake Superior and the Northern Part of Michigan

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Detailed map of the region, colored by counties and showing towns, townships, rivers, lakes, etc. Still no railroad service. JH Colton was one of the pre-eminent American map publishing firms in the mid-19th Century.


1859 - British North America. By Permission Dedicated to The Honble. Hudsons Bay Company; Containing the latest information which their documents furnish . . .

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Detailed Map of British Possessions in North America—Rare Late Edition! Highly-detailed state of John Arrowsmith’s map of British possessions in North America, published in multiple editions between 1832 and 1859. This is a late edition, from the...


1859 - Iowa

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Attractive and detailed early map of Iowa with an ornate border. The map is hand colored by counties and shows cities, towns, railroads, rivers, and lakes. From an early edition of JH Colton's Atlas. Wide margins. JH Colton was one of the pre-eminent...


1859 - Colton's Kansas and Nebraska

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Vibrant example of this early map of Kansas and Nebraska, which was only issued in the vertical format for a few years. Primitive County configurations in the west and south. Multiple proposed railroad routes throughout the map.


1859 - Sketch of the Different Roads Embraced in the Itineraries.

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Scarce wood-engraved map of the overland routes to the West discussed in Marcy's The Prairie Traveler: A Hand-Book for Overland Expeditions, with Maps, Illustrations, and Itineraries of the Principal Routes Between the Mississippi and the Pacific...


1859 - (Californiana - Early Female-Published Periodical) The Hesperian

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Extremely early women's periodical, published in San Francisco. This periodical is an early example of a magazine published by women for women, founded and edited by Mrs. F. H. Day. The work is an exceptional rarity. The "most complete" example...


1859 - Northern America. British, Russian & Danish Possessions in North America

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Marvelous map of Canada and Alaska, featuring a host of unusual borders. New Columbia stretches from the US Border to Russian America (Alaska). Lesser Slave Lake, Peace River, Mackenzie's River, Great Slave Lake, Churchill, Athabasca, Nelson, English...


1859 - Map of the Colony of British Columbia and the British & American Territory West of the Rocky Mountains Including Vancouvers Island and the Gold Fields.

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An Exceptional Fraser Canyon Gold Rush Rarity. One of the great early mappings of the Pacific Northwest, covering Oregon and Washington Territories, and British Columbia ("New Caledonia") with information derived from the Hudson Bay Company and Royal...


1859 - Colton's Mexico

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Very detailed map showing towns, counties, Gulf of Mexcico and Gulf of California with lovely decorative border and inset of Territory and Isthmus of Tehuantepec. An excellent pre-Civil War map. From the scarce 1859 edition of Colton's atlas, which is...