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1865 - Fish's Projecting Chart For Working Middle Latitude Sailing and All Other Cases Generally Worked by Inspection of Tables.

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Fascinating navigational chart, copyrighted in Massachusetts and created by John G. Fish & Nelson Mullin, Proprietors. The chart notes that "The Rules in Bowditch's or Thoms' Navigator conform to this . . . " We note that the example at the top...


1865 - (Manuscript Game Board) Regle Du Jeu De L'Oie. Renouvele Des Grecs.

  • $14.99

Large manuscript game board, executed in ink and watercolor on paper, mounted on original linen. The game board is a curious historical montage, inspired by the French Opera, La belle Hélène, by Jacques Offenbach and the traditional Game of the...


1865 - Lieutenant-General Ulysses S. Grant.--Photographed by F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia.

  • $9.99

Nice wood engraving after a famous photograph of Ulysses S. Grant by the Philadelphia photographer F. Gutekunst. A famous image of the most famous Union general of the Civil War and one of the United States' most recognizable presidents. Published in...


1865 - Columbia's noblest Son's

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Fine example of this powerful image celebrating the lives of America's two most important president. This finely executed lithograph shows portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on either side of a full length image of Lady Liberty, with...


1865 - Johnson's New Chart of National Emblems

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Decorative chart of all flags and pennants of the various nations, along with signal maps and other novelties. Highly decorative and colorful with decorative border. Includes a number of mid-19th century novelties, including the American Jack,...


1865 - Map of the World on The Mercator Projection, Exhibiting the American Continent As Its Centre

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Decorative mid 19th Century map of the world, with an interesting twist, in that the Americas are at the center of the map. Shows the tracks of the various 18th & 19th Century explorers, including Cook, Gore, US Ex Ex, Ross, and Clarke.


1865 - The United States of America [Wyoming attached to Dakota]

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Rare edition of Colton's map of the United States. The most notable feature is that the map pre-dates the formation of Wyoming, with the area which would become Wyoming attached to Dakota, but unnamed. Includes a curious truncated Nevada, oversized...


1865 - Map of the United States And Territories, Together with Canada &c. (Wyoming Territory delineated, but Attached to Dacotah)

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An Early Appearance of Wyoming Territory Rare intermediate state of Mitchell's map of the United States, the first map to include the territory of Wyoming, 3 years before it's official creation, based upon a failed 1865 congressional act. The map...


1865 - Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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Detailed pre-Civil War map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The map is hand colored by counties, with an inset of Boston. Shows Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Block Island, etc. Includes towns, roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, islands,...


1865 - Colton's Vermont

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Detailed map of Vermont, colored by counties and showing towns, counties, townships, post offices, depots, rivers, railroads, and substantial additional details. A terrific map, from JH Colton, one of the most prolific American mapmakers of the...


1865 - Colton's Map of Boston And Adjacent Cities

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Detailed map of Boston and vicinity, extending to the Mystic River, Chelsea Creek, Sommerville, Cambridge, Roxbury and South Boston. Shows streets, roads, railroads, bridges, buidings, wharfs, etc. An excellent map of Boston during the Civil War. JH...


1865 - Map of the Strikers Bay Farm Estate of Mrs. Ann Rogers Decd. Part of the Estate of John Glendining and Part of the Herman Leroy Farm. Accurately Made From The Most Reliable Data

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Detailed cadastral map of the Upper West Side, between 96th Street and 109th Street, and present-day Central Park West and the Hudson River. As with his other Manhattan neighborhood maps, Holmes shows old plots, roads, and buildings transposed over...


1865 - [Collect Pond and Tribeca, Manhattan] Map of Property Lying on Each Side of Broadway Formerly Known as the Calk Hook Accurately made from Old Deeds Maps and other Reliable Sources.

  • $14.99

Fascinating map of the Collect Pond, Canal Street, and Tribeca by one of New York's most eccentric mapmakers. Superb large format, separately issued map of part of Tribeca in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute...


1865 - Johnson's Georgetown and The City of Washington The Capital of the United States of America

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Decorative map of Washington DC and Georgetown, with excellent detail and insets of several area monuments. One of the most decorative maps of Washington DC during the Civil War to appear in a commercial atlas.


1865 - Map Showing The Subdivision Into Leases of the Holmden, Hyner, Morey, McKenney, Dawson, Rooker, Blackmer, Ball, Walter Holmden, Reynolds, Luther Wood, & Copeland Farms. On Pit Hole Creek Cornplanter & Alleghany Townships Venango Co. PA. Surveyed & Com

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One of the First American Oil Booms - and the Site of John Wilkes Booth's Failed Investment in Oil and the World's First Oil Pipeline. Rare separately published map illustrating the available lands which in and around Pit Hole Creek, following the...


1865 - Colton's Map of the Oil District of West Virginia and Ohio

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Scarce First State of Colton's Map of Some of the Earliest Oil Fields in the United States. Hand-colored lithographed map of the West Virginia oil region off the Little Kanawha River. Colton published the map in New York in 1865. The map shows a...