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1862 - Eastern Hemisphere [with] Western Hemisphere

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Interesting pair of maps of the hemispheres, colored by countries. Includes an incomplete mapping of Antarctica. Alaska is still noted as being a Russian Possession and Hawaii is the Sandwich Islands.


1862 - Johnson's Africa

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Attractive map of Africa with large vignettes of Cape Town and Port Natal and insets of St. Helena Island. Colored by countries and colonies and showing towns, mountains, ports, islands, explorers routes and similar details. Decorative border.


1862 - Johnson's New Military Map of the United States Forts, Military Posts & all the Military Divisions with Enlarged Plans of the Southern Harbors . . .

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Nice example of Johnson's Military map, , with 9 insets of Baltimore, Washington DC, Hampton Roads, Charleston, Savannah River, Key West, Pensacola, Mobile Bay and New Orleans. Includes a massive Dakota Territory includes all of Montana and Wyoming....


1862 - United States

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Scarce map of the United States, drawn in the style of John Rapkin. The Missouri Compromise Line of 1820 is referenced along the northern New Mexico territorial border. Washington Territory is depicted in the short-lived inverted 'L' configuration,...


1862 - Plan of Boston

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Highly detailed large format map of the city of Boston and environs, hand colored by wards. Shows railroad lines, roads, streets, wharfs, bridges, buildings, rivers and other landmarks. Extends to Charlestown. Large inset of Boston Harbor and Islands....


1862 - Johnson's Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland

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Highly detailed regional map, hand colored by counties, with 3 large vignettes.


1862 - Map of Eastern Virginia Compiled from the best authorities and printed at the Coast Survey Office, A.D. Bache, Supdt. 1862

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Fine example of Alexander Bache's map of the Eastern Virginia, published by Philip & Solomons of Washington, D.C. Detailed map of Eastern Virginia and Delaware, engraved by Charles Krebs and compiled by W.L. Nicholson, under the direction of A.D....


1862 - Lloyd's Official Map of the State of Virginia From actual surveys by order of the Executive, 1828 & 1859 Corrected and revised by J. T. Lloyd to 1862, from Surveys made by Capt. W. Angelo Powell of the U.S. Topographical Engineers of Gen. Rosencrans Staff

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Important Large Map of Virginia With A Vitriolic Testimonial Added Nice example of the 1862 edition of JT Lloyd's large map of Virginia, the most widely distributed and influential map of Virginia during the Civil War period. Lloyd's map of Virginia...


1862 - Johnson's Florida

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Fine early map of Florida, hand colored by county, with a large inset of the Florida Keys. Shows towns, railroads, villages, post offices, forts, swamps, Only 5 counties shown in the southern part of Florida, including Dade, Monroe, Brevard, Manatee...


1862 - Map of the Rebel Fortifications At Columbus Ky. Surveyed Under The Direction of Brig. Genl. Geo. W. Cullum . . .

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Rare plan showing the Rebel Fortifications at Columbus, Kentucky on the Mississippi River. Detail includes a town plan, tracks of the Mobile and Ohio R.R., Road to Elliott's Mill and Ft. Holt, Road to Blandville, Clinton Road to Milburn, Paducah &...


1862 - Map of the States of Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana Exhibiting the Counties, Cities & Villages; Rivers, Rail ways, & Common Roads including the Forts, Landings, Stations &c.

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Extremely rare map of the states of the lower Mississippi, focusing on the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, published by Edward Mendenhall, in Cinncinnati during the Civil War. The map labels the counties and parishes of the three...


1862 - Map of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas

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Detailed map of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, colored by counties/parishes and showing early towns, post offices, roads, rail lines, etc.


1862 - Map of the Country between Monterey, Tenn. & Corinth, Miss; showing The Lines of Entrenchments Made & The Routes Followed by the U.S. Forces under the Command of Maj. Genl. Halleck, U.S. Army, in their advance upon Corinth in May 1862 . . .

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Highly detailed map showing the battlefield positions, roads, rivers, towns, etc., between Corinth and Monterrey. Full of Battlefield information, fortification information, and a host of other information utilized by the War Department during the...


1862 - Map of the Field of Shiloh Near Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn. Shewing The Positions of the U.S. Forces under the Command of Maj. Genl. U.S. Grant U.S. Vol. Maj. Genl. D.C. Buell U.S. Vol. on the 6th and 7th of April 1862. Surveyed Under the Direction of Col.

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Rare St. Louis-Published First Edition of the Map of the Field of Shiloh. Important separately-issued hand-colored lithographed map of the Battle of Shiloh lithographed by Chas. Robyn & Co. of St. Louis, Missouri in 1862. This is the first...


1862 - Map of the State of Virginia Containing The Counties, Principal Towns, Railroads, Rivers, Canals & All Other Internal Improvements. Published by West & Johnston. Richmond Va. 1862 . . .

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Rare confederate map of Virginia, which derives directly from Ludwig von Bucholtz seminal map of Virginia, published in 1858. Von Bucholtz was commissioned to prepare the revisions to the 1826, Hermann Boye 9 sheet map, and 4 sheet maps of Virginia,...


1862 - E & G.W. Blunt's Corrected Map of the Seat of War near Richmond July 10th 1862.

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Rare separately issued map of the area around Richmond, Virginia, published by E & GW Blunt in July, 1862. The map shows Richmond and the railroad lines, canal, roads and rivers that feed into the City, including the Richmond & Danville...