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1860 - Asia

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Detailed map of the Continent, colored by countries and provinces. Shows cities, rivers, islands, lakes, mountains, the Great Wall, etc. A terrific regional map, from JH Colton, one of the most prolific American mapmakers of the mid-19th Century.


1860 - 1er Tableau D'Histoire Naturelle Mamiferes Et Oiseaux Par Henri Duval…

  • $14.99

Gorgeous amalgam of mammals and birds, 50 in all, delicately hand colored. A rare and interesting plate of thick strong paper, with wide margins. First example we have ever seen!


1860 - A Map, or Chart of the Road of Love, and Harbor of Marriage, Laid down from the latest and bet authorities and regulated by my own observations. The whole adjusted to the Lat. of 44º 34' N. By J.P. Hydrographer to his Majesty Hymen and Prince Cupid.

  • $14.99

"The Longitude Is Reckoned From the Meridan of Teens" Finely created allegorical representations of the joys and pitfalls of matrimony, drawn in Canton, New York, by B. Jamison. Includes a lengthy explanation at the bottom explaining the contents of...


1860 - Physical Geography [Mountains and Vegetation]

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An interesting data visualization of Alexander von Humboldt's work on equatorial American vegetation. Shows the height of major features in the area, such as a Quito or Chimborazo, and compares them to European mountains, including Mont Blanc. Most of...


1860 - John Knox Returning Home After Having Preached His Last Sermon . . . Edinburgh 1572

  • $14.99

One of a series of 17 engraved portraits of John Knox, depicting his life. The original image was painted by Alexander Ritchie and engraved by A.G. Campbell. Published by Joseph Laing, London Edinburgh & New York. The remainder of the title...


1860 - Clark & Tackaburys' New Topographical Map of the State of Connecticut.

  • $21.99

One of the Most Impressive and Decorative Maps of Connecticut, Here in the Desirable Folding Map Format. Hand-colored lithographed folding map of Connecticut, the most detailed and authoritative map of the state of its time. It includes topographical...


1860 - Encampment of the 2d Div of M.V.M. on Winter Island, Salem Harbor.

  • $14.99

Large colored lithograph showing a Military encampment on island and shore with soldiers on horseback, troops parading, tents and carriages. Overlooking body of water with many ships. "Drawn from nature by JNO. B. Bachelder, assisted by photographs...


1860 - New-York Taken From Fort Columbus, Governor's Island 1816.

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Striking view of New York City from Governors Island, as it appeared in 1816. The view shows a harbor teaming with ships and commerce, with the fortifications at Fort Columbus illustrated, as it appeared at the close of the War of 1812, with soliders...


1860 - Delaware and Maryland [with large District of Columbia Inset]

  • $9.99

First edition of Colton's map of Delaware and Maryland. Detailed map of Delaware and Maryland, colored by counties. Shows towns, roads, railroads, rivers, etc. Inset of District of Columbia. Decorative border.


1860 - Colton's New Jersey

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Attractive map of the state, hand colored by counties. Shows towns, rivers, railroads, train stations, islands, some townships, and other fine details. A wide margined example in vivid color. This is the rare 1859 edition which bears Johnson &...


1860 - Plan of property of the United States comprising Fort Mifflin mud island and the Old Lazaretto

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Antique hand-drawn map of the Fort Mifflin area on a mammoth scale. The fort is the only active American military base to predate the Declaration of Independence. This map presents the fort and mud island it occupies on as they stood at the beginning...


1860 - Plan of Baltimore

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Mitchell's detailed plan of the city, colored by wards and showing streets, docks, train lines and stations, public buildings, shipyards, wharves, and a host of other details. SA Mitchell Jr. acquired his father's former business from DeSilver in 1860...


1860 - Map of the Parish of Washita Louisiana From United States Surveys 1860 . . .

  • $14.99

Rare Map of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Nice example of this rare large format map of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, published in New Orleans in 1860 by McCerren, Landry & Co., Auctioneers, Appraisers and General Agents for the sale of Real Estate,...


1860 - Plan of the City of Jefferson. Wm H. Williams Surveyor & Civil Engineer 1860

  • $14.99

Jefferson City Before Its Annexation by the Big Easy -- Hand Drawn By A Prominent New Orleans Surveyor Fine hand drawn Antebellum plan of Jefferson City, Louisiana on the east bank of the Mississippi, prior to it annexation by New Orleans in 1870....


1860 - Colton's Mississippi

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Mississippi, colored by counties and showing roads, railroads, towns, villages, post offices, canals, rivers, lakes, railroad stations and a host of other details. The map appeared in an early edition of JH Colton's Atlas. JH Colton...