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1861 - [Greek Map of the Americas.] ΧΑΡΤΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΗΣ ΕΚ ΤΟΥ ΑΤΛΑΝΤΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΗΡ. ΛΑΖΑΡΙΔΟΥ ΕΝ ΑΘΗΝΑΙΣ 1861. [Map of the Americas... Lazaridou in Athens 1861]

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Fredonia in Texas! Fascinating Greek Map of the Americas, Published in Athens During the American Civil War. Lithographed folding map of the Americas entirely in Greek. Published in Athens by Lazaridou in 1861, during the American Civil War. The...


1861 - Johnson's Map of the World on Mercator's Projection . . .

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Detailed map of the world, hand colored by counties and showing a number of major explorers and shipping routes throughout the world. Still an incomplete knowledge of the Antarctic. A wonderful decorative map.


1861 - Desilver's Steel Plate Military Map of the United States Showing The Location of the Military Posts, Arsenals, Barracks, Batteries, Navy Yards, Rail Roads, &c. &c.

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Rare Civil War era map of the United States, published in Philadelphia by Charles Desilver. The map includes inset maps of Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, and the Vicinity of Annapolis. Includes a list of all the Military Forts and...


1861 - Map of the United States of North America, Upper & Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & British Columbia Mexico Cuba, Jamaica, St. Domino and the Bahama Islands

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This is a scarce map of the United States, issued as a supplement to the Illustrated London News in 1861. The map is well detailed and shows the US split according to slave and free states. The map was clearly prepared in anticipation of the Civil War,...


1861 - Carte De La Cote Des Etats-Unis Comprise entre la Nouvelle-Ecosse et la Floride . . . par Robiquet Hydrographe . . . 1861

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Rare separately published French chart of the region from Nova Scotia to Florida, with large inset maps of Florida, New York Harbor, Charleston and the Delaware Bay. The map was apparently used either for contemporary navigation or a survey off the...


1861 - County Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island

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Detailed map of Southern New England, colored by counties and showing towns, railroads, rivers and other details. SA Mitchell Jr. acquired his father's former business from DeSilver in 1860 and relaunched a very successful atlas publishing business...


1861 - The Seat of War. Bird's Eye View of Part of Maryland, Distr of Columbia and Part of Virginia.

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John Bachmann's celebrated series of bird-eye views of the U.S. Civil War, depicting the Virginia-Maryland theatre on the eve of conflict. This magnificent bird's eye view captures the Virginia-Maryland theater of the United States Civil War...


1861 - Kriegsschauplatz von Nord-America. Theil von Maryland, Distr. Columbia und Theil von Virginien. . . .

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Rare Birdseye View of the Theater of War in the Chesapeake Region Extremely rare birdseye view of the Chesapeake region, centered on Washington DC and the Potomac. The view is very reminiscent of John Bachmann's views of the same region and were...


1861 - Colton's Map of the Southern States. Including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Showing Also Part of Adjoining States & Territories

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Second edition of Colton's detailed large format map of the Southern Plains and Midwestern States, at the outset of the American Civil War. Finely detailed map, one of the most commercially successful maps published by Colton during the 1860s.


1861 - Johnson's Georgia and Alabama

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Detailed map of Georgia and Alabama, hand colored by counties, from one of the leading American map makers of the Civil War Period.


1861 - Panorama of the Seat of the War Birds Eye View of Kentucky and Tennessee Showing Cairo And Part Of The Southern States…

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A Southern Rarity Rare regional birds eye view of Kentucky, Tennessee and parts of contiguous states, published by John Bachmann. The area shown is bounded by Cape Girardeau and the Mississippi River in the Southwest, Evansville and the Ohio River in...


1861 - (Battle of Bull Run - Confederate Imprint) Seat of War Manassas and Its Vicinity

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Rare Confederate broadside map related to the Battle of Bull Run, published for the Richmond Enquirer in the aftermath of the battle. Lithographed or wood-engraved map of northern Virginia, from Washington, D.C. to Warrenton. The map names Alexandria...


1861 - Johnson's North and South Carolina

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Attractive map of the Carolinas, published by Johnson & Browning. The map is colored by counties and showing towns, railroads, lakes, rivers, forts, swamps, islands, etc. Large inset plan of Charleston and Fort Sumter and large vignettes of Table...


1861 - Entrance of Brazos River From The United States Preliminary Coast Survey 1858

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Extremely rare British Admiralty Sea Chart of the Mouth of the Brazos River, first surveyed by the US Coast Survey in 1858. The mouth of the river includes the towns of Velasco and Quintana, including an Observation Station and PIlots Range and...


1861 - J. H. Colton's Map of Texas

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Scarce map of Texas, published at the beginning of the American Civil War. We have dated the map based upon the configuration of Edwards County, which lasted until January 1862.


1861 - County Map of Michigan and Wisconsin

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Attractive map of Michigan and Wisconsin, published by SA Mitchell Jr. The map is colored by counties. Shows early railroads, proposed railroads, towns, rivers, Indian region, etc. Decorative floral border.