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1868 - National Flags

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Scarce Colton chart showing the flags of the World, featuring multiple British and American Flags.


1868 - Carte de L'Ocean Atlantique Meridional dressee par Robiquet Hydrographe . . .1868

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Scarce French sea chart of the South Atlantic, published by Aime Robiquet. The chart covers most of South America, the southern part of Africa and insets of Sainte Helene, the Island of Trinidad, the Island of Ascencion and the area around Georgetown,...


1868 - [The Mississippi-Missouri: A Geographical Blunder -- An Illustrated Argument For Renaming The Lower Mississippi River Put Forth By A Prominent American Educator To The Author of a Best Selling American School Geography]

  • $14.99

"The Geographer who shall first have the boldness to teach the truth . . . will be opposed for a time by interested book publishers and conservative pedagogues, but will triumph as Galileo did in the end." The Mississippi-Missouri: A Geographical...


1868 - Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-Amerika

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Detailed map of the United States, shortly after the conclusion of the American Civil War. Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are now clearly and accurately delineated as counties, with only Dakota Territory not yet in its final configuration. The map...


1868 - Black Rock et Bridgeport. . . . 1868

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Fine example of this rare French edition of Hassler's chart of the Harbors of Black Rock and Bridgeport, Connecticut, originally published for the United States Coast Survey. Striking example, published in Paris by Lemercier and priced at 75 French...


1868 - Interior view of Tammany Hall, decorated for the National Convention July 4th, 1868.

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"This is a white man's country, Let white men rule." -- 1868 Democratic Campaign Motto Color-lithographed view of the interior of Tammany Hall, the site of the 1868 Democratic National Convention, widely considered to be the worst mainstream party...


1868 - Map of the West Bayard Farm The Property of Nicholas & Stephen Bayard and the John Dyckman Dcd. Property as surveyed and laid out into lots in the year 1788 by Casimir Th. Goerk, City Surveyor.

  • $21.99

Antique Map of Soho, New York City. Superb large format, separately issued map of Soho in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute Holmes. The map covers the exclusive retail and residential neighborhood of Soho, bounded...


1868 - Virginia Military Institute Map of Virginia Compiled chiefly from C.L. Ludwig's Map nd from other more recent data . . . by M.F. Maury L.L.D. &c. Dec. 1868 Engd. by C.L. Ludwig Richmond, Va.

  • $21.99

A Mathew Fontaine Maury - VMI - Rarity Nice example of the extremely rare third edition of the so-called Bucholtz-Ludwig map of Virginia. The Bucholtz-Ludwig map was originally based upon work done by Ludwig von Bucholtz, in connection with his...


1868 - Colton's New Sectional Map of the State of Kansas.

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Nice example of Colton's 1878 edition of the New Sectional Map of Kansas. This is a later issue of a beautiful large scale map of Kansas, first issued in 1867. The map locates cities, towns, rivers, roads and railroad lines. While the rectangular...


1868 - Cabinet Map of California & Nevada. Published By Rufus Blanchard . . . (Pocket Map)

  • $9.99

The Only Known Example of Blanchard's Pocket Map of California & Nevada Rare Pocket Map of California and Nevada, published in Chicago by Rufus Blanchard. Interesting pocket map of California and Nevada, published during boom times in Nevada,...


1868 - San Francisco. 1849

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Fine Early View of San Francisco on the Eve of the Gold Rush An important San Francisco view, showing the city just a few months before the explosion in population which came with the Gold Rush. As noted by Deak: "A wide-ranging portrait of San...


1868 - Sketch Map of the Stickeen River from the Mouth to the Little Canon.

  • $9.99

Finely detailed map of the Stikine River, based upon an expedition led by Mineralogist William Phipps Blake in 1863. The map was drawn to accompany the report of W.H. Seward, shortly after the acquisition of Alaska by the United States in 1867. The...


1868 - [Vancouver] Fraser River and Burrard Inlet

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Attractive Chart Showing a Nascent City of Vancouver This is a navigational chart of the area around the Burrard Inlet on the Salish sea. The map extends inland along the Fraser River inland to Pitt Lake. Navigational detail on the map is extensive,...


1868 - Carta De Las Islas y Parte de Costa Firme segun los trabajos mas Fidedignos nacionales y extranjeros. . . 1865 . . . correciones en 1868

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Scarce sea chart of the eastern Caribbean Ocean and the contiguous coastline of South America, published by the Spanish Hydrographical Office, la Direcci ón de Hidrograf ía. Originally issued in 1865, this is a rarer, updated version of 1868....


1868 - Map and Vertical Section of the Proposed Honduras Interoceanic Railway. Located 1857 & 58.

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Detailed map of a portion of Honduras, showing the prospective route of a rail line from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The line extends from the Bay of Fonseca to the Bay of Honduras, showing: The located line (231 miles) with a black line...


1868 - Milano come e Al Giorno D'Oggi 1868 . . .

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Modern Milan -- With Architectural Facades of Major Buildings Illustrated Rare map of Milan, published in Milan in 1868, in the style of the maps of Paris of the time, embellished with vignettes of major buildings. Sold in the shop of the Ronchi...